[Thread] My Mowgli Boy (我的莫格利男孩)

Title: My Mowgli Boy (我的莫格利男孩)
Production Company: Shanghai Film Co., Ltd.
Episode Count: 50
Genre: Modern, Romance, Adventure
Premiere Date: August 29th, 2019

This time it’s Yang Zi and Ma Tian Yu romancing each other…!!!


Mo Ge Li is a boy raised in the jungle. Other than Grandpa Lin, the man who raised him, he had never encountered any other human. However, through an accidental meeting, he meets Ling Xi, a girl from the city, and finds himself in modern civilization. Although Ling Xi wishes to bring him back to the jungle as quickly as possible, she decides to let him stay and ends up teaching him how to live in the city. As the two continue to live together under one roof, their friendship slowly starts to develop into a sweet romance.


Andy Yang Zi as Ling Zi
Ray Ma Tian Yu as Mo Ge Li
Fu Meng Bo as Liu Zi Yue
Wang Zhen Er as Bai Yi Ling
Ren Yan Kai as Zheng Li
Huang Cang Cang as Tang Cheng
Qiu Hong Zheng Chu Shi
Fu Rou Mei Qi as Tu Tu
Wang Mu Lin as Xiao Tang
Wu Hao Ze as Ling Yu



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