Entertainment Updates: The Oath of Love, The Moon Bright For You, Marry Me, Happiness Will Still Come Knocking, Flying Phoenix, And the Winner is Love, Fighting Youth, Hunting, My Best Partner, We Are Young, Maiden Holmes, Count Your Lucky Stars, Jade Dynasty, Zhang Yu Xi and Kenji Chen Break Up, Zhao Li Ying First Public Appearance, etc…

Xiao Zhan in his new drama opposite Yang Zi!!!

**I apologize for the lack of updates recently. I’m currently in the process of a switching jobs and moving from one city to another, so lots of things are happening! But once I’ve settled down, I’ll resume on posting regular updates!!!

Entertainment News:

After the success of The Untamed, Xiao Zhan returns to dramaland in new modern drama The Oath of Love (余生请多指教) alongside Yang Zi. The supporting casts includes Zhai Zi Lu, Ma Yu Jie, Gao Qing, and Li Yin Ru. Yang Zi is known to have amazing chemistry with her leads, so I’m excited to see how these two will pair up!!!

New historical romance drama Love Is All (师爷请自重) casts Zhang Ruo Nan and Zhang Hao Wei as leads.

New drama I Am Yu Huan Shui (我是余欢水) casts Guo Jing Fei and Miao Miao as leads.

New drama The Investigator (商业调查师) casts Zhu Ya Wen, Wan Qian, and Zhang Meng.

New modern fantasy drama My Supernatural Power (我有特殊沟通技巧) casts Fan Shi Qi and Luo Yu Tong.

New drama Creative Season (lit. translation) or 创想季 casts Jia Nai Liang, Qiao Xin, Zheng He Hui Zi, and Pang Han Chen.

New historical romance drama The Moon Bright For You (明月曾照江东寒) casts Yu Meng Long and Xing Fei. The drama is adapted from a novel from author Ding Mo.

New historical drama Marry Me (三嫁惹君心) casts Xing Zhao Lin and Xiao Yan as its leads.

New school drama High School Big Bang (我成了他的班主任) casts Chen Yi Xin, Lu Dong Xu, and Sun Jia Qi.

Nie Yuan and Wu Jin Yan reunite for a third time for new modern romance drama Happiness Will Still Come Knocking (幸福还会来敲门).

Another adaption of a BL novel is in the works! The drama is called Flying Phoenix (凤于九天) and the cast has not been revealed yet, but the filming ceremony has already been held and filming is on its way. With the success of The Untamed this past summer, hopefully this drama will also not disappoint!

BTS stills of Luo Yun Xi for wuxia drama And the Winner is Love.

Stills for modern drama Fighting Youth of Wu Jin Yan, Yin Tao, Hong Yao, and Peter Ho.

Stills for drama Hunting. Starring Wang Kai, Wang Ou, Liu Yi Jun, and Hu Jun.

Stills for youth First Romance. Starring Riley Wang and Wan Peng.

Stills for modern drama The Best Partner. Starring Jin Dong, Lan Ying Ying, and Liu Min Tao. Wang Ou will make a special appearance.

We Are Young finishes filming and releases a few stills. The drama stars Huang Jing Yu and Wu Jing Yan. Xuan Lu and Cao Yu Chen also reunite in the drama!!! Both portrayed Jiang Yan Li and Jin Zi Xuan in The Untamed.

Historical romance drama Maiden Holmes finishes filming and releases some stills. Starring Chen Yao and Zhang Ling He.

Posters for spy drama Sniper. Starring Huang Xuan, Chen He, Yang Cai Yu, and Li Xi Rui.

Character posters for romance drama Count Your Lucky Stars (previously The Exchange Luck). Starring Shen Yue and Jerry Yan.

Characters posters for Don’t Leave Afterschool. Starring Li Ting Ting, Yao Chi, Li Jun Ting, and Xu Meng Yuan.

Character posters of Ma Tian Yu and Yang Zi for their upcoming drama My Mowgli Boy. The drama will air on August 29th.

Poster and Stills for xianxia movie Jade Dynasty. Starring Xiao Zhan, Li Qin, and Meng Mei Qi.

Historical drama Su Yu has finished filming. The drama stars Guo Jun Chen and Li Nuo.

Another tomb raider drama Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns finishes filming. The drama starts Pan Yue Ming, Zhang Yu Qi, and Gao Wei Guang.

Trailer and stills for The Best of Times. Starring Chen Xing Xu, Hu Bing Qing, and Yu Hao Ming.

Trailer for Lucky’s First Love. Starring Bai Lu and Xing Zhao Lin.

Celebrity News:

Wang Yi Bo’s appearance at a Men’s Uno modelling event appearance was cancelled due to the overwhelming crowd that crowded the area. The event was supposed to take place at a mall in Shanghai, but safety concerns started to arise due to the large crowd of people.

Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao reveals that she is dating a younger who is 16 years younger than her! She made their relationship public on her 40th birthday.

Zhang Yu Xi posted on Weibo that she and Kenji Chen have broken up. The two have been dating for two years and met while filming for the drama My Little Princess.

Despite having both high profile stars headlining sci-fi film Shanghai Fortress, the movie proved to be a disappointment and failed to gain the success that it sought. In an interview with the director of the movie, Teng Hua Tao, he admits that he had miscast Luhan, pretty much pushing the blame on Luhan’s acting to be the problem of the movie. His response triggered lots of netizens to be angry at his comments and call him out for trying to use Luhan’s popularity. HK actor Jacky Heung as spoken out against the director for his response and criticized him for not acting professional.

Zhao Li Ying attends her first public event after giving birth 4 months ago. She went to the Huawei Honor Smartphone brand event in Beijing. With her appearance, hopefully, she’ll resume filming for dramas and we can see her on screen soon!!!

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.

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  1. A few years ago I read a synopsis submitted for the filming permit for this drama. Don’t know whether it’s still the same. The director for “Love is More Than a Word” was tagged as the director.

    Satisfactory adaptation of “Flying Phoenix” (凤于九天) might be much tougher because it’s a very long novel set in a world with 13 warring kingdoms, the OTP got together very quickly doing lots of naughty stuff, there were (male) romantic+power rivals, and nearly every major/important character was a very pretty/handsome gay/bisexual man (forming at least 5 couples that I can think of quickly). Those who were set up as bisexual ended up obsessing over the main protagonist because he was rated the most beautiful man who also had an unprecedented strategic mind.

    Two guys eyeing each other longingly might pass the censors. Several guys eyeing each other or one another longingly… If they are “neutered”, uncoupled or simply removed, fans might be quite unhappy.

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