[Discussion Post] Novoland: Eagle Flag Mid-Series

Anyone watching this drama want to talk about it? I definitely need people to talk to about this drama! It’s already in the middle of its run, and there’s so many things that have happened and so many characters that have popped up! ^_^


Title: Novoland: Eagle Flag (九州缥缈录)
# of Episodes
: 56
Release Date: July 16th, 2019
Where to WatchYouTube

First off, let’s start by talking about the main characters. If you read my First Impression post, you already know that I’m quite into Ji Ye and Lu Gui Chen. Both are very strong protagonists and I was looking forward to seeing how they grow in the drama. And so far…. It’s still not quite there yet for Lu Gui Chen, but you can tell that Ji Ye’s already become more mature. Compared to how he was at the beginning, the things that Ji Ye’s learned along the way has taught him a lot.

Not to mention, the friendship between the two definitely had its rocky moments, especially when they both were in love with Yu Ran. And Lu Gui Chen and Yu Ran marrying each other, despite not willing to, definitely forced Ji Ye into despair and pushed him away from them. But I think this moment is what helped him the most. Obviously compared to Lu Gui Chen’s status as a prince, Ji Ye is a commoner with no status or merit. And while he struggled with this quite a while, Ji Ye does overcome his inferiority complex and his friendship with Lu Gui Chen strengthens.

Lu Gui Chen, on the other hand, has taken on several roles by this point. I think it’s quite funny how he’s always gaining another title everywhere he goes. In the beginning, he goes from being an ordinary boy living in the grasslands to the Crown Prince of the Qingyang Tribe, then he goes to Xiatang and becomes a prince consort, and finally he becomes the leader of the Tian Qu. To be honest, I didn’t quite like how his story was written. I like his personality. I like that he’s has a strong sense of righteousness and is a softie. His personality really contrasts with Ji Ye’s hotheaded and rash personality. But I just feel like that the story is really lacking in trying to develop Lu Gui Chen’s character. We are already getting to see how Ji Ye rises from being a young man who fights for only himself to starting to become a warrior who protects his friends. But we still haven’t really seen much development from Lu Gui Chen.

Now let’s get to the romance… I just have to say I was actually hoping for Ji Ye and Yu Ran to be together and I’m glad that that’s how it looks like it’s going to be. It’ll be a classic reverse-Cinderella story! And I think those two fit well together than Lu Gui Chen and Yu Ran. Although, I do feel quite sad towards Ying Yu, who obviously is in love in Ji Ye but knows that she can never win him over. I didn’t like her character in the beginning and the way she treated Ji Ye was pretty harsh. She was brutal and did not show any mercy when she was punishing him and treating him like a slave. But Ji Ye’s perseverance wins her over and she falls head over heels for him instantly. But, of course, Ji Ye only loves Yu Ran and doesn’t develop any feelings for her.

And then, there’s Lu Gui Chen and Xiao Zhou. I’m shipping these two hard! I love Xiao Zhou! She’s more reserved and quiet than Yu Ran’s outgoing and childish personality. And what I like about Xiao Zhou is her intelligence and open-mindedness. She’s also very kind and selfless, as she doesn’t overstep her boundaries when she knows that Lu Gui Chen is in love with Yu Ran. But, obviously, the story turns in her favor when he also starts to develop feelings for her!!!

And finally, the other characters that make up the other half of the story. Xi Yan’s and Su Shun Qing’s romance was sooooooooo great! I love the small interactions between them and I love how Xi Yan is loyal and straightforward with his feelings for her, yet he respects her enough to know when to yield to what she wants.

As for Gong Yu Yi, who is Yu Ran’s aunt, I feel like she’s another strong woman who has her own convictions and purpose she is fighting for. It annoys me a lot when Yu Ran insults her for yielding herself to a man she doesn’t love. And while this is what makes Yu Ran hate her aunt, it actually allows us to see that Gong Yu Yi is a woman who knows her priorities and what is important and what isn’t. She puts her clan above her and selflessly gives herself to a man who can help her accomplish her dream.

Anyway, there are a lot of things that have happened so far in the drama that I want to mention, but that’ll just make this post too long. I’d rather have a discussion rather than just me blabbering. So, please comment below on what you think about the drama and what you have found interesting!!!

8 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Novoland: Eagle Flag Mid-Series

  1. Cdrama writers don’t understand that viewers like to have a happy ending especially when they invested so much time and emotions over 40to 50 episodes.


  2. I was doing fine reading your post. Then I scrolled to the comment section and laughed at myself because I think I almost spoiled the last few episodes. I’m only on ep 40 or so because I’m still waiting for English subs. But to talk about what I’ve seen so far…

    So I’ve always rooted for Yuran and Asule. But that ship didn’t work out. And then I shipped Ying Yu with Ji Ye because they just looks so cute together and I’m interested to see more of Ying Yu. But I’m pretty sure that’s impossible since she’s on the opposite team.

    I didn’t like Xiao Zhou with Asule at first but then later when she was willing to risk her safety to help him a few times, proves to me how true she is towards him. So I started shipping them recently.

    Also I don’t believe Asule has accomplished much as the main character so far. He is pretty much being used by all powers left and right and no power of his own to defend himself. I really hope it changes soon before the show is over. And I hope Asule achieves success in love of course. Because he’s the character I’m rooting for. I hope he gets a happy ending.

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  3. I need a hug tonight after the last ep. I can accept them not being together for now, but what breaks my heart is that….
    XZ is going to marry the son of Bai Li Jing Hong. So that makes it far fetched for them to ever be together again. And does she need to produce an heir?? I don’t even want to think about it. And Asule too? So which means he will likely marry someone in the grasslands. Huhuhu.

    Why then do they keep showing the scene when he said to her that no matter the mountains and seas that separate us, I will look for you.

    I actually would feel better if she ends up with Jiye than BLJH’s son.

    I am hoping for a miracle tonight… it’s cruel to show us their love blossoming then snatch it away at the end… 😦


    1. Soooo…. I justed watched 56, which I think is thr last episode. And yeah…. I don’t want to spoil much, but it was quite disappointing!!!!! I’m sooooooooooooooooooo upset at how it was.


      1. In the end, I chickened out, don’t want to feel depressed. I never watched and started reading the comments from Youku so I learned about the ending. I did scan through both episodes and saw one last scene where Asule was reminiscing about his two good friends and the one he loves….

        I take some comfort in the fact that till the end he truly loves Xiao Zhou and affirms it which is more than how he described Yuran. He said of Xiao Zhou – she doesn’t smile much but she doesn’t know that when she does she is actually very beautiful. And she even has dimples on both cheeks. And he was sorrowful when he said I don’t think I will be able to go to Tong Lu to see her anymore. So i think that kinda sealed their fate.

        Someone in Youku also commented that at the beginning scene he floated a boat and in it it said something like can never be together… so they say the beginning has already spoken about the end. Though I can’t recall the first scene…

        In the end, the writers decided to still follow the book, which to me is crap considering they have been off-book with so many things. Youku fans have been lambasting the writers for the bad ending. They should have considered the majority of the audience who didn’t read the book and have given a conclusive end. XZ marrying BLJH’s son seems to be unnecessary if not suicidal on her part. She could have guaranteed the future of Bai Li clan with something else. With her wits and intelligence and undying love for Asule, she could have stayed alone and clung for hope to see him again. Which is more in line with her character. She totally just gave up and then decided to sacrifice herself so soon. It feels like this is done just to add a tragic twist to the drama. One thing I dislike about C-drama, they seem to be fond of tragic ending for the sake of it being tragic and nothing else. There seems to be a total disregard for public entertainment and satisfaction.


        1. You and I are of the same mind!!! I am completely disappointed in how the ending was for her character!!! I did not serve her justice because she was an amazing character. She was really the epitome of a strong and smart female character. I liked her so much more than Yu Ran and she was a better match for Asule!!! They both truly belong together, and it’s sad that they didn’t. I do love the part where Asule confesses that he loves her, though. It gave me hope that he truly loves her. But seeing her look of despair when she agreed to marry Baili Huan made me angry…. It pissed me off. Overall, I wasn’t satisfied with the ending at all…


  4. alwayszhenxin, I’m also shipping Asule and Xiao Zhou hard… but seems like the writers will disappoint us.
    I’m down to the last 2 episodes now… and breaking my heart… seems like XZ story line will eventually follow the book. In the drama, it feels like she is just sacrificing herself because she cannot be with Asule… which is making me sad. I don’t think she needs to make such a big sacrifice. Feeling sad.. 😦

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    1. Yes, I’ve been keeping up with the recent episodes and it does look like she and Asule aren’t going to be together. It makes me soooooo sad, because I like them together. But I understand that they both of their own responsibilities to their people and can’t be selfish. But it breaks my heart to see them separate!!!


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