[Recap] The Untamed (陈情令) Ep. 13-14

Title: The Untamed (陈情令)
# of Episodes
: 50
Release Date: June 27th, 2019
Where to WatchYouTube

Episode 13

Lan Wang Ji refuses to let Wei Wu Xian carry him and slowly walks off with his injured leg. Wei Wu Xian feels bad for him and uses one of his charms to talk to Wen Qing. He asks her if it is possible for her to find a way to help Lan Wang Ji’s injuries. Wen Qing then makes the entire group stop to take a break.

As the group rests, Wei Wu Xian thanks Wen Qing for her kindness and offers to get Lan Wang Ji water. As he is getting water, he glances worriedly towards Wen Qing since he knows that he might get her trouble. But Wen Qing ignores him. Wen Chao comes by to warn Wen Qing that he knows what she is doing and threatens her to know her place for Wen Ning’s sake.

After arriving at Mt. Muxi, Wang Ling Jiao instructs the disciples to find the cave where to beast is hiding. On the side, Wei Wu Xian asks Jiang Cheng who she is and Jiang Cheng replies that she is Wen Chao’s mistress. Wen Qing then comes to tell Wen Chao and Wang Ling Jiao that they’ve searched everywhere and there is no cave. Wang Ling Jiao badmouths Wen Qing in front of the disciples. This makes Wei Wu Xian angry and he uses his talisman to find the cave, which had been hidden behind a cloud of thick fog.

As they enter the cave, Mian Mian almost falls down a cliff, but she is saved by Jin Zi Xuan. However, her accident causes some noise which angers Wen Chao. He tries to whip Mian Mian, but Jin Zi Xuan blocks the attack for her. He angrily conronts Wen Chao for his true intentions for bringing all of the disciples together here because they don’t have their swords and cannot defend themselves. Wen Chao only tells him to do as he is told.

The group then come across a bottomless pit and Wen Chao is certain that the beast is there. He orders the disciples to all descend, but they all refuse. Wei Wu Xian tells Wen Chao that it is too dangerous for them to go without knowing how deep it is what kind of monster is lurking below. However, Wen Chao just ignores him and pushes him down into the pit.

Wei Wu Xian crashes into the bottomless put with minor injuries and the other disciples slowly descend via ropes after him. Lan Wang Ji is the first to come down and he rushes to help Wei Wu Xian up. Jiang Cheng and Jin Zi Xuan also come down. Wei Wu Xian jokingly asks if they were also kicked down, but Jiang Cheng says they all came down to make sure he didn’t get eaten by the monster. When Wei Wu Xian sees Jin Zi Xuan, he questions if he was also worried about him since he came down, too. But Jin Zi Xuan brushes him off and says it’s better to fight the monster than be with Wen Chao and Wang Ling Jiao. Their conversation is cut short when Wen Chao shouts from the top of the cliff to see where they are, but the group ignores him and walks away.

The group makes their way to a huge underground lake. As they contemplate what their next step is, Lan Wang Ji comments that something seems wrong and Wei Wu Xian uses his talismans to try to see if he can see anything, but it’s useless. Wen Chao then comes down with the Qishan Wen Sect’s disciples. He believes the beast is lurking in the water and tells his men to pick someone to use as bait. Wang Ling Jiao suggests using Mian Mian, but Jin Zi Xuan and Lan Wang Ji both block her from Wen Chao’s men. This angers Wen Chao and a fight ensues between the disciples.

During the fight, Wei Wu Xian approaches Wen Chao and recites a line from the Qishan Wen Clan’s rules about the punishment of those who do evil, but Wen Chao doesn’t recognize it and tells Wei Wu Xian that he is spouting nonsense. This amuses Wei Wu Xian who then says that Wen Chao just insulted his own clan’s rules and that the rule was established by Wen Mao, the founder of the Qishan Wen Clan. This angers Wen Chao and he quickly tries to fight Wei Wu Xian, but Wei Wu Xian is able to subdue him and takes him captive.

As the two sides stop fighting, the beast starts to awaken, and it turns out that Wei Wu Xian and Wen Chao are standing on it. Everyone starts to get scared and Lan Wang Ji says that its sight is bad so they should not move and act rashly. But Wen Chao is unable to endure it and shouts for the Qishan Wen Sect disciples to help him. The Qishan Wen Sect’s disciples then start attack it, angering the beast, which then starts attacking them.

In the midst of the fighting, Wang Ling Jiao gets two Qishan Sect members to capture Mian Mian as she tries to brand her face. But Wei Wu Xian intercepts and injures Wang Ling Jiao in the process, but he also gets injured in process.

Wen Chao then orders the Qishan Wen Sect members to retreat. As they make their way to the top, he makes his men cut the ropes so that the other disciples aren’t able to escape. Wen Qing tries to stop him, but she is dragged away. Wen Chao then orders his men to also block the entrance to the cave to trap the other disciples inside.

Down below, Wei Wu Xian and the others are trying to figure out a way to get out. Lan Wang Ji makes a suggestion that they go back to the pond. He noticed that there were maple leaves, which don’t belong on the cave, near the pond when they were fighting the monster. He guesses that there must be another exit near the pond. But Jiang Cheng and Jin Zi Xuan don’t agree and think it’s too dangerous. However, Wei Wu Xian agrees with Lan Wang Ji and says that it’s better than waiting for the other sects to come and find them.

Back at the pond, Wei Wu Xian and other disciples keep their distance from the beast while Jiang Cheng goes first into the pond to find the exit out. However, when Jiang Cheng comes back up, the beast notices him. But Wei Wu Xian uses his magic to create a fire and distracts the beast. Jiang Cheng then tells the disciples that there is an exit underneath the water that they can escape from. Wei Wu Xian then tells the other disciples to quickly follow Jiang Cheng while he stays behind to distract the beast.

As the disciples are escaping, Jiang Cheng yells for Wei Wu Xian to hurry and come, but he says he will come soon. Lan Wang Ji also decides to stay and help Wei Wu Xian distract the monster. However, his injuries flare up and he is unable to fight. Jiang Cheng tries to come back to help them, but is pulled away by Jin Zi Xuan. Wei Wu Xian then yells at Jiang Cheng that he needs to find someone to come save them. Jiang Cheng, Jin Zi Xuan, and the other disciples escape, while Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji take refuge in a hidden part of the cave to escape from the beast.

The coast is clear and the beast leaves. Wei Wu Xian then uses the chance to tend to Lan Wang Ji’s injury. He finds wood, but needs a rope to help tie the wood to Lan Wang Ji’s leg. He then quickly grabs Lan Wang Ji’s headband to tie the wood. Lan Wang Ji is resistant, but Wei Wu Xian tells him that his leg injury is more important to worry about.

However, when Wei Wu Xian sees how tired Lan Wang Ji looks, he realizes he needs to find a way to get the stale blood out of Lan Wang Ji. He suggests the two take off their clothes and he immediately starts to undress. Lan Wang Ji is adamantly against the idea and tries to fight him off when Wei Wu Xian tries to take his clothes. This angers Lan Wang Ji to the point where he spits out blood, which turns out to be the stale blood. Wei Wu Xian then asks Lan Wang Ji feels better, to which Lan Wang Ji thanks him.

Wei Wu Xian then uses the medicine that Wen Ning gave him earlier on Lan Wang Ji’s wounds. But as he is putting it onto Lan Wang Ji’s wounds, Lan Wang Ji also grabs some and puts it onto Wei Wu Xian’s wounds.

As the two carry on a conversation, Wei Wu Xian casually says that soon the Gusu Lan and Yunmeng Jiang Sect will arrive to save them. However, Lan Wang Ji then reveals to him that the Gusu Lan Sect was burned down and that Lan Qi Ren is heavily injured and Lan Xi Chen has gone missing. Wei Wu Xian tries to comfort him, but as he is talking Lan Wang Ji falls asleep.

Episode 14

Lan Wang Ji wakes up and realizes that his headband is back on his head. Wei Wu Xian, who is sitting by the fire, tells him that he put it back on. He also tells him that he went back to the pond to try to find the exit that Jiang Cheng found, but can no longer find it. He thinks the beast blocked it and says they need to find another way out, which might means they need to fight against the beast again.

Lan Wang Ji then asks Wei Wu Xian if he noticed what the beast resembles. Wei Wu Xian doesn’t catch on to his words and thinks the beast is just a huge turtle. However, Lan Wang Ji reveals that he thinks the beast is the same one that Xue Chong Hai controlled, Slaughter Xuan Wu. The two then discuss how they are going to deal with it.

The two return to the pond to grab as many weapons as they can from the previous battle. They then bring it back to their hideout and dissemble the weapons to use to fight against Slaughter Xuan Wu. During their preparation, Lan Wang Ji comments that they can use the Gusu Lan Killer String technique to kill Slaughter Xuan Wu, however it must be from within it. Wei Wu Xian thinks that with his injuries, the attack wouldn’t be effective. So, he suggestions a plan. He will enter Slaughter Xuan Wu through the shell and attack from within to force it to come out its shell. Once it comes out of its shell, Lan Wang Ji will attack it using the Killer String technique.

When he gets inside Slaughter Xuan Wu, Wei Wu Xian sees numerous corpses inside and realizes that the beast not only eats the flesh of humans but consumes their souls. Lan Wang Ji comments that it’s similar to the Yin Iron. Wei Wu Xian continues to search around and comes across and sword. He grabs the sword, but notices that its full of dark energy and resentment. He realizes that the sword is what is keeping Slaughter Xuan Wu trapped there.

Slaughter Xuan Wu then notices Wei Wu Xian’s presence and starts to attack him. Wei Wu Xian pulls out the sword and stabs Slaughter Xuan Wu with it. He successfully gets the beast to come out of its shell, which signals for Lan Wang Ji to start attacking from outside. Lan Wang Ji uses the Killer String technique against Slaughter Xuan Wu, but it’s still not strong enough.

Suddenly, Wei Wu Xian becomes consumed by the dark energy of the sword. Lan Wang Ji notices the changes in Wei Wu Xian and tries to speed up the killing process of the beast, but the dark energy takes over Wei Wu Xian’s body. He uses the dark energy from the sword and attacks Slaughter Xuan Wu. His attacks are successful and the two are able to kill the beast. However, Wei Wu Xian get heavily injured in the process.

Meanwhile, Wen Chao congratulates Wen Ruo Han for the success of the soulless corpses (aka puppets). He believes that with the boosted power, they will soon be able to take over the four clans. However, Wen Ruo Han assigns him to find Xue Yang and find the fourth piece. Wen Chao is confused why he needs the fourth piece since they are already powerful enough with the three pieces, but Wen Ruo Han says they need the fourth piece to ensure that the puppets can fully under their control.

Back in the cave, Wei Wu Xian wakes up from his injuries and asks Lan Wang Ji about Slaughter Xuan Wu, to which Lan Wang Ji replies that its dead. Wei Wu Xian then tells Lan Wang Ji that he heard many screams from the sword and lost consciousness.

Wei Wu Xian then laughs and jokes that he’s never seen Lan Wang Ji looked so concerned before and adds on that he thought he’d never get to see his worried face in his lifetime. However, his injuries are too severe, and he develops a fever. Lan Wang Ji then uses his magic to heal Wu Xian injuries. While Lan Wang Ji is healing Wei Wu Xian injuries, he asks him to sing him a song. And to his surprise, Lan Wang Ji sings him a song that gets them both reminiscing about when they first met. After Lan Wang Ji sings the song, Wei Wu Xian asks him for the name and Lan Wang Ji answers that its called Wang Xian, but Wei Wu Xian faints before hearing its name.

Later on, Wei Wu Xian wakes up and realizes he’s out of the cave. He is greeted by Jin Zi Xuan and Jiang Cheng who tell him that they both went to Lanling Jin Sect to get reinforcement and reveals that it’s been seven days. Wei Wu Xian then realizes that he and Lan Wang Ji had been stuck in the cave for seven days. He then asks about Lan Wang Ji, and Jiang Cheng tells him that he already left for Gusu Lan. The men then separate to go back to their respective clans to discuss how to deal with the Qishan Wen Clan.

Jiang Cheng and Wei Wu Xian arrive in Yunmeng Jiang, but Wei Wu Xian faints before he can properly greet his master and Jiang Yan Li.

Wei Wu Xian wakes up to Jiang Yan Li tending to him and Jiang Cheng bringing him soup. He happily eats the soup that Jiang Yan Li made and tells her how much he missed her. Jiang Feng Mian enters and tells the boys they did a good job. However, when Jiang Cheng tries to lecture Wei Wu Xian about being a hero, Jiang Feng Mian reprimands Jiang Cheng.

Yu Zi Yuan then enters and yells at Jiang Feng Mian for yelling at Jiang Cheng. She goes onto say that one day Wei Wu Xian will bring disaster upon their Yunmeng Jiang Sect. She and Jiang Feng Mian get into a fight and she reveals that outsiders have been spreading rumors that Jiang Feng Mian can’t forget about Zangse Sanren and that Wei Wu Xian is his illegitimate child. This angers Jiang Feng Mian and he storms out of the room.

After his parents leave the room, Jiang Cheng also unhappily leaves. Wei Wu Xian rushes after him, despite his injuries, and tries to console Jiang Cheng. However, Jiang Cheng tells Wei Wu Xian that he knows that his father doesn’t like him because he is the son of the woman he doesn’t love and his personality is not like Wei Wu Xian’s. But Wei Wu Xian comforts him and says that no matter, Jiang Cheng will be the leader of the Yunmeng Jiang Sect and he will be his subordinate, like their fathers were.

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