[Feature] Dramas Celebrate China’s Qixi Festival

Dilireba and Gao Wei Guang for Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book

The Qixi Festival (or Chinese Valentine’s Day) is one of the most popular holidays in China. The festival highlights one of the most romantic Chinese folktales, The Cowherd and Weaver Girl. The story is a features a touching romance between a mortal man and a girl from heaven. And, to honor of this day, many dramas released posters and stills of its leads feature!!!

The Moon Doesn’t Understand My Heart (Victoria Song & Ou Hao)

Dive (Gu Jiang Cheng, Qi Yan Di, Non Chanon Santinatornkul, Xu Ke Long)

Ever Night 2 (Dylan Wang & Song Yi Ren)

Held in the Lonely Castle (Wang Kai & Jiang Shu Ying)

Lucky’s First Love (Xing Zhao Lin & Bai Lu)

Love You Forever (Li Yi Tong & Lee Hong Chi)

Past Life and Life (Chen Yu Qi & Yu Meng Long)

We Are All Alone (Godfrey Gao & Qin Lan)

Miss Truth (Zhou Jie Qiong & Li Cheng Bing)

Youth Should Be Early (Hu Yi Tian & Zhong Chu Xi)

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