[Recap] The Untamed (陈情令) Ep. 7-8

Title: The Untamed (陈情令)
# of Episodes
: 50
Release Date: June 27th, 2019
Where to WatchYouTube

Episode 7

After finishing her story about the Yin Iron, Wei Wu Xian asks Lan Yi about the whereabouts about Baoshan San Ren and tells her that he is the son of her disciple, Cangse San Ren. When Lan Yi hears this, she realizes that it has been many years since she’s sealed herself in hidden cave. She explains that as the years go by her spiritual powers are weakening, which causes the Yin Iron to reveal traces of its powers. Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji then asks her why the Yin Iron would start to react. Lan Yi then says that the only way it will react if someone has found the other pieces. Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wu Xian then start to realize that the recent happenings with the disciple’s corpse are all related to the Yin Iron.

As Lan Yi’s powers start to fade, Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wu Xian both promise her that they will carry her last wish in finding the other pieces of the Yin Iron and putting it in the Cold Spring so that it will be repressed. Lan Yi, satisfied with Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wu Xian’s determination, leaves her piece of the Yin Iron to them.

After leaving the hidden cave, Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wu Xian bump into Wen Qing and Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng yells at Wei Wu Xian for disappearing and worrying Jiang Yan Li. He then asks them where they went and Wei Wu Xian casually answers that he and Lan Wang Ji fell into the river while they were at the Cold Springs and ended up in a ice cave. Wen Qing asks if they saw anything and Wei Wu Xian conceals the truth and tells her they saw nothing.

Back in Gusu Lan, Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wu Xian show Lan Xi Chen and Lan Qi Ren the piece of the Yin Iron. Lan Xi Chen reveals that he and Lan Qi Ren had known about the Yin Iron and he confirms that it is because of the Yin Iron that the recent events have happened (corpse and Water Ghosts).

As they continue to discuss, they notice that another owl from the Qishan Wen Clan has appeared. This confirms their suspicion that the Wen clan did indeed come to Gusu Lan took look for the Yin Iron. However, Lan Wang Ji is confused as to how Wen Ruo Han know that the Yin Iron is at Gusu Lan. Lan Qi Ren suspects that Wen Ruo Han must have another piece of the Yin Iron and he probably used it to find the other pieces. Lan Xi Chen and Lan Qi Ren then decide to seal the Yin Iron again, to the dismay of Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji. Wei Wu Xian proposes they use the Yin Iron to find the other pieces so they can seal it all together, but Lan Qi Ren dismisses it and tells them that they will discuss the matter later.

In Qishan Wen, Wen Ruo Han orders Xue Yang to go to Yue Yang to retrieve another piece of the Yin Iron, which he happily accepts. Wen Chao is displeased with this order and expresses his concern that Xue Yang will not follow orders. Wen Ruo Han assigns Wen Chao to assist Xue Yang, but Wen Chao isn’t happy because they haven’t retrieved the Yin Iron from Gusu Lan yet. Wen Ruo Han ignores his request and tells him to follow his orders. As his father leaves, Wen Chao is angered and mutters he has own methods to retrieve the Yin Iron without permission.

In Gusu Lan, the disciples are making lanterns to set into the sky. While making their lanterns, Wei Wu Xian playfully asks Lan Wang Ji if they should set their lanterns and make a wish together, to which Lan Wang Ji refuses and says he’s used to being by himself. Wei Wu Xian then shows Lan Wang Ji his lantern, which is a picture of the rabbits from the hidden cave that were accompanying Lan Yi. After seeing the picture, Lan Wang Ji smiles.

As the disciples all finish their lanterns, they light them and set them into the skies. As they watch their lanterns rise, they all make their own wishes. Wei Wu Xian wishes to stand alongside justice and live a life without regrets.

After the setting the lanterns, Wei Wu Xian asks Jiang Yan Li what she wished for and she replies that it’s for him to grow up happily and safely. He laughs and jokes that she probably made a wish about her marriage. Mian Mian overhears and joins the conversation by saying that Jiang Yan Li doesn’t have to wish for a good marriage as she’s already set to marry Jin Zi Xuan. Other female disciples join them in talking about Jiang Yan Li and Jin Zi Xuan’s upcoming marriage.

However, Jin Zi Xuan is unhappy to hear about this and quickly leaves the area. His actions make Jiang Yan Li unhappy and Wei Wu Xian gets angry. He follows after Jin Zi Xuan and confronts him for making Jiang Yan Li upset.

Soon after a fight breaks out between them and Lan Wang Ji and Jiang Yan Li rush to stop them from fighting. As they stop the fight, a disciple says that Wei Wu Xian was defending Jiang Yan Li when Jin Zi Xuan said that he wanted to cancel the engagement. Jiang Yan Li tries to calm herself down as she and Jiang Cheng get Wei Wu Xian to leave.

The next day, Wei Wu Xian is punished to kneel and reflect. When Lan Wang Ji arrives, he thinks Wei Wu Xian is upset about last night and tries to comfort him. But when he walks up to him, Wei Wu Xian happily shows Lan Wang Ji that he is playing with ants. Lan Wang Ji feels stupid for thinking that Wei Wu Xian was actually upset and insults him for playing with ants when he should be reflecting.

Later on, Jiang Cheng arrives with his father, Jiang Feng Mian. Wei Wu Xian tries to greet him, but Jiang Feng Mian sternly tells him to continue kneeling and leaves.

Jiang Feng Mian and Jiang Cheng meet with Lan Qi Ren and soon later Jin Guang Shan arrives. As the two leaders discuss what to do with the marriage between Jiang Yan Li and Jin Zi Xuan, Jiang Feng Mian is the first to propose to cancel the engagement. He continues by saying that the marriage between the two children was set by their mothers and shouldn’t be forced on them. Left with no other choice, Jin Guang Shan agrees and the engagement is cancelled.

Jiang Cheng hurriedly rushes to Wei Wu Xian, who is still happily kneeling and playing with ants, and tells him that the engagement has been cancelled. At first Wei Wu Xian thinks it was Jin Zi Xuan who did it and was going to go beat him again, but Jiang Cheng corrects him and says it was actually his dad. Wei Wu Xian then asks about Jiang Yan Li and Jiang Cheng says she should still be in her room. Wei Wu Xian then rushes off to see her.

Inside Lan Qi Ren’s room, he and Jiang Feng Mian are drinking tea when Lan Xi Chen comes into the room. Lan Xi Chen and Lan Qi Ren then discuss with Jiang Feng Mian about the happenings of the Yin Iron.

As Wei Wu Xian reaches Jiang Yan Li’s room, he sees her looking at one of Jin Zi Xuan’s fragrance pouches. He knows she is upset and uses one his charms to go cheer her up. After seeing his charms, Jiang Yan Li leaves her room and asks Wei Wu Xian about his punishment. Wei Wu Xian laughs it off. She then tells him that they will leave Gusu Lan soon and return to Yunmeng Jiang. Wei Wu Xian doesn’t seem too happy about leaving.

Back in Lan Qi Ren’s room, he, Jiang Feng Mian, and Lan Xi Chen discuss about the Qishan Wen Clan and their involvement with the Yin Iron. Jiang Feng Mian then mentions that he has heard that several small clans in Yue Yang have been getting killed by someone from the Wen Clan. This confirms to Lan Xi Chen and Lan Qi Ren that Wen Ruo Han is up to no good.

Their discussion is stopped when Wei Wu Xian, Jiang Cheng, and Jiang Yan Li come to bid farewell to Lan Xi Chen and Lan Qi Ren. Lan Wang Ji then enters the room, but doesn’t say anything. Jiang Feng Mian takes this as his cue to leave with the three. As they start to leave, Wei Wu Xian tries to talk to Lan Wang Ji, but Jiang Cheng pulls him away. Before exiting the room, Wei Wu Xian sees Lan Xi Chen talking with Lan Wang Ji and senses something is up.

As the Jiangs and Wei Wu Xian are on their way out, Jiang Cheng and Wei Wu Xian start to bicker. Their bickering soon leads to an argument with Jiang Cheng chasing Wei Wu Xian around. Jiang Yan Li and Jiang Feng Mian watch in laughter as they watch the two run around.

After they leave, Lan Xi Chen asks Lan Wang Ji if he wants to tell Wei Wu Xian that he’s leaving to find the other pieces of the Yin Iron. Lan Wang Ji says no and then starts walking off.

Episode 8

Before leaving, Wei Wu Xian goes to say goodbye to Wen Ning. But as he is knocking on Wen Ning’s door, he doesn’t receive any reply. He opens the door to see no one there and the place vacated. He realizes that Wen Ning must’ve left and laments that he didn’t even receive a goodbye.

Wei Wu Xian then goes to sit in the mountains of Gusu Lan with the rabbits from the hidden cave. He shares with the rabbits that he wants to take them with him to Yunmeng Jiang, but decides not to because Lan Wang Ji might be lonely if he does. He then starts to think about why Lan Wang Ji went to see Lan Xi Chen that time before they left and speculates that Lan Wang Ji is going to find the Yin Iron by himself. As he curses Lan Wang Ji about doing everything behind his back, Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yan Li find him and start playing with the rabbits too.

That night, Wen Chao barges into Lan Xi Chen’s room. He asks Lan Xi Chen if there are any hidden treasures in the back mountains of Gusu Lan since it is heavily guarded. Lan Xi Chen denies his speculations and answers that the area is where the previous Gusu Lan Leaders lay in rest. Wen Chao then asks if he can pay his respects there. Lan Xi Chen refuses and asks him to leave. Wen Chao becomes impatient with Lan Xi Chen. He says while he may not be able to fight against him, he can still harm Lan Wang Ji since he just left Gusu Lan by himself. Wen Chao then leaves the room threatening Lan Xi Chen to turn over the Yin Iron as soon as possible.

The next morning, Jiang Cheng discovers a letter left by Wei Wu Xian who says he’s left and gone hunting by himself. Jiang Cheng offers to bring him back, but Jiang Feng Mian says they need to hurry back to Yunmeng Jiang instead. Jiang Cheng is unhappy about it, but Jiang Yan Li comforts him saying that it must’ve been important if Wei Wu Xian left urgently.

Meanwhile, Wei Wu Xian has caught up to Lan Wang Ji as he is about the set off. Wei Wu Xian complains to Lan Wang Ji that they both promised to find the pieces of the Yin Iron together and Lan Wang Ji has broken his promise. Lan Wang Ji doesn’t say anything to him, but he also doesn’t push Wei Wu Xian away.

As he two set off, Wen Chao and Wen Qing watch from afar. Wen Chao sends one of the Qishan owls to trailer after them as Wen Qing watches on worriedly.

Lan Wang Ji continues to ignore Wei Wu Xian, which forces him to cast a spell on to him. He creates a binding string that attaches Lan Wang Ji and him. Lan Wang Ji doesn’t seem impressed with the spell and tells them they need to continue. However, they are stopped when the Yin Iron from Lan Wang Ji starts to react, meaning another piece in nearby.

They enter a nearby village where they bump into Nie Huai Sang, who has not gone home yet, and ends up joining them.

In Yunmeng Jiang, despite just coming back home, Jiang Cheng quickly packs up and tries to leave to go and find Wei Wu Xian. Jiang Yan Li stops him and surprises him by telling him to be careful. Jiang Cheng smiles and quickly leaves.

In joining Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, Nie Huai Sang wonders why the two are together. Wei Wu Xian says it’s a long story and Nie Huai Sang suspects that it must be a form of punishment. They three are distracted by a large crowd who are crowding around an announcement post. However, the Yin Iron suddenly reacts.

The Yin Iron leads the three into a burnt mansion. As they wander around the mansion, Nie Huai Sang finds a feather from a Qishan Wen’s owl prompting them to believe that Wen Chao has been there and already taken the piece of the Yin Iron that was there.

As they are returning, Wei Wu Xian explains to Nie Huai Sang about the Yin Iron and what he and Lan Wang Ji are doing. Nie Huai Sang comments that it seems too dangerous and suggests that Wei Wu Xian return with him to Qinghe Nie. Lan Wang Ji then senses something in the tree and attacks it. It turns out to be a Qishan Wen owl, the one who had been sent to trail behind them. This lets the three know that Wen Chao is following them.

Wen Qing informs Wen Chao and they have orders to go to Yue Yang to help Xue Yang. Wen Chao brushes her off and reveals that it’s her excuse to get him away from Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji. He mocks Wen Qing for forming an attachment to them after only being with them during the lecture at Gusu Lan. He then states that they will soon pass by Mt. Dafan, which is where Wen Qing was born and where her clan members are. Wen Qing questions what his motives are and tells him that Wen Ruo Han has already given her his word of not harming her people. But Wen Chao ignores her and walks away with his men.

At Mt. Dafan, Wen Chao breaks the seal of the Heavenly Lady and triggers the monster to awaken.

Meanwhile, Wen Qing and the other Qishan Wen disciples at eating at a restaurant. Jiang Cheng also happens to walk in.

As Jiang Cheng starts to order dishes, Wen Qing starts ordering the same. Her actions cause the waiter serving both their tables to be confused. Jiang Cheng confronts Wen Qing for her actions, and they start fighting. As they fight, Wen Qing whispers to Jiang Cheng that Wei Wu Xian is in danger at Mt. Dafan. Jiang Cheng quickly thanks her and leaves.

Wei Wu Xian, Nie Huai Sang, and Lan Wang Ji have arrived at Mt. Dafan where they meet an old woman. Wei Wu Xian greets her and asks her for accommodation. The old woman seems to be under a trance, but allows them to follow her to her village. As they follow her, they overhear her mumbled the worlds “spirit snatching” and they begin to wonder if this place is related to the Yin Iron.

The old woman takes them to the shrine where the Heavenly Lady is at. She leaves them there and keeps mumbling the word “spirit snatching”. A man then walks by and Wei Wu Xian asks him about the Heavenly Lady. The man tells them that the Heavenly Lady was once a blessed stone between heaven and earth and gradually took the form of a Heavenly Lady. However, 20 years, a big event occurred and it started snatching people’s souls. However, the disaster was resolved by a powerful leader from a prominent clan. The old man doesn’t remember which clan it was, but the plaque that he is holding says “Wen” on it, which makes Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji suspect it to be a Wen clan.

That night, the Heavenly Lady statue awakens and a fight ensues between Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji as Nie Huai Sang hides and watches from afar.

Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji are able to temporarily seal the Heavenly Lady as they try to escape. However, they are stopped when the villagers become soulless corpses and come at them.

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