[First Impression] Love and Destiny (宸汐缘)

I have only watched the first episode as that’s the only episode that was subbed so far on YouTube. And as the first episode of the drama, it actually helped the story move on quickly. So many things happened, and the story picks up quickly. Let’s just say I’m surprised by how fast things went the way it did in this episode…


Title: Love and Destiny (三生三世宸汐缘 / 宸汐缘)
# of Episodes
: 60
Release Date: July 15th, 2019
Where to WatchYouTube

Why did I start watching this?

For both Ni Ni and Chang Chen! Both are great at acting and it’s also Chang Cheng’s first foray into C-dramaland.

Plot/Synopsis Recap

Ling Xi is joyfully reading a book about the God of War, Jiu Chen, and his last battle against the Demon Lord. As she finishes reading, she falls asleep and ends up having a dream about Jiu Chen. Once she wakes up and runs to her father to tell him that she’s having the dream again. Her father, Le Bo, is a doctor and has just finished concocting a pill for High God Liu Yun. He brushes her off and tells her to find Cheng Yan to deliver the pill. But instead of finding Cheng Yan, Ling Xi decides to deliver the pill herself and rushes off to the Heavenly Palace, a place she’s never been to.

When she arrives, she is refused entry. But she is able to sneak in when the guards are distracted. She meets Si Ming and Yun Feng and listens to them as they tell her that the God of Lightening is about to be coronated. However, before she can watch it, she escapes because the guards from earlier have caught up to her.

As Ling Xi escapes, she accidentally ends up in Chang Sheng Sea. There she sees a mysterious figure frozen in ice (Jiu Chen). She grabs onto the object that the figure is holding onto and accidentally melts the ice. Her actions cause Jiu Chen to awaken from his slumber….

And that’s a wrap!


Ling Xi (灵汐), Ni Ni
A bird spirit who has spent her entire life living in isolation. She is free-spirited and carefree and yearns to explore the outside word.

Jiu Chen (九宸), Chang Chen
The God of War. After fighting against the Demon Lord, he was frozen in ice for 50,000 years. He was awoken because of Ling Xi. He wields the Kunlun Sword and is highly revered by the other gods to be the strongest warrior in the Heavenly Realm.

Yun Feng (青瑶), Li Jia Ming

Jiu Chen’s junior brother. Similar to Ling Xi, he is also a carefree minded person who is playful and likes to gossip.

Qing Yao (云风), Zhang Zhi Xi
The eldest student of Le Bo. She is Ling Xi’s senior sister and Cheng Yan’s older sister. She is reserved and quiet, but talented.

Jing Xiu (景休), Li Dong Xue
A mountain spirit who is cold and meticulous.

Overall Impression

As I was watched this drama, I couldn’t help but continue to think about Eternal Love. There are many things about Love and Destiny that are really similar, if not the same, in Eternal Love. First, let’s start with the setting. Both dramas take place in the Immortal Realm (or Heavenly Realm). And while there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever, what the production team didn’t really try to do was differentiate the setting between the two dramas. Pretty much like, if you didn’t know, you’d think that both dramas are from the same world or part of the same story, when it is truly not related at all.

Another thing that I felt the production team didn’t do well at was the styling of Ling Xi and Jiu Chen. They both are literally the rip off of Bai Qian and Ye Hua in Eternal Love down to the studs. The only difference is the actor and actress portraying them. Like, if you look at Ling Xi, it’s pretty much Bai Qian’s clothing and hairstyle, but with Ni Ni and not Yang Mi.

And this is where I felt disappointed with this drama. It fails to be original in its styling and really is trying to reap off the popularity of Eternal Love. If the drama were to feature younger and up and coming actors and actresses as its leads, I can understand why it’d be easier to do that. However, Ni Ni and Chang Chen are no strangers to acting nor are they less popular than Yang Mi and Mark Chao. Both are successful and have worked on larger productions before. And to have them be put in this kind of production really feels like an insult to them, at least that’s what I think.

Anyway, now I’m going to talk about what I did like about the drama. First, I like the main characters. Although the I find the pairing of Ni Ni and Chang Chen to be a bit awkward, but I’m not opposed to it. Ni Ni’s youthful appearance makes her look very young, which is the perfect fit for Ling Xi. But Chang Chen is the exact opposite. He looks much older than Ni Ni. He definitely doesn’t have the ethereal beauty that many young C-actors have nowadays, and his face makes him look grumpy. But he’s supposed to be the God of War, someone who’s older, mature, and has fought in many battles. And I think Chang Chen fits this description. As of now, I’m still not really into Ni Ni’s character because how annoying she can be at times. But I know that as the drama gets going, she matures and is supposed to grow up. But I do like Jiu Chen. He does remind me of Dong Hua Di Jun from Eternal Love though.

I do find the story to be quite well developed. The plot is probably one of the very distinguishing things that makes it different from Eternal Love. And it’s what’s helping me getting through the drama. I like that it is centered around Ling Xi and showcases more about her personal growth. As of now, nothing has really happened yet because we’re still getting to know her and Jiu Chen. But I think as they start to fall in love, she’ll start to become more mature. And this is the part that I’m interested in seeing. As she is the one who’s supposed to be the key to awakening the Demon Lord, I can definitely foresee her undergoing tons and tons of torture from the Heavenly Realm and her romance with Jiu Chen. Hopefully, it’s a happy ending and not something tragic. I am also interested in the side characters, too. I think the actress portraying Qing Yao, Ling Xi’s senior sister, is very beautiful. She hasn’t had much screen time yet, but I think she’s supposed to have a romance with Yun Feng, Jiu Chen junior brother.

Overall, the drama hasn’t really stood out to me yet. I’m still trying to get into it as I continue to watch it. For those who’ve watched it, please share your own comments below!

6 thoughts on “[First Impression] Love and Destiny (宸汐缘)

  1. I have watched it till the end. At first It was a bit draggy for me yet as it goes along, I fall in love with Jiu Chen and started to root for their love story. This not like Yehua and Bai Qian tragic love story which ended happily. Their love story (Jiu Chen and Ling Xi) does have happy ending. They have little similarities to Dijun’s and Feng Jiu story where at first Jiu Chen the straight face God of War falling love with innocent talkative Ling Xi which only then he learns to show more emotion. In terms of drama setting, I think it bring different vibes from Eternal Love. They did mention Qing Qiu once in a while but still different Qing Qiu of course. It feels like watching Three Worlds in different dynasty and time. So far, this is consider a successful spin off.


  2. I have watched overall 44 episodes, though I don’t understand most of them since the Eng sub only works up to episode 12. But I may say, Ling Xi and Jiu Chen is growing in me. They have different way from Ye Hua and Bai Qian, the chemistry is developing. Love and Destiny, probably won’t be able to top off Eternal Love, but it has its own charm to make you love them.. I just hope it has happy endings.


  3. I feel like plot is lacking conflict. I’m on episode 5 and it feels like nothing happening. There is some actions going on but I don’t see the main goal of story. Jiu Chen is so dull I can’t connect to his character at all. The character can be cold but still express something yet Jiu Chen looks pissed and wooden and I don’t know if it’s the character’s matter or just a bad acting. Drama would be so fan and interesting if they give more screen time to Shi San interacting with Ling Xi. Their scenes are hilarious. Overall I’m watching because of Ni Ni. I hope drama won’t get draggy.


    1. Some scenes are really dragging I understand because I’m on episode 43 and sometimes I just feel like hitting that skip icon or hit my head on a wall to get through some scenes. As for Jiu Chen I actually fell in love with his character the from the first episode (may because he reminded a bit of Ye Hua) as for the slowness of the show it starts moving along around episode 16 and than starts to drag (again unfortunately) around episode 40. If u keep watching I guarantee you’ll fall in love with Jiu Chen like I did.


  4. The story plot developed is good but it’s missing something I can’t put my finger on…not feeling the chemistry or engage like I do when I watched 10 miles. All the side characters feel lacking except for her sister (medical student doctor) I’m interest in her story. So it feel draggy now and we only 10episode. What made 10 special for me was that in there I’m invested to find out more about all the characters and not just BQ/YH. Each them feel refreshing their own.

    Agreed Nini character was too much like BQ from style to using the same dubbed voice, disappointed. As for ZC I really love him in brotherhood of Blade but here he feel out of place with the style they have for him…

    I get it’s the same world 3l3w but because it feel too copy from 10 miles just different settings and actors it’s lost itself…hopefully pillow doesn’t fall into this trap and just be their own…


  5. Ugh, I’m really not feeling this drama. Ni Ni is okay and I agree that her youthful look makes her fit the part even though she’s in her 30s. But the male lead is just kind of awful – aside from how terribly old he looks (he’s 42 but could easily pass for 6 years older than that!) his acting is nonexistent so far. I get that he’s supposed to be the stoic and world weary kind of character but that’s the thing – we’ve seen tons of characters like that but the actors still managed to bring something to the role!

    As for his popularity, neither I nor my mom has heard much of him and between us, we’re familiar with pretty much both the older and younger generations of Taiwanese stars. He’s been in a few big movies like a decade ago and was one of the utterly forgettable generals in Red Cliff, apparently. I mean, I sat through 4+ hours of that but wouldn’t have recognized this guy if my life depended on it.

    So overall, I gave it a chance with two episodes but there are way too many better good and even mediocre dramas to watch to justify spending 50 hrs on this. I hate that it tries so hard to use 3L3W’s popularity. Like she’s from a peach blossom grove for no reason apparently except optics… in the original novel and drama at least that location was famous for a reason even in their own world and very meaningful to the romance. I’m sure they saved money reusing those costumes but despite production value being higher, everything managed to look cheaper somehow. The facial markings/horns (and eyeliner) for the bad guys was already a bit much in TMPB but the ones I saw in the opening intro are way over the top.

    Anyway, this just makes me hope The Pillow Book isn’t going to totally suck. The novel behind that already wasn’t as strong (I guess b/c the author didn’t plagiarize it) and as much as I like Dilireba, she’s no Yang Mi yet and he’ll never be on the level of Mark Chao in terms of acting skill, so I’m pretty worried for The Pillow Book.


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