Entertainment Updates: Mulan, Twisted Fate of Love, Midsummer is Full of Hearts, Another Me, The Glory of Special Forces, Held in the Lonely Castle, Shanghai Fortress, Wang Kai and Wang Ou Caught Holding Hands, etc…

Liu Yi Fei as Hua Mulan for Disney’s upcoming movie Mulan.

Entertainment News:

Disney releases first stills and trailer for Mulan. Starring Liu Yi Fei, Donnie Yen, Gong Li, Jet Li, Cheng Pei Pei, Jason Scott Lee, and more…

New drama Love Through Time (超时空恋人) casts Zu Li Lan and Zhang Meng (from Produce Camp).

New drama The Princess is A Cat (报告王爷王妃是只猫) stars Yuan Yu Xuan, Zhang Jiong Min, and Chen Pin Yan.

New drama Airbenders (乘风少年) begins filming. Stars Wu Jia Cheng, Yang Hao Ming, Deng Ze Ming, Luo Jie, Ding Jia Wen, and Huang Zi Heng.

New drama Twisted Fate of Love (今夕何夕) casts Sun Yi and Jin Han as leads. The drama also stars Tan Jian Ci and Luo Qiu Yun.

New youth drama I Remember That Boy aka 我曾记得那男孩 (lit. translation) will be co-produced by Jaywalk Studio and will feature its rookie actors and actresses. Daniel Zhou, Zhu Lin Yu, Feng Chu Xuan, Feng Wan He, Lu Huan Yu, Jiang Yi Ming, Qin Tian, Zhao Ze Fan, and Zhao You Wei are part of the cast.

New modern romance drama You Can’t Catch Me (南十字星浪漫笔记) casts Chen Xue Dong and Song Yi as leads.

Remake of South Korean drama Full House is officially named Midsummer is Full of Hearts. It stars Yang Chao YueTimmy Xu, Shi Shi, Li Jia Ming, and Jiang Zi Xin.

Stills of Jiang Xin and Tong Da Wei in The Galloped Era.

Stills from youth drama Another Me. Starring Shen Yue, Chen Du Ling, and Dylan Xiong.

Stills from drama The Glory of Special Forces. Starring Yang Yang and Li Yi Tong. Jiang Lu Xia has also been confirmed to be in the cast.

Held in the Lonely Castle officially finishes filming and releases new stills.

Zhang Han and Jiao Jun Yan’s republican drama Farewell to Arms finishes filming.

Miss S completes filming. The drama stars Vengo Gao and Ma Yi Li.

Character posters for upcoming film Remain Silent. Starring Zhou Xun, Francis Ng, Zu Feng, and Sun Rui.

Character posters for sci-fi movie Shanghai Fortress. Starring Luhan, Shu Qi, Wang Gong Liang, Wang Sen, and Sun Jia Ling.

Tong Li Ya is no longer attached to Nothing But Thirty. The actress announced that due to schedule conflict, she will no longer part of the drama. Both Jiang Shu Ying and Mao Xiao Tong will still be in the drama.

Celebrity News:

Li Guang Jie and Sui Yu Meng announce their marriage! Congrats to the couple!

Marriage pictures for Xi Meng Yao and Mario Ho! The two announced their plans to get married a few months ago.

Wang Kai and Wang Ou were caught holding hands by paparazzi. Both sides have denied the rumors.

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.

2 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Mulan, Twisted Fate of Love, Midsummer is Full of Hearts, Another Me, The Glory of Special Forces, Held in the Lonely Castle, Shanghai Fortress, Wang Kai and Wang Ou Caught Holding Hands, etc…

  1. I quite enjoyed the Mulan trailer. I have heard there is a lot of inaccuracy with the set and culture usage within the Mulan trailer that Chinese fans have identified. Maybe it’s because I’m not attached to Mulan so I enjoy the serious action trailer. If they included Mushu the tone of the whole movie will change.

    One article had a sentence I agreed with. This Mulan looks like a woman who has grown with the original audience. As a child, I watched the cartoon version and now as a working adult, I want to see a badass woman overcoming challenges. Many argue there’s no Shang and the cricket etc. I’d like to see this as an adaption of the original and not a live-action remake. Maleficent is an example of a live-action adaption done right with a twist. It’s almost similar to the original but not an exact replica.

    The craziest comments I saw online were saying how Liu Yi Fei has these luscious curls in her hair while fighting. I mean come on let’s believe there are some physics with how she looks. This kind of comment is just being nitpicky. I love how LYF looks bare face and isn’t covered in makeup when fighting. The scenes I’m thinking of is Angelababy in her historical dramas, oh gosh it’s such a difference.

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    1. I was never really a fan of Liu Yi Fei, but I do have to admit that her acting has gotten a lot better. With her experience, I think she’ll be able to pull off Mulan well for the Disney version. I’m not going to have high Hope’s for the movie, but I am looking forward to it.


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