[Thread] Please Give Me A Pair of Wings (请赐我一双翅膀)

Title: Please Give Me A Pair of Wings (请赐我一双翅膀)
Production Company: Beijing Oriental Feiyun International Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Changjiang Culture Co., Ltd.
Episode Count: 60
Genre: Republican, Romance, Mystery, Suspense
Premiere Date: July 9th, 2019

Ju Jing Yi finally branches out from the cute and bubbly characters and takes on a more serious role. I’m actually quite interested to see how her acting has gotten since Legend of Yun Xi and Legend of White Snake 2019. I was impressed by the trailers, so I’m quite looking forward to seeing how this drama is!


Lin Jiu Ge is wrongly accused and imprisoned. During her time in prison, she is constantly bullied and abused by her inmates. But this helps build her strength and willpower and she eventually is able to earn their respect. And with the help of Long Tian Yu, they both work together to find the real murder and person behind putting her in jail. Once free from prison, Lin Jiu Ge and Long Tian Yu continue to work together to help build an all-women’s school to help improve the lives of the woman in their small community. But while this plan seems like a good idea, there are many people who aren’t fond of it.


Ju Jing Yi as Lin Jin Ge
Aaron Yan as Long Tian Yu
Mi Re as Xiao Lin Feng
Zhang Yu Xi as Leng Nian Zhi
Han Dong as Leng Li Wei
Zhu Sheng Yi as Long Xiang Xiang
Wang Yan as Feng Jie
Yuan Hua as Mao Jiu



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