[Thread] Go Go Squid! (亲爱的,热爱的)

Title: Go Go Squid (亲爱的,热爱的)
Production Company: Shanghai Drama Culture Communication Co.
Episode Count: 44
Genre: Modern, Idol, Romance, Gaming
Premiere Date: July 9th, 2019

Ready for another Yang Zi drama?????


19-year old Tong Nian falls in love at first sight with Han Shang Yan, a legend in online gaming. But, despite her outgoing personality, she isn’t brave enough to approach him. To make matters even harder, Han Shang Yan is someone who is unapproachable by many, especially girls. But, even so, Tong Nian decides to pursue him and make him hers.


Andy Yang Zi as Tong Nian
Li Xian as Han Shang Yan
Hu Yi Tian as Wu Bai
Li Hong Qi as Mi Shao Fei
Li Ze Feng as Wang Hao



6 thoughts on “[Thread] Go Go Squid! (亲爱的,热爱的)

  1. Yay!…I’ve been anticipating this one ever since they announced that they were filming it and now that it’s finally airing, even with my limited understanding of mandarin i will watch it raw from the beginning to the end and then rewatch the entire thing again subbed (eventho i’m watching 2 or 3 other dramas, i’m gonna put those on hold)..so happy!!

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  2. I’m definitely going to watch this drama. I’m now watching modern dramas as I do my stretches and it makes time go by a lot faster. I’m nearly done with Le Coup de Foudre so this is going to be on my list.


    1. Is Le Coup de Foudre good??? I think Janice Wu and Zhang Yu Jian look good together, but I’m always skeptical about youth dramas….


      1. Yes, it’s really good! They only spend a small portion on the youth aspect. The majority of the drama is about them in the work field acting as adults minus the cute moments. There are some really touching family scenes in the drama as well.

        I would say definitely give it a chance. I think the most unique aspect of the drama is that the male lead is very consistent in being stoic and quiet but also caring. It’s not too generic and definitely a breath of fresh air in modern dramas.

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