Entertainment Updates: Gong Xian, Little Doctor, Once Upon A Time There Was A Spirit Mountain, Spirit Realm, Youth Fighting, Fake Princess, The Best Partner, River Flows To You, Vanguard, Yang Mi Gets Another Wax Figure, Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan Celebrate Daughter’s 1st Month, etc…

Aaron Yan in his FIRST historical role!

Entertainment News:

Aaron Yan and Lai Yu Meng pair up for new historical movie based on one of the stories from The Tales of Liao Zhai. This is Aaron Yan’s first time doing a historical role and he’s looking dashing!! No title for the drama yet, but it will be based off 巩仙 (lit. translation Gong Xian).

New romance web drama Love the Way You Are (身为一个胖子) casts Derek Chang and Qi Yan Di as leads. The main cast also features Ma Meng Wei, Qiu Bai Hao, Zhang Hao Yue, and Xiao Ran. The drama will be about a model who used to be overweight.

Dylan Wang and Zhou Ye confirmed for new drama The National Southwest Associated University and Us (我们的西南联大). Wang Jin Song, Wen Yuan, Lin Dian Han, and Yu Hao Ming are also confirmed to be in the cast.

Stills for medical drama Little Doctor. Starring Dong Zi Jian, Zhang Jia Ni, Liu Min Tao, and Wang Zhen Er.

Stills for youth drama The Best of You in My Mind. Starring Song Yi Ren and Zhang Yao.

Stills for xianxia drama Once Upon A Time There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain. Starring Xu Kai, Zhang Rong Rong, Zhu Yuan Bing, and Gao Yu Er.

Stills for drama Past Life and Life. Starring Chen Yu Qi and Yu Meng Long.

Stills for sports drama Project S: Spike. Starring Xu Meng Jie, Zhu Zhi Ling, Qiu Hong Kai, and Si Wai Ge.

Stills for drama Farewell to Arms. Starring Zhang Han and Jiao Jun Yan.

Stills for xianxia drama Spirit Realm. Starring Fan Cheng Cheng and Cheng Xiao.

Stills for legal drama Black Lighthouse. Starring Wu Qian and Yang Le.

Stills for drama Boys to Men. Starring Xu Kai Cheng, Liu Shui Liang, and Zhou Yi Xuan.

Fighting Youth (previously Standardized Life) releases stills of its female characters including Wu Jin Yan, Yin Tao, Liu Min Tao, and Zuo Xiao Qing.

Stills for medical drama Healer of Children. Starring Chen Xiao, Wang Zi Wen, and Jia Qing.

Character posters for drama The Next Top Star. Starring Qu Ying, Dennis Oh, Xu Kai Cheng, Sienna Li.

Characters posters for historical drama Fake Princess. Starring Li Kai Xin and Zhao Yi Qin.

Character posters for modern drama The Best Partner. Starring Jin Dong, Lan Ying Ying, Sun Chun, Tian Yu, Liu Min Tao, Zhu Zhu, Dai Xu, and Wu Jun Mei.

Poster for Spring Flower Autumn Moon. Starring Li Hong Yi and Zhao Lu Si (AGAIN!).

Jiang Shu Ying finishes filming for Held in the Lonely Castle.

Modern fantasy drama Fairyland Lovers has finished filming and releases posters of its main characters. The drama stars Bai Yu, Zhang Qiu Hong, Ji Xiao Bing, and Chen Yi Han.

Stills for upcoming movie The Chinese Pilot. Starring Zhang Han Yu, Yuan Quan, Ou Hao, Du Jiang, Zhang Tian Ai, Li Qin, Zhang Ya Mei, and Yang Qi Ru. The movie is based off incident back in 2018 where an airplane from Sichuan Airlines had to make an emergency landing due to a window in the cockpit breaks. The movie is set to premiere on September 30th.

Poster for movie Assassin in Red. Starring Yang Mi, Lei Jia Yin, Dong Zi Jian, and Yu He Wei.

Upcoming romance drama Cry Me a Sad River changes name to River Flows to You and releases poster and trailer. Starring Zheng Shuang and Ma Tian Yu. The drama is confirmed to air on July 1st.

Poster and trailer for drama The Controllers. Starring Cai Wen Jing, Liu Kai, Peng Guan Ying, and Wang Jin Song.

Trailer for drama Burning. Starring Jing Chao and Zhang Jia Ning.

Trailer and poster for upcoming movie The Rescue. Starring Eddie Peng, Wang Yan Lin, Xin Zhi Lei, and Lan Ying Ying. The movie going to premiere sometime next year.

Trailer and posters for upcoming movie The Whistleblower. Starring Tang Wei and Lei Jia Yin. The movie is set to premiere on September 12th.

Trailer and poster for movie The Rookies. Starring Darren Wang, Zhang Rong Rong, and Timmy Xu. The premiere date is set to July 12th.

Yang Yang, Ai Lun, Miya Muqi, and Zhu Zheng Ting are confirmed to star alongside Jackie Chan in the new movie Vanguard. The movie will be directed by Stanley Tong.

Trailer for upcoming movie The Climbers. Starring Wu Jing, Zhang Zi Yi, Hu Ge, Zhang Yi, and Jing Bo Ran. The movie is about group of mountaineers as they climb Mt. Everest. The movie is set to premiere in September.

Trailer for fantasy movie Double World. Starring Henry Lau, Peter Ho, Him Law, and Jiang Lu Xia.

Celebrity News:

Alyssa Chia celebrates her daughter’s 8th grade graduation.

Han Geng officially married his girlfriend Celina Jade. The two registered their marriage in Hong Kong. Congrats to the couple!

Yang Mi’s Fu Han Jun from Zhu Meng Qing Yuan gets a waxed figure!

After rumors surfaced about Lin Geng Xin and Wang Li Kun getting married, his agency as come forth that the news isn’t true. The two have long been rumored to be dating since there’s been many instances of them getting caught on “dates”, but neither have stepped up to confirmed anything. Regardless, if they are dating or getting ready to tie the knot, it’ll be another happy couple this year!

Wang Li Kun and Lin Geng Xin in Monkey King

Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan celebrate their daughter’s first month! They also reveal that her name is Rhea and that she is named after a powerful Greek goddess.

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.

2 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Gong Xian, Little Doctor, Once Upon A Time There Was A Spirit Mountain, Spirit Realm, Youth Fighting, Fake Princess, The Best Partner, River Flows To You, Vanguard, Yang Mi Gets Another Wax Figure, Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan Celebrate Daughter’s 1st Month, etc…

  1. So many updates! I was hoping if anything maybe an inkling of news regarding Novoland Eagle Flag…Guess it really is time to put any thoughts of it away.

    I realised Liu Min Tao has the same hairstyle in all the dramas she’s in haha

    You can definitely tell Yang Yang is trying to be manlier with his new works. I think it’s great he’s working with Jackie Chan regardless of him as a person. At least the genre will allow him to grow out of his flower boy image.

    I read there’s been some backlash with Gao Yuan Yuan’s daughter being named Rhea instead of a Chinese name. I find it weird too to be honest. Most kids like myself born outside of China still have a Chinese name even if our legal name is the English one on our passports. However, it’s their kid and their choice. The name is really lovely either way.


    1. I hope Novaland Eagle Flag airs soon! I need a good drama to watch.

      I’m actually very glad that Yang Yang is starting to branch out of his “flower boy” roles. It shows that he’s really serious about being an actor and intent on bettering his acting. I’m proud of him and happy to see that he’s really doing his best. I hope the other young actors and actresses follow his footsteps too and start branching out.


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