Entertainment Updates: Storm Eye, Cross Fire, Hunting, We Are All Alone, Nothing But Thirty, Prince of Tennis, Held in the Lonely Castle, No Secrets, The Glory of Special Forces, Lin Chi Ling’s Marriage Announcement, Sun Li and Deng Chao Celebrate 9 Years of Marriage, etc…

First poster for Storm Eye with Yang Mi and Zhang Bin Bin!!!

Entertainment News:

First stills for drama Storm Eye. Starring Yang Mi, Zhang Bin Bin, Liu Rui Lin, and Dai Si.

Another gaming drama is in the works! Wu Lei and Luhan are confirmed to lead new e-sports web drama Cross Fire (穿越火线). The drama also stars Dai Lu Wa, Liu Shuai Liang, and Pan Mei Ye.

New historical web drama Su Yu (萦萦夙语亦难) begins filming with Guo Jun Chen and Li Nuo as leads.

New police drama Hunting (猎狐) confirms Wang Kai and Wang Ou as leads. Liu Yi Jun and Hu Jun are also part of the main cast. The drama centers around solving complicated cases of hunting down escaped fugitives.

Li Yi Feng is confirmed as the main lead for new historical drama Mirror Twin Cities (镜双城). Zhu Yi Long is rumored to be the second lead, but it is not confirmed yet. The drama is based on a novel written by Cang Yue who also wrote Listening Snow Tower.

New modern drama First Romance (初恋了那么多年) casts Wang Yi Lun and Wan Peng as its leads.

New modern drama Nothing But Thirty (三十而已) casts Tong Li Ya, Jiang Shu Ying, and Mao Xiao Tong as leads. The drama will focus on the lives of three women who are in their 30s.

New sci-fi movie The People Captured by the Light confirms Huang Bo, Wang Luo Dan, and Tan Zhuo as leads.

New movie Love After Love casts a star-studded cast! Sandra Ma, Eddie Peng, Janine Chang, Zhang Jia Ning, Isabella Leong, Yu Fei Hong, Fan Wei, Yin Fang, Paul Chun, and Bai Bing will be part of the cast. The movie will be adapted from famous Chinese writer Eileen Chang’s novel Aloes Wood Incense.

Character posters for upcoming modern workplace drama We Are All Alone. Starring Godfrey Gao, Qin Lan, David Wang, Wang Zi Yi, Guo Xiao Ting, Zhang Yan Yan, Xian Zi, and special appearance from Kara Hui.

New character posters for youth sports drama Prince of Tennis. Starring Peng Yu Chang, Xie Bin Bin, Zhang Yi Jie, Dong Li, Xu Ke, Zhu Zhi Ling, Wu Xu Dong, Li He, Song Yi Ren, and Liu Yong Xi. The drama is set to air in June 17th.

Poster for drama Young and Beautiful. Starring Zhang Tian Ai and Xu Kai Cheng.

Stills for law drama Hello Prosecutor. Starring Sun Yi and Zhang Hao Wei.

Stills of Chen Yu Qi and Yu Meng Long for historical romance drama Past Life and Life.

Stills for Pretty Man 2. Starring Dylan Xiong and Lai Yu Meng (who is replacing Li Xi Rui).

Stills for Awakening of Insects. Starring Zhang Ruo YunWang Ou, Sun Yi Zhou, and Kan Qing Zi. This drama is the sequel to Li Yi Feng’s drama Sparrow. The drama has finished filming.

Stills for drama No Secrets. Starring Jin Han, Qi Wei, Huang Meng Ying, and Sunny Wang. Filming for the drama has finished.

Trailer and stills for Held in the Lonely Castle. Starring Wang Kai, Jiang Shu Ying, and Yang Le. Wang Kai has finished filming for the drama.

Project S: Skate Our Souls has officially finished filming.

Upcoming historical youth drama The Chang An Youth has wrapped up filming. It stars Caesar Wu and Wang Yu Wen.

Yuan Bing Yan shares playful BTS stills from the set of a drama she is currently filming.

Stills for upcoming movie Love You Forever. Starring Li Yi Tong and Li Hong Qi. The movie is set to premiere in December 2019.

Stills for upcoming youth movie Love the Way You Are. Starring Song Wei Long and Vivian Sung. The movie is going to premiere soon on June 21st.

Trailer for drama The Storm. Starring William Chan and Gulinazha.

Trailer for upcoming modern romance drama My Girlfriend. Starring Timmy Xu, Qiao Xin, Zhou Yi Xuan, and Wang Jia Ning.

Trailer for upcoming wuxia drama Handsome Siblings. Starring Hu Yi Tian, Chen Zhe Yuan, Liang Jie, Liang Jing Xian.

Trailer for Being Lonely in Love. Starring Victoria Song and Ou Hao.

Trailer for drama The Qin Empire. Starring Zhang Lu Yi, Duan Yi Hong, Li Nai Wen, and Zhu Zhu.

Trailer for Yang Yang’s upcoming drama The Glory of Special Forces. Li Yi Tong is revealed to be the female lead of the drama!

Trailer and posters for new suspense web drama Horizontal Tower. Starring Angelababy, Yang Zi Shan, and Guo Tao.

Trailer and stills for upcoming movie Shanghai Fortress. Starring Luhan, Shu Qi, Godfrey Gao, and Han Liang.

Trailer for crime movie Remain Silent. Starring Zhou Xun, Francis Ng, Zu Feng, and Sun Rui. The movie is set to premiere some time in August.

Celebrity News:

Yang Mi heads back home to celebrate her daughter’s 5th birthday.

Liu Shi Shi shares picture of her son along with a shout-out to students who are taking the Gao Kao exams (aka college entrance exams).

On June 6th, Lin Chi Ling officially announces that she is married to Kurosawa Ryohei (stage name Akira) from the J-pop group Exile. Lin Chi Ling was once rumored to be dating Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan a few years ago (which was finally confirmed from Jerry Yan in 2017). Jerry Yan has already sent his congratulations to her and her husband. Congrats to Lin Chi Ling and Akira!

On June 7th, Deng Chao and Sun Li shared a picture to celebrate their 9 years of marriage! One from 2018 and the other from 2010. The two got married in 2010, held their wedding ceremony in 2011, and are parents of two adorable kids.



*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.

7 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Storm Eye, Cross Fire, Hunting, We Are All Alone, Nothing But Thirty, Prince of Tennis, Held in the Lonely Castle, No Secrets, The Glory of Special Forces, Lin Chi Ling’s Marriage Announcement, Sun Li and Deng Chao Celebrate 9 Years of Marriage, etc…

  1. Not sure which is worse, to get an air date and then suddenly gets pull at the last min on that day or having it shown half way or near to the end and got pulled completely..i guess those entertainment ‘watchdog’ has already got to see these dramas or films that they could care less about us the viewers.

    There r several shows here that i’ll like to see but at the rate SARFT or NRTA or whatever they called themselves now got me peeved i guess i’m not holding my breath, just seem so unprofessional if u ask me.


  2. I’ll be honest I’m still salty about how Novoland Eagle Flag got pulled suddenly. It’s also made me wonder how the coming historical dramas will fare for release dates.

    I’m interested in Held in the Lonely Castle but it seems like a stressful drama to watch. Yang Yang’s new drama isn’t my cup of tea but it’s good he’s branching out and hoping to change his image.

    Congrats to Lin Chi Ling I hope fans can finally leave her and Jerry alone.


    1. Yeah, I was very disappointed about Novoland: Eagle Flag not airing. It’s so sad to see lots if historical dramas being shelved. I know it’s is a political thing, but I honestly wish they’d get over it and just let people enjoy watching a good drama for fun.

      I’m also glad to see Yang Yang branching out into more mature and series roles. I plan on checking the drama out because I like Li Yi Tong and I’m curious about her character since she wasn’t shown in the trailer. I just hope she’s not some damsel in distress waiting for the male lead to save her.


      1. You know what’s funny is recently I’ve been reading alot of modern Chinese romance novels and one of them Love O2O. It made rewatching bits of the drama again and just seeing Yang Yang so young fresh compared to his recently trailer was pretty cute. Boy has gotten big and wants to be taken seriously as an actor. I applaud him for that.

        Oh that’s right Li Yi Tong is in it! I also like her acting so maybe I might give this drama a crack.
        She’s a pretty good actress so I hope they give her the ability to show it off.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I thought historical fiction dramas (based on someone’s interpretation of the new regulations last year), those mixing “real” historical facts and fiction, were in the censors’ cross-hairs. I wasn’t too concerned about Novoland Eagle Flag because it was pure fiction. Perhaps it will still be OK to air once broadcasters figure out how to reshuffle their time slots.

      New Investiture of the Gods seemed to play by the new rules – Classic fictional characters can only be changed to be less evil not more evil. Yet, its final ep was pulled without warning. The drama that suddenly replaced it is also “historical”, but maybe closer to a period fiction than real historical.

      Feels like the censors are going after all serious dramas with strong political content such as court/palace intrigues. Trivial, lighthearted or rather mindless dramas get an easy pass.


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