Entertainment Updates: And The Winner is Love, Love and Lost, The Prince of Tennis, The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty, Held in the Lonely Castle, Novoland: Eagle Flag, Gao Yuan Yuan gives birth to a daughter, An Yue Xi’s marriage, etc…

Luo Yun Xi in new drama opposite Chen Yu Qi!!!

Entertainment News:

New wuxia historical drama And the Winner is Love (月上重火) casts Luo Yun Xi and Chen Yu Qi as leads. Supporting roles are Zou Ting Wei and Tian Yi Tong. The drama is an adaption of a novel. The setting takes place in the Jiang Hu and the two main characters are part of two big martial arts sects. They meet by chance, fall in love, and work together to fight against their enemies.

New drama Love and Lost (最初的相遇最后的别离) begins filming. Lin Geng Xin and Gai Yue Xi are confirmed as the leads. Du Chun is also confirmed as a cast member. The drama will be about a officer who goes undercover to solve a complicated case.

New web drama Xiao Nu Da Ren (少女大人) casts Chen Yao and Zhang Ling He as leads. The drama will take place during historical times and focus on solving mysteries.

New web drama Project S: Spike (极限17扣杀) begins filming. The drama stars Xu Meng Jie and Si Wai Ge. The drama is a remake of a Thai drama.

New historical drama The Fake Princess (冒牌太子妃) casts Li Kai Xin and Zhao Yi Qin as leads.

New crime drama Trace (痕迹) casts Xu Zheng Xi and Yao Di as leads.

New modern drama Cooking Tasting Loving casts Ethan Ruan and Song Zu Er as leads. The drama is about a romance between a woman with sensitive taste buds and a Michelin chef.

New modern romance drama Mr. Fox and Miss Rose casts Zhang Ya Qin and and Ren You Lun as leads.

Filming begins for The Best of You in My Mind. Starring Song Yi Ren and Zhang Yao.

New youth drama To Our Sweet Little Story casts Gong Jun and Liu Ren Yu as leads. The drama is adopted from a sister novel of popular youth dramas A Love So Beautiful and Put Your Head on My Shoulder.

Zhao Wei will be producing a new fantasy modern movie 美男子. Chen Xiao and Yang Zi Shan are casted as the leads of this movie. No English name yet.

Stills for drama Prince of Tennis. Starring Peng Yu Chang, Xie Bin Bin, Zhang Yi Jie, Dong Li, Xu Ke, Song Yi Ren, Liu Yong Xi.

Stills for drama The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty. Starring Darren Chen, Fu Meng Po, and Liu Yao Yuan. Jackie Chan has revealed that he is producing the drama. The drama officially wrapped up filming at the end of this month!

Stills for drama The Killing of Three Thousand Crows. Starring Zheng Ye Cheng and Zhao Lu Si.

Stills for drama Held in the Lonely Castle of special guest appearances from Zhang Tian Ai, Xu Ling Yue, Wu Yue, and Cao Xi Wen.

Posters and stills for drama Unrequited Love. Starring Zhu Yan Man Zi and Zhao Shun Ran. The web drama is going to premiere on June 10th.

Stills for xianxia drama The Colored Glazed Beauty. Starring Yuan Bing Yan and Cheng Yi.

Posters of Chen Fei Yu for upcoming youth movie My Best Summer. The movie is going to premiere on June 6th.

Stills for sci-fi movie Shanghai Fortress. Starring Luhan and Shu Qi. The movie is set to premiere on August 9th.

Stills for movie Better Days. Starring Zhou Dong Yu and Yi Yang Qian Xi.

Wuxin Monster Killer Season 3 has finished filming. Starring Han Dong Jun and Chen Yao.

Trailer and stills for drama Your Highness Class Monitor. Starring Niu Jun Feng and Xing Fei. The drama is going to premiere on May 30th.

Trailer for drama Novoland: Eagle Flag. Starring Liu Hao Ran, Chen Ruo Xuan, and Song Zu Er. The drama is going to premiere in June.

Trailer for drama Prodigy Healer. Starring Zhao Lu Si and Li Hong Yi. It will air on May 30th.

Trailer for youth film Love the Way Your Are. Starring Song Wei Long and Vivian Sung.

Celebrity News:

On May 21st, Mark Chao officially posted on Weibo that Gao Yuan Yuan gave birth to a baby girl!!! Pictures of the baby and the name hasn’t been revealed yet. Congratulations to them both!

An Yue Xi is revealed to be married to a non-celebrity! Apparently, they have been married for 6 years. The rising actress may look young with her cute and bubbly looks, but she is already 29!!! Regardless, it’s happy to see that she’s already found her happiness.

Despite being an adult already, Wang Yuan is receiving backlash from netizens when a picture of him smoking at a restaurant with a few celebrity friends (including Jia Nai Liang and Yang Chao Yue) was posted online. Many people expressed disappointment in the young singer/actor and others mentioned that him smoking in a public place isn’t appropriate, especially since many public spaces in Beijing is not allowed. As of now, Wang Yuan has officially stated his apology to his fans and the public about his actions.

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.

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