[First Impression] Zhu Meng Qing Yuan (筑梦情缘)

All I have to say is Yang Mi and Wallace Huo don’t appear until episode 6!


Title: Zhu Meng Qing Yuan (筑梦情缘)
Previously Known As: The Great Craftsman
# of Episodes: 60
Release Date: May 6th, 2019
Where to Watch: N/A (Will update when there’s news of English Subtitles available!!)

Why did I start watching this?

For Yang Mi and Wallace Huo! Finally a drama where they play opposite of each other!!!

Plot/Synopsis Recap

Shen Qi Nan and his family live in the small port city of Ning Bo. His father, Shen Gui Ping, and older brother, Shen Qi Dong, run a small transport business and his mother is currently pregnant with their fourth child. While the Shen family aren’t living a financially stable life, they have an honest and modest lifestyle.

When a local mobster hires Shen Gui Ping to deliver a shipment for him, he happily accepts because of the large sum of money. But Shen Qi Nan’s mischievous nature inadvertently leads him to discover that the shipment his father accepted is actually part of an illegal drug smuggling business. He tells his father and they both immediately report it to the local police. Du Wan Ying is the head police officer that is in charge and he assures them that the police will take care of it. But instead of planning to handle the situation appropriately, Du Wang Ying and his lackey decide to use this case to get them promoted to Shanghai. He and his lackey then start colluding with the local gang.

Fu Jian Cheng, who runs a construction company called Yong Sheng and who is also Shen Gui Ping’s good friend, is called to come to back to Ning Bo by Du Wang Ying. He is then blackmailed into helping the police officers use Shen Gui Ping to steal the opium and give it to them. Fu Jian Cheng is reluctant but accepts because he has no other choice. On the day of the smuggle, Fu Jian Cheng is not willing to kill Shen Gui Ping and tells him to leave immediately. But Du Wan Ying gets there just in time and quickly kills Shen Gui Ping. Shen Qi Dong is there and witnesses everything, but he is able to escape. With the opium in his hands, Du Wan Ying and his lackey report to their superiors that they secured the opium and they get promoted to Shanghai.

With Shen Gui Ping dead and the local gang, under the orders of Du Wan Ying, sent to kill the rest of the Shen family members, Shen Qi Dong quickly gets the rest of his family to run away. But during an attack on a train, Shen Qi Dong is separated from his family. This leaves Shen Qi Nan as the only one who can help his family escape…

And that’s a wrap! So many more things happen, but you’ll have to watch it to know what happens!


Shen Qi Nan (沈其南), Wallace Huo
The second son of the Shen family. He grows up to be an honest man because of his father’s teachings and Fu Jian Cheng’s guidance. He is a talented and smart man and uses his brain to help learn architecture.

Fu Han Jun (傅函君), Yang Mi
Fu Jian Cheng’s first child and only daughter. She is smart, talented, and very outspoken. She is close to Shen Qi Nan and always stands up for him when people belittle him.

Shen Qi Dong (沈其东), Qu Gao Wei
Shen Qi Nan’s older brother. Since he was separated from his family, he accidentally gets saved by Du Wan Ying who takes him in without knowing that he is Shen Gui Ping’s son. He accepts Du Wan Ying’s offer to help him, but secretly schemes to get his revenge.

Du Shao Gan (杜少乾), Zhang Jun Ning
Du Wan Ying’s son. Since young, he was always pressured by his parents to be perfect at everything.

Shen Qi Xi (沈其西), Ge Shi Min
Shen Qi Nan’s younger sister. She was sent to grow up at an orphanage. She grows up hoping one day her brothers will come and get her.

Du Wan Ying (杜万鹰), Feng Lei
A corrupt police officer who only thinks about himself. He killed Shen Gui Ping in order to get promoted to Shanghai.

Fu Jian Cheng (傅建成), Zhang Shen
Fu Han Jun’s father and Shen Gui Ping’s old friend. He reluctantly worked with Du Wan Ying to kill Shen Gui Ping. He is also the owner of a construction company called Yong Sheng. After pitying Shen Qi Nan and seeing that the boy was talented in architecture, he allows the boy into his family and raises him up, not knowing that he is Shen Gui Ping’s son.

Overall Impression

In the first few episodes, there were soooooooo many times that I wanted to jump into the screen to help save the Shen family. The episodes showcases what happened to the Shen family when they innocently get involved in a drug smuggling case. Shen Gui Ping’s instinct of alerting the police backfires on him because the people who he reported to wanted to take advantage of the situation and was willing to use him as a sacrifice in order to get what they wanted. And his death is the trigger that gets the rest of the Shen family to run away from Ning Bo to Shanghai.

Throughout the first few episodes, I totally sympathized with Shen Qi Nan and his family. He’s a young boy, probably in his early teens, who looks up to his dad and brother and wants to be able to help his family so that they can live a good life. But once his father dies and his brother goes missing, he is forced to grow up so that he can protect his mother and younger siblings. Because if he doesn’t, then they all die. And it doesn’t help that when his mother dies, he is left to fend for him, his younger sister, and newborn brother. But instead of trying to raise everyone, he actually makes a practical decision– separating. He puts his baby brother up for adoption (who eventually gets adopted by a young couple) and leaves his sister at an orphanage to be raised by nuns, while he lives on the street to try to find work. Although a tragic parting, it really was the only thing Shen Qi Nan could have done to help his younger siblings.

I haven’t watched it far enough to see Yang Mi and Wallace Huo’s acting, but I do have to say that the young actor who portrays Shen Qi Nan did a great job. With his handsome face, youthful looks, and talented acting, I can see him getting more roles in the future and eventually becoming a successful actor. As for the girl who portrayed, Fu Han Jun, I’m seeing her everywhere! She’s been starring in a lot of dramas. Her acting is okay and she’s very cute. One side note, both of them also portray the main couple in Listening Snow Tower (Xiao Yi Qing and Shu Jing Rong)!!!

Overall, I think the drama’s tragic start really just lets us know that the rest of the drama is going to be even more catastrophic. I mean, I foreshadow that there’s going to be lots of tension between Shen Qi Nan and Fu Han Jun when he finds out that the father of the woman he loves and the man who raised him was involved with the death of his father. I can already see the struggle he’s going to have once that truth is out. But I also hope to see more scenes of Shen Qi Nan and Fu Han Jun together. They’re a cute couple!!!

PS: Does anyone think that Shen Qi Nan’s personality is similar to Xu Chang Qing in Chinese Paladin 3??? I do!!! I like that they’re both shy and soft-spoken people. It’s cute and nice to see, especially after Wallace Huo’s portrayal of the horrible Bai Zi Hua in Hua Qian Gu and overbearing Emperor Qian Long in Ruyi’s Royal Love.


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