[Review] Princess at Large (医妃难囚)

I know the drama ended a while ago. But I really enjoyed watching this! It’s short and cute. And I liked the characters, especially the female lead. In my opinion, it’s one of those kinds of web dramas that isn’t the best in quality but is a lighthearted and simple drama that you can easily binge on!


Title: Princess At Large (医妃难囚)
# of Episodes: 12
Release Date: November 5th, 2018
Where to Watch: N/A (No Eng subs yet) Try Googling it!


Ji Xian Yun is a top medical intern in the modern world and one day she is mysteriously transported into another world and becomes the 2nd miss of the Ji Family. Due to some meddling and unfair favoritism, she is pushed to marry the bedridden and weak Prince Ming, Qi Ling Xiao. Although resistant and not willing to go, she is forced to go through with the wedding and marry him. But instead of giving in to her fate, she strikes a deal with Prince Ming. If she can cure him of his mysterious illness, he will divorce her…


Ji Xian Yun (纪纤云), Yang An Qi
A modern medical intern who gets transported into the mysterious ancient world. She marries Qi Ling Xiao and becomes his official wife. She uses her medical expertise to save him from his illness and quietly schemes to escape being his wife afterwards.

Qi Ling Xiao (亓凌霄), Sheng Ying Hao
The 9th son of the current emperor. He is the most favored son and a powerful official and warlord prior to his sudden illness. Once he is cured due to Ji Xian Yun’s medical expertise, he regains his authority and poses as a threat to the empress and her lecherous son.

Gu Xi Feng (顾西风), Gao Han
Qi Ling Xiao’s best friend and personal doctor. Before Ji Xian Yun, he was the one who took care of Qi Ling Xiao. When Ji Xian Yun is able to save Qi Ling Xiao, he quickly comes to her aid to support and help her. With her knowledge and expertise in medicine, Gu Xi Feng feels immediately drawn to her and quickly develops a crush on her.

Duanmu Han(端木寒), Li Ming Yuan
Qi Ling Xiao’s personal bodyguard. He is from a family that was wrongfully murdered by corrupt people, and he seeks to get revenge one day.

Ming Yue (明月), Chen Shuo
The younger sister of one of Qi Ling Xiao’s deceased and loyal friends. Her older brother’s death makes Qi Ling Xiao pity her and he begins to take care of her and allow her to freely enter his manor as she likes. She develops feelings for him and always schemes to get him and Ji Xian Yun away from each other.

Ji Xin Yan (纪欣妍), Cheng Yi Duo
Ji Xian Yun’s older sister. She is beautiful and favored by their father, but she is arrogant and lazy. She is the one who requested to marry Qi Ling Xiao but withdraws when she hears that he is sick and bedridden, which is when Ji Xian Yun is forced to marry him instead. When he is cured, she tries to marry him again and push her younger sister away.

Yan Qing Cheng (闫倾城), Wang Mei Qi
A princess from another kingdom. She tries to get Qi Ling Xiao to fall in love with her and marry her (with Ji Xian Yuan’s blessings) but is unable to because he doesn’t like her.

Overall Thoughts

To be honest, I enjoyed this drama much more than I thought I would. And the reason why is because it’s simple. It’s not too dramatic and over the top. It’s fast-paced, but still easy to grasp and understand. The storyline isn’t too amazing or the best quality, but it’s sweet and filled with good humor. And the characters don’t stand out or are written well, but they all fit the story well and serve a good purpose for the storyline. All in all, I liked this drama much more than The Eternal Love. The Eternal Love, in my personal opinion, got too complicated and messy. I just couldn’t understand where the story as going. But Princess At Large takes it a completely different way. Even though the drama is short, it’s written very simply and it follows a single route and there are no twists and turns throughout it whatsoever, making an easy watch.

As for the leads, I quite liked them. Yang An Qi, who is the female lead, portrayed a minor character from Eternal Love. She was Nai Nai, the servant that Ye Hua sent to serve Bai Qian when she was Su Su. It’s funny because when I first watched the drama, I recognized her but couldn’t remember who she was. So I looked up her afterwards and saw that she was Nai Nai and it all made sense why she looked so familiar to me. Haha. Anyway, back to her portrayal of Ji Xian Yun… In my opinion, I really liked Ji Xian Yun. She’s not pouty and weak and she quickly adjusted to her surroundings. But what I really liked about her was her sense of practicality. She doesn’t fall head over heels for the male lead nor does she get smitten by his good looks at first. She really treats him as a patient and then once she’s finished with her business, she’s ready to move and focus on other things. As for the male lead, he wasn’t a good actor compared to Yang An Qi. Even though they are both newbies at acting, his acting was a bit lackluster compared to hers. But even so, he was very handsome and dashing as Prince Ming. And he truly looked like a younger version of Fu Xin Bo.

Overall, the drama is very light and full of hilariousness. It’s not a drama where you watch for the quality. But it’s one where you can easily binge watch because it’s so short compared to a lot of other C-dramas. And I like that even though it’s short, the female lead doesn’t fall in love with the male lead until the later half of the drama. The first half primarily focuses on him trying to get her to fall in love with him and her trying to get back to the modern world. And I like how and why she fell in love with him. It’s not because he’s handsome and he “protected” her all the time. But it’s because his actions towards her were sincere and she could feel that his feelings were genuine. For example, the Empress wanted her to kill Prince Ming so that her son would become the next Emperor, but Ji Xian Yun refuses, and she gets inflicted with a deadly poison. And in order to save her, Prince Ming exchanges himself to save her, which leaves him in a coma for several months. And during this time that he is in a coma, Ji Xian Yun stays by his side and takes care of him. The relationship between them is very cute and they portray a very adorable and loving couple.

I know there isn’t Eng subs available yet for this drama. But maybe try doing a Google search for it? There’s always fan subbers out there that sub web dramas and dramas that are low key since high profile dramas get subbed by Viki and other licensed places. Anyway, if there’s enough people who are interested, I will see if I can recap the series since it’s short or do a mini recap. But only if a handful of people are interested. Let me know in the comments!


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