[Thread] Princess Silver (白发王妃)

Title: Princess Silver (白发王妃)
Production Company: Shanghai Youhug Media
Episode Count: 58
Genre: Historical, Romance, Palace, Fantasy, Drama
Premiere Date: May 15th, 2019

Another drama where our beloved Luo Yun Xi isn’t the male lead, but it’s not going to stop me from checking out it!


Rong Le (Zhang Xue Ying) is a princess from Western Qi. Due to mysterious circumstances, she wakes up one day and is unable to recall any of her past memories. To make matters worse, she is forced to marry into Northern Lin for a political alliance. But the moment she stands in front of her husband-to-be’s doors, she is refused entrance.

Instead of returning home, Rong Le stays in Northern Lin and assumes another identity, Man Yao, and opens a teahouse. As she tries to live a normal life, she finds herself entangled in the search for ancient texts from the Qin family. And in this search, she finally finds herself meeting the same man who refused to let her enter his house, Wu You (Aarif Rahman)….


Sophie Zhang Xue Ying – Rong Le/Man Yao
Aarif Rahman – Wu Yao
Leo Luo Yun Xi – Rong Qi
Jing Zhao – Fu Chou
Maggie Chen Xin Yu – Hen Xiang
Shu Ya Xin – Wu Yu
Wang Yu – Ling Yue
Xu Ke – Ning Qian Yi



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