Entertainment Updates: Love and Destiny, The Great Craftsman, You Are My Destiny, Held in the Lonely Castle, The Chang An Youth, My True Friend, Jiu Liu Overlord, Zhang Dan Feng Cheating Scandal, Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan Baby Announcement, etc…

Chang Chen and Ni Ni star together in new fantasy romance drama!!!

Entertainment News:

Ni Ni and Chang Chen will lead new xianxia drama Love and Destiny (三生三世宸汐缘). The production team for this drama is the same team behind Eternal Love with Yang Mi and Mark Chao.

Miss S starring Ma Yi Li and Gao Wei Guang begins filming. The drama also stars Dong Xuan, Bu Guan Jin, and Wu Hao Chen. The drama is said to be a remake of Australian drama Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Boss and Me with starred Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Han gets a Thailand remake. The remake will star Push Puttichai and Aom Sushar.

Well-Intended Love is getting a sequel. Sohu announced that most of the cast will be reprising their roles. So both Xu Kai Cheng and Wang Shuang will be back to play the main leads.

Pretty Man is also getting a sequel. Dylan Xiong will return to reprise his role as the male lead. No news about Li Xi Rui returning as the female lead yet.

Liang Jie and Xin Zhao Lin reunited again for the third time!!! This time they will both lead new modern drama You Are My Destiny (你是我的命中注定). The drama is the remake of one of Taiwan’s classic dramas Fated to Love You that starred Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan.

Upcoming film Somewhere Winter officially releases its casting info. Leads are Sandra Ma and Wallace Huo. Wei Da Xun and Wen Qi are part of the supporting cast.

Character posters of the male leads for historical mystery web drama The Mysterious World. Stars Song Wen Zuo, Zhang Xiao Ang, and Qiu Hong Kai.

Stills for The Chang An Youth. Starring Wang Yu Wen, Caesar Wu, Liu Yi Chang, Xie Bin Bin, and Qi Pei Xin.

Wang Yu Wen’s character posters for The Chang An Youth.

Stills for When Shui Met Mo: A Love Story. Stars Lu Xiao Yu, Feng Li Jun, Bayalag, and Chen Meng Xi. The drama is centered about the tea business industry.

Stills for Black Light House. Stars Janice Wu, Yang Le, Zheng Ya Wen, and Dai Xu.

Stills for Jiu Liu Overlord. Stars Bai Lu and Lai Yi.

Posters and stills for My True Friend. Stars Angelababy, Deng Lun, and Zhu Yi Long.

Stills for Held in the Lonely Castle. Stars Wang Kai and Maggie Jiang.

BTS stills from My Best Summer. Stars Arthur Chen and He Lan Dou.

The cast of The Journey Across the Night finishes filming. The youth drama stars Joseph Zeng, Cherry Ngan, Zhao Cheng Ao, and Feng Jian Yu.

Everyone Wants to Meet You has finished filming. The drama stars Zhang Zhe Han, Zhang Ruo Nan, and Riley Wang. The drama is directed by Zhao Wei.

Trailer and Stills for The Great Craftsman. Stars Wallace Huo and Yang Mi.

Trailer for Explore with The Note: Rage of the Sea. The drama is one of the newest adaptions from the Lost Tomb series. It stars Hou Ming Hao and Cheng Yi.

Trailer and MV for Listening Snow Tower. Stars Qin Jun Jie and Yuan Bing Yan.

BTS the scene video of Yang Yang’s new drama The Glory of Special Forces. Now I see why he had to cut his hair…

Poster and trailer for new movie Wild Grass. Stars Johnny Huang, Sandra Ma, and Elaine Zhong. The movie will be set in the 90s and will follow young people aspiring to follow their dreams.

Celebrity News:

Yi Yang Qian Xi gives inspirational speech at UN meeting in NYC about youth empowerment. Amazing!

Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan officially announce that they are having a baby!!! Finally!!!! Congrats to the couple!

Tang Yan and Luo Jin were spotted visiting a hospital together. Fans speculate that this means that there may be a baby on the way!!! No confirmations have been made and the two have been keeping quiet.

Zhang Dan Feng caught up in cheating rumors. The actor is married to HK actress Catherine Hung. Previously, he was rumored to have been having an affair with his manager, Bi Ying. The rumors were shot down. But now there are pictures and videos showing that Bi Ying entered Zhang Dan Feng’s hotel room during the night time. Catherine Hung has been quiet about the news, but she has started to delete pictures of her and husband together on her social media account. Due to the rumors, his has temporarily been removed from the promotions for the web movie Life and Rescue. Other rumors that the actor is facing is that he and Bi Ying are transferring his assets from his wife, leaving her with no money and having to borrow from others, and Bi Ying being pregnant. Zhang Dan Feng has officially released a statement through his agency that all rumors are not true and have been falsified and they would pursue anyone who continues to slander him or his family.

After leaving H&R Century Pictures, Li Yi Feng has joined Bravo Stars.

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.

2 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Love and Destiny, The Great Craftsman, You Are My Destiny, Held in the Lonely Castle, The Chang An Youth, My True Friend, Jiu Liu Overlord, Zhang Dan Feng Cheating Scandal, Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan Baby Announcement, etc…

  1. The only one I’m looking forward to so far Love and Destiny with the same team as Eternal Love. Mostly because I’m a big fan of Ni NI and I want her to have a successful drama. I don’t remember any promos of it so I was surprised when I saw the trailer on YouTube.

    Deng Lun’s new drama is appealing but Angelababy just demotivates me to watch it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just saw the trailer of Love and Destiny and it gives strong energy of TMOPB. NiNi is insanely beautiful and I’m gonna watch it even if it doesn’t top TMOPB standards and expectations.I’m more pumped for this drama than I ‘m for Pillow Book!!! I got so exited seeing NiNi that I mistook the male actor for Chen Kun for a moment ha ha xD (their chemistry was too good in The Rise of Phoenixes)

    Liked by 2 people

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