[Thread] In Youth (趁我们还年轻)

Title: In Youth/While We Are Still Young (趁我们还年轻)
Production Company: Jaywalk Studio, Perfect World Pictures
Episode Count: 40
Genre: Modern, Youth, Romance, Workplace
Premiere Date: April 13th, 2019

It’s weird to see the Jaywalk crew without Yang Mi or Dilireba leading them, but it’s great to see that they’re branching out and doing their own things without being outshined by the two. I also think it’s funny that Qiao Xin is the odd one out because she’s the only one out of the main leads who is not from the same studio. But, on the plus side, she looks great next to Zhang Yun Long!


Fan Shu Chen, Shi Wei Cong, Ji Xuan Li, and Li Yang Yang are all friends since their days in university and are all respective professionals in their own field. Fan Shu Chen is a rich heir and boss of a public relations company.

One day, the sweet and kindhearted Lin Zi Yu starts working at Fan Shu Chen’s company. Soon after, the company begins have some troubles and he suspects it to be related to the hardworking Lin Zi Yu. As he starts to become suspicious of her and her mysterious background, his close friends also find themselves drawn towards her as well.


Bridgette Qiao Xin as Lin Zi Yu
Leon Zhang Yun Long as Fan Shu Chen
Wayne Liu Rui Lin as Shi Wei Cong
Daisy Dai Si as Li Yang Yang
Maggie Huang Meng Ying as Ji Xuan Li
Ethan Yao Yi Chen as Luo Zong Liang
Wang Xiao as Yu An Dong



It was very sudden, but the drama is airing soon!!! I’m super excited!!! Anyone else excited???

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