March Airing Schedule

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See below for the list of dramas that will be airing March.

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All is Well starring Yao Chen, Ni Dahong, Guo Jingfei is airing March 1st with 46 episodes.

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Nice to Meet You starring Zhang Mingen, Wen Yushan, Wei Qianxiang is airing March 10 with 54 episodes of Hunan TV.

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Chong Er’s Preach starring Wang Longhua, Zhang Yishan, Zhang Hanyun is airing March 12 with 72 episodes.

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Fighting Youth (青春斗) starring Zheng Shuang, Gai Yuexi, Xu Yue is airing March 24 with 38 episodes.

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Cold Case 冷案 starring Li Yuan, Shi Shi, Wang Yu is airing March 4th with 30 episodes on Tencent.

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The Chosen One starring Feng Jianyu, Wang Yunfan, Tao Siyuan is airing March 4th with 12 episodes on iQiYi

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Destiny’s Love starring Xu Lu, Zhang Mingen, Ren Yankai is airing March 13 with 12 episodes on iQiYi

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New Legend of White Snake starring Alan Yu and Ju Jing Yi is tentatively airing March 22 with 36 episodes on iQiYi.

Your Highness 2

Your Highness 2 starring Kenny Kwan and Sun Suning is airing March 14 with 24 episodes on Sohu.,

11 thoughts on “March Airing Schedule

    1. Hahah same. I’m surprisingly enjoying the new Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre adaption which has quality in both production and music. The actors aren’t bad either, plus they’re doing quite a nice take on the story so far.


    2. Same….I started watching the one with Ariel Lin and Zhang Vin but just can’t get into. Thou gotta admit, Zhang Vin is really nailing is role there. hehe

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I started it too but couldnt get into it then read that the ending was bad. I think Zhang Vin finally looks really good in a role too.


            1. It’s a happy ending! I’m really bummed that there still aren’t English subs and it hasn’t been licensed by Viki… I’m dying to find people to discuss the drama with because I LOVE the book and the drama adaptation has been very faithful to the book, with great casting.

              But for some reason the marketing and licensing team must have dropped the ball. You’d think they’d be pushing hard for the show since Xu Kai was an overnight start because of Story of Yanxi Palace. I mean Youtube has all the episodes but they didn’t even bother to put the English title (which is pretty generic…I mean “The Legends” ugh) on the episodes, so people wouldn’t find it anyway. AND for whatever reason, iQiyi blocked only episode 27 in my region. Like episodes 1-26 were fine and 28+ are fine, but 27 must be blocked for copyright protection. Whaat?

              I do have to say that there were some technical issues with the show for sure…there are very abrupt transitions sometimes, where the scene and music cut off suddenly. Also, for whatever reason they put the last 5 minutes of every episode as the “teaser” at the START of the episode, which is super confusing and sometimes clearly out of order. But I’m ok with the issues because the show doesn’t have either of my two biggest pet peeves in C-dramas: 1. endless flashbacks, flashbacks of what was shown 5 minutes ago, flashbacks of kid scenes, etc. and 2. endless repeats of the soundtrack. In fact, it’s almost kind of weird that I’m more than halfway through the drama and I wouldn’t even be able to identify most of the OST, because they don’t really play ANY of the songs within the drama.

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              1. Yes, I started watching and it has some editing problems but I like it so far. The constant flashbacks and confusing editing make it hard to follow at times since I didn’t read the book. Sad bc the actors are doing a great job, but it shows they had a lack of budget so they had to cut corners. I will probably keep watching for OTP ❤
                I think the issue with this is the unknown cast. On top of the confusing editing at times. And they haven't media played the drama. But I think if it finishes up well, word of mouth will make it more popular. If they had released it while YanXi palace was super hot, it would have done better similar to how Eternal Love was released while Princess Agents was airing and it carried over some of its fanbase.


                1. Well, it looks like the first few episodes have English subs now at least! The editing issues only get worse, btw. I’m up to Ep 30 now and just had an episode that showed the climatic battle scene in the first 5 minutes (before the opening credits/song) and then jumped back…and then SKIPPED over the climax rather than show it again, but cut abruptly over it. So it isn’t even a different scene, they just took a good 5 minutes out of it and moved it to the beginning for no reason. Imagine watching the main characters face off for an epic showdown and then suddenly jump to after the end of the fight in the same scene?! I mean, I get that there are low budget constraints, but it’s like they’re purposely making it confusing and weird with the random cuts.

                  The worst part is that since they actually cut it out of the rest of the episode, you can’t even skip the beginning to spare yourself the spoilers because then you’d have no idea what’s missing and where.

                  Plus I noticed a scene where they literally skipped a few frames by accident. I’m starting to think a student from a high school film class would do a better job with the editing. Yikes! Such a shame because it really is a good story and much more coherent than it seems from the drama.

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                  1. yeah, the issues are in the editing room. Either the director didnt plan out how to shoot the drama properly or whoever is putting it together is below mediocre at it. I mean the transition from one scene to the other is horrible. It looks jumpy and sometimes it goes by too fast that you blink and you miss an important scene that they randomly cut somewhere into the drama. I want an otp cut version of the drama and ignore the rest. A shame bc we rarely get as good female lead roles as this one.


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