[First Impression] The Legends (招摇)


FINALLY…! It’s OUT. I have been waiting for this drama for a very, very, very, long time!


Title: The Legends (招摇)
# of Episodes: 55
Release Date: January 28th, 2019
Where to WatchYouTube (RAW ONLY). **As of now, there are no English subs.

Why did I start watching this?
First, because it has Bai Lu starring in it. I first saw her in The King is Not Easy, and I quite liked her character. Other than portraying a cute and quirky character, her chemistry with Zhang Yi Jie was also very good. I thought they were a cute couple. But it wasn’t until I saw her as Huo Xuan in Untouchable Lovers that made me become a true fan of hers. Not only was she a charming female general, but she was able to display the proud and prideful Huo Xuan perfectly. And, because of this, I think that’s why her portrayal of Lu Zhao Yao was spot on. Another reason why I am watching this show is because of Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. The Legends is based off a novel written by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang, and she also took part in writing the script for the drama. If you don’t know Jiu Lu Fei Xiang, she is a Chinese author with many stories under her name. I have written two reviews of her books so far on this website, so if you’re interested, you should check it out. Her writing style is extremely well written, and I really like that a lot of her stories are Xianxia and Wuxia genres.

Lu Zhao Yao lives alone with her grandfather deep the mountains. For all her life, she has lived isolated from the world. And, because of this, she grows up to be a happy and cheerful person due to the fact that she had never had to suffer the grievances and pain from the outside word.

One day, Luo Ming Xuan, a leader from one of the Immortal Sects, enters the mountains to kill the Demon Lord’s son, who is sealed away. After getting injured in the process, he is saved by Zhao Yao. Zhao Yao secretly hides Ming Xuan from her grandfather and helps him recover from his injuries. As they spend time together, Ming Xuan teaches Zhao Yao about the outside world, which fascinates her. When it is time for Ming Xuan to leave, she tells him that she will leave the mountains and come find him.

After Ming Xuan leaves, Zhao Yao confronts her grandfather and tells him she wants to leave the mountains. Her grandfather refuses her request and tells her if she wants to do so, then she has to beat him. This sets Zhao Yao off to train to become a strong fighter so she can beat her grandfather. When the day comes where she finally defeats her grandfather, she bids him farewell and happily leaves the mountains to enjoy the beauty of the outside world.

As she enjoys her freedom, Zhao Yao accidentally stumbles upon several members from the Immortal Sects torturing the Demon Lord’s son. Pitying the young man, Zhao Yao fights her way through and saves him, despite the strong opposition. As she is heavily injured from the fight, the young man gently cares for her and helps her heal her injuries. When she is fully healed, Zhao Yao gives him the name Mo Qing and takes him with her.

However, Zhao Yao has no intentions of saying with Mo Qing for long. She helps him find a quiet place to stay and she leaves in search of Luo Ming Xuan. Mo Qing is saddened by her sudden departure and quietly vows to stay and wait for her to return for him.

Zhao Yao finally finds Luo Ming Xuan, but she is taken captive by him and the other members of the Immortal Sects for taking the Demon Lord’s son away. They torture her for his location, but Zhao Yao stubbornly refuses and insists that she did nothing wrong when Mo Qing was the one being tortured. Ming Xuan is angered by her words and decides to kill her. But he is stopped by Zhao Yao’s grandfather who is there to save her. In helping Zhao Yao escape, her grandfather is killed by Ming Xuan. As she has no where else to go, Zhao Yao returns to the silently waiting Mo Qing and tells him that she no longer wishes to be a good person and wants to start her own sect. Thus, starting her conquest as the Demoness of the Wan Lu Sect…

Lu Zhao Yao (路招摇), Bai Lu
Once a carefree girl, she turns evil after the death of her grandpa and betrayal from Luo Ming Xuan. She is the founder and proclaimed Demoness of the Wan Lu Sect.

Mo Qing (墨青), Xu Kai
Son of the Demon Lord. The Immortal Sects want him dead, but Zhao Yao saves him. Since then, he has devoted himself to her.

Qin Zhi Yan (琴芷嫣), Xiao Yan
A young girl who’s father is killed by someone from the Immortal Sects. A cultivator herself, she sets out to find the truth of her father’s dead. She runs into Zhao Yao and aides her in getting her revenge.

I think these three are the main characters. Because it’s just the beginning, some of the major supporting characters have not showed up. Also, most of the characters are the beginning aren’t major characters for the story and are present to help build up the background story. For example, Luo Ming Xuan.


Overall Impression
I have not read the novel, so I cannot tell how much it deviates from it. But so far, I quite like it. The first two episode starts out very slow, but it really shows you how Zhao Yao was before she became the Demoness. She was, like any ordinary person, just an innocent girl who wanted to be carefree and do good things. Episode 3 was the big turning point in her life. It shows how she is betrayed by Luo Ming Xuan and why she establishes the Wan Lu Sect. I have to say that I as totally caught off guard by these beginning episodes, because I had initially thought that she was already the Demoness and just happened to come across Mo Qing and then saves him. But this was completely different from my initial thoughts. Not that I’m complaining, but I quite like that they started off this way because it shows us the character growth of Zhao Yao. It shows how her experiences led her to be the way that she is.

Another reason why I’m liking this drama a lot is Bai Lu’s portrayal of Lu Zhao Yao. Bai Lu has the look that makes her play arrogant and proud characters really easily. There are many actresses that can do gentle and kindhearted female leads. But there aren’t many who can handle characters who are charismatic and prideful because it’s a much harder role to portray. But Bai Lu is great at it. She’s not the best actress (yet), but she’s not bad as Lu Zhao Yao. Honestly, I can’t think of anyone who is able to portray Zhao Yao more than her.

Xu Kai as Mo Qing is also a good fit. He looks like a young kid, and Mo Qing is supposed to be a timid and weak character in the beginning, so Xu Kai’s young looks make him the perfect Mo Qing at first glance. However, Mo Qing is supposed to be the leader of the Wan Lu Sect after Zhao Yao’s supposed death and, thus, becomes more mature and grown up. I’m interested to see how the baby faced Xu Kai will portray him then.

Overall, I think this drama was worth the wait (at least for me). It has a strong female protagonist, a good story line, a decent male lead, and beautiful scenery to make it more pleasing for the eyes. I am looking forward to watching it, and I hope it doesn’t disappoint me. But with Jiu Lu Fei Xiang’s writing, I am hopeful that it will not disappoint. ^_^


Also, if you’re interested in reading the novel, I found a place where it is being translated. Click here to check it out!

19 thoughts on “[First Impression] The Legends (招摇)

  1. I came upon this drama a few days ago and took a few minutes to look at episode 1 but didn’t continue. After reading your first impression, I think I will go back and give it a try. These actors here are new to me.


  2. I watched all 7 episodes without subtitles even though I don’t understand Chinese and I also like it so far. I’ve seen the leads in other dramas so I knew the acting would be good. I like the dark blue hair but I think red hair would have suited Xu Kai better. I think it has great cinematography and CGI but I think the sequencing with with the scenes is a bit ‘off’. I just think a lot has happened within 3 episodes. Something about the drama just seemed a bit ‘off’ to me. After watching 7 eps I already want to watch more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Would anyone happen to know where to read this in Chinese? The English translated version seems to be only updated every few months or so.


  4. one request… ^^
    is it ok if add crd and i translate this post in my own language? I would like to share with some of fans in my friend lists. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  5. thanks for the novel link. I’ve been wanting to read the novel since some says plots are a bit diff due to Chinese censor. But I’ll sure go for drama too. I think i’ve become one of Bai Lu fan after watching her roles in prev dramas so far… ^____^


  6. I haven’t watched the drama yet and I’m disappointed to learn that her character isn’t naturally a feisty woman who wants to rise to the top for her own gains like in the novel. I mean I don’t like when female leads become evil through personal tragedies. It’s like it’s unheard of that they are bad for selfish reasons.

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    1. @ s00yi

      Actually, although she kind of turns evil through personal tragedy, her character is naturally very proud/arrogant and sassy. She’s super egotistical and she loves lording over her position over others, even though she’s not really “evil.” She’s definitely fiesty LOL

      I’m LOVING this drama and how different the characters are from your usual fantasy heroes and heroines.

      Honestly I started this drama because I came across this blog post and I’m so glad I did. This is the comment I wrote on another post:

      I wish there was more coverage of the new drama The Legends – I know there was a First Impression post but I am blown away by the drama despite not knowing what to expect heading into it. It’s the best I’ve watched in the last couple years, although admittedly we’ve had some pretty bad years.

      Basically I thought it was yet another generic fantasy drama but it’s more of a romantic comedy – at least going by the first 10 episodes. I love that the main heroine is super sassy, egotistical, and “evil” – it’s such a change from the endless parade of do gooder “rising in the ranks” heroines we usually get. There’s a little bit of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms-like angst in there too w/ regard to misunderstandings and the hero holding onto hope while waiting for a missing woman, but overall the storyline is pretty great so far. I’m really surprised.

      Hopefully it gets picked up for English subtitles by some translators so more people can appreciate this refreshing twist on the usual fantasy drama. I had no clue who the main actress was until I read the First Impressions post on this blog, which inspired me to try out the drama – I’m so glad I did!

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