[Recap] Story of Minglan Episode 36-40

TitleStory of Minglan (知否 知否 应是绿肥红瘦)

# of episodes: 73

Release date: December 25, 2018

Where to watchViki (eng sub); Youtube (raw)

Episode 36

They managed to convince Zhao to head to the capital where the chaos is. Minglan is left behind under Shitou’s care. Gu Tingye and the group heads for the capital to rescue the king. They fought their way into the inner court where the King is being held hostage. With one arrow, Gu Tingye shot down the rebel prince and saved the king.
The current king recognizes him right away as the second son of Gu (Zhao just found out since he went by the last name Bai). The king praises him and soon after, writes up his will to give the throne to Zhao. Everyone, including the Shengs leaves the palace safety.

The King passes away a few days later and Zhao became the new king. New king reopens the civil exam and so Qi Hen runs home to tell his parents. His mom, however, is still in a daze from the insult/chaos that happened during the rebellion. Gu Tingye, also returns home to the Gu manor, now as a powerful general. He disses his mother and brother and takes his spear and left.

Episode 37

Gu Tingye establishes a manor outside the Gu manor. Now that he’s powerful, a lot of families want to marry their daughter into his household. He asks Changbai why didn’t the Sheng family do the same. Changbai tells him that both his sisters already have a family in mind. But because of the mourning period, nothing is set yet. Before leaving for war, Gu Tingye asks Shitou to do something for him.
The marriage between Minglan and He Hongwen is almost set when a Cao Jinxiu, Hongwen’s cousin, pops up out of nowhere. Because of her status as a fugitive and the marking of her face, she asks to stay by Hongwen’s side. But Minglan does not want any of that. She tells him that she will not tolerate her.

Even so, Cao Jinxiu is a pitiful character that Minglan feels sorry for. She goes for a walk in the middle of the night to clear her mind. What she didn’t expect is to see her 5th sister and Wen Yan Jing secretly meeting. Her 5th sister tells her that they are in love and she doesn’t want anyone else but him. But this is complicated because he is the guy that is originally for Molan. She knows that her mom would not approve of this.

Episode 38

Minglan and her grandmother go to visit the Hong family. He madam, who is bedridden, asks to see Minglan. She goes to see her and is not surprised to see Cao Jinxiu and her mom there. The Cao aunt immediate gives him harsh words to hear. Saying who is she to prevent Hong Wen from marrying a second wife and it doesn’t help that his weak mother approves of Cao Jinxiu. Hong Wen comes in to defend her but it was too late. Minglan’s grandmother arrives and indirectly rejected the wedding.
Hong Wen’s grandmother explains to him after and lectures him on spoiling his mom by putting her in the care of her no-good sister. He tells her that he will send them away. But not long after, he comes to see Sheng grandma and explains that his cousin actually cannot bear any children. Sheng grandma relays the news to Minglan and she peacefully accepts her proposal. Though she doesn’t like Hong Wen but she thinks she can live peacefully with him. Her grandma doesn’t like her mentality. She wants to find someone that Minglan likes.

Gu Tingye is back from war and starts to put his plan of marrying Minglan into action. First, he goes to visit Chang Bai with loads of gifts. He tells him that he wants to marry his sister. Chang Bai relays the message to his parents saying that Gu Tingye wants to marry Rulan. The parents are happy but Rulan is not. She throws a fit saying that she won’t marry him. Minglan comes to cheer her up. She tells her that Gu Tingye is not a bad person.

Episode 39

The next step to Gu Tingye’s plan is to solidify the marriage with the Sheng in front of the king. Once the King approves the marriage, Rulan has no other choice but to say farewell to Wen Yan Jing. Unluckily, or all by planned, their farewell was seen by Chang Bai and Gu Tingye.
The Sheng parents have no choice but to discuss with the grandma. They want to marry Minglan off to Gu Tingye instead since it was never stated anywhere that he was going to marry Rulan. The original plan was for him to marry the main daughter of the Sheng and since Minglan is under the madam’s name, technically, she can be counted as the main daughter. Grandma lectures them for being selfish but the Sheng family is in a pinch since this wedding is already within the King’s knowledge.

Qi Hen finally passes the exam. He relays the good news to his mom who knows exactly what he wants. She accepts it and gets ready to go to the Sheng family to propose for marriage with Minglan.

Episode 40

Hualan invites Minglan to her manor to visit. Little did she know, it is also a set up by Gu Tingye. The minute he shows up, she knew that the whole trap was for her marriage and not her 5th sister’s. He explains to her all this plan, how he used Cao Jinxiu to ruin her marriage with the He and how he used Wen Yan Jing also. He knows his reputation in the capital is not the best, therefore, he must plan all that so that Sheng grandma cannot reject him.

Qi Hen’s mom arrives at the Sheng’s family to ask for Minglan’s hand in marriage but she was a step too late. They told her that Minglan and Gu Tingye’s marriage is already set. When Qi Hen heard this, he rushes to confront Gu Tingye. Gu Tingye told him that it is not his fault that Qi Hen had given up Minglan when he could have fought for her. Qi Hen rushes to see Minglan but Minglan refuses to see him. He is too late now.

Chexmix: Gosh I love the grandma! She’s such a good character. And Gu Tingye. It was funny watching him explain his trap to Minglan and how he can’t contain his happiness when his plans were falling into place one by one. >.< hahah such a cute scene.

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