[First Impression] The King of Blaze (火王之破晓之战)

I enjoyed watching this drama more than I thought I would. An Oriental Odyssey was an extreme disappointment, so I started this drama not expecting to be wowed by it. And, I was pleasantly surprised because I ended up liking it a lot. Even though it’s a bit confusing at first, I found myself drawn to this drama more and more as I continued to watch it. I’m still not convinced by the chemistry between the two main leads, but the chemistry between the second leads are definitely there and the fireworks for them are beyond high. They’re just so cute! Lai Yu Meng and Zhang Yi Jie are perfect at portraying young and mischievous characters.


Title: The King of Blaze (火王之破晓之战)
# of Episodes: 40 (Including Part 1 and 2)
Release Date: November 26th, 2018
Where to Watch: Viki

Why did I start watching this?
It has Chen Bo Lin headlining it. What other reason do I need? Just kidding! Other than Chen Bo Lin, I really liked the story line. When I first heard about this drama and I read the summary for it, I was immediately interested. I love fantasy dramas, so I definitely couldn’t miss this one.

In the galaxy, there exists a hidden star that is inhabited by immortals. This star is called the Immortal Realm and is led by Shang Xuan, the leader of the gods. Alongside him are 6 other gods and goddesses, each with their own elemental powers. When the seal that Shang Xuan had set thousands of years ago is broken and the evil forces, led by Tian Heng, is let out, Zhong Tian, the God of Fire, is immediately sent to Earth to search for ways to save the Immortal Realm.

Zhong Tian arrives on Earth via a meteor crash and finds himself in a desert. He faints and is saved by a traveling merchant troupe. When he awakes, he finds out that he is currently in the Western Regions in the Tang Dynasty. Lying that he has amnesia, he is able to stay with the merchant group and heal his injuries.

When the village that Zhong Tian and the merchant group are in is attacked by a bandit group, he uses his powers to save everyone. The bandit leader known as Wolf King reveals himself to be a young man who, along with his bandit group, executes evil and corrupt officials. Because of his strong resemblance to his old friend, Zhong Tian lets the Wolf King go when he his captured by the merchant group, who intended to bring him to the officials. Zhong Tian’s actions gains the Wolf King’s respect and he then vows to become his student. Although reluctant, Zhong Tian accepts his proposal, names him Hao Yue (after his friend), and allows him to follow him.

Zhong Tian and Hao Yue learn about a mystical artifact called the Flame Mirror that holds mysterious powers and they decide to investigate it, as it may be something related to helping Immortal Realm. But as they continue to investigate, they find themselves embroiled into an even bigger conspiracy. This leads them to butt heads against Situ Feng Jian, an officer from the Astrological Bureau who has the same face as Zhong Tian’s lover from the Immortal Realm. However, trouble continues to embroil as the Flame Mirror gets stolen and the monks that guard it all die. The only survivor of the mess is the Crown Prince, who fainted and was saved by Zhong Tian, who used his powers. But Zhong Tian ends up being the main suspect in the case and this causes Feng Jian to view him as an enemy and she ends up hurting him.

Zhong Tian and Hao Yue eventually escape, but Zhong Tian is heavily wounded from Feng Jian’s attack. Feng Jian returns to the capital and is imprisoned because of the events that occurred with the Flame Mirror.

And that’s a wrap! If you want to know more, check the drama out!


Zhong Tian (仲天), Chen Bo Lin

The God of Fire from the Immortal Realm. He wields strong spiritual power and his elemental power is fire. He is bad at expressing himself and likes to seclude himself away from others, but he is extremely loyal to Shang Xuan and the Immortal Realm. He loves Qian Mei and is drawn towards Feng Jian because of her resemblance to his deceased lover.

Situ Feng Jian/Qian Mei (司徒奉剑/千睸) / Jing Tian

Originally an orphan, she was adopted by the head of the Astrological Bureau. She is intelligent, smart, and has high martial arts skills. Although she holds a strong position in court, she wishes to live a quiet and peaceful life. She does not reciprocate the Crown Prince’s love for her, but she finds herself falling for Zhong Tian.

Hao Yue (昊玥) / Zhang Yi Jie
Known as the Wolf King and is the leader of the bandit group that hunts down corrupt officials. After meeting Zhong Tian, he decides to stop being a bandit and follows him on his adventures. He eventually decides to be an Imperial Guard and befriends Li Ying, a princess from the palace. In the Immortal, he is Hao Yue, God of Thunder, and has an unrequited love for Hua Cheng.

Li Ying/Hua Cheng (李盈/婳琤) / Lai Yu Meng
The young and innocent princess of the Tang Dynasty. She is the younger sister of the Crown Prince and is extremely doted on by her older siblings and parents. Since birth, she has had the ability to control water. She has a curious, but mischievous personality that often gets her in trouble. She befriends Hao Yue and has a crush on Zhong Tian because he saved her. In the Immortal Realm, she is Hua Cheng, Goddess of Water, and is in love with Shang Xuan.

And there are many, many more characters, but these four are the MAIN characters….


Overall Impression
Even though I was looking forward to this drama, I didn’t want to have any high expectations because of how disappointed I was with An Oriental Odyssey (it was a waste of time!). But I found it to be quite pleasant. I enjoyed the pace of the drama and I like most of the characters.

Although the idea that the Immortal Realm is another star (or planet) in space is a bit weird for me, I can accept it. I mean, it would have made more since if it was the typical Heavenly Realm or something, but I guess this idea could work too?? But anyway, whatever. I still like the drama. The idea of the different elemental gods and goddesses is cool. And, the further you watch the drama, the more you understand about the Immortal Realm and the roles of the gods and goddesses there. It’s not explained right at the beginning, so you might get confused about Zhong Tian’s identity and a few of the flashbacks that he has. But everything is explained once you get to episode 10. Then, you can start to piece things together. SPOILER ALERT: there are TONS of love triangles!

The characters so far aren’t so bad. Zhong Tian is a mysterious character and his presence always makes people intrigued by him. I love that because he’s not from the Tang Dynasty, there are some things that he doesn’t understand. For example, he doesn’t know how to play chess and there was a short scene in which he and Feng Jian were playing chess and he failed miserably. It was very cute. Feng Jian, on the other hand, seems very typical. She’s strong, capable, and extremely intelligent. But I still like her character because I prefer her to be smart and strong than incapable and annoying. Finally, there’s Hao Yue and Li Ying. As annoying as their characters are to the other characters, I always find myself smiling whenever they’re on screen. Hao Yue is hotheaded, but he’s loyal and devoted to Zhong Tian. Li Ying is incredibly naïve, but she’s adorable and hard to hate. Together, these two are hilarious and I’m really looking forward to when they start to fall in love with each other.

Overall, I am enjoying watching this drama. The pacing is good and I like how the story is moving. But one thing to remember if you plan in watching this drama is that it’s split into two parts. Part 1 takes place in Ancient China, which is the Tang Dynasty. And, Part 2 takes place in the modern world. I’m not quiet sure how that’s going to work. I really like the ancient period part and I wish they stuck with that, but whatever. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes. ^_^

Let me know what you thought about the drama below!


5 thoughts on “[First Impression] The King of Blaze (火王之破晓之战)

  1. I had read the manga 火王 by You Sulan that the drama is based on and there’s a plot twist………. (spoiler below)


    In the manga. Feng Jian is a guy.

    Zhong Tian still loved Feng Jian after he found out as he says he loves the soul, gender irregardless. Obviously the drama had to cast Feng Jian as 100% female to be acceptable for the censors and viewers.


    The manga and the drama differs quite a lot besides that humongous spoiler twist. But I enjoyed the manga so going to give the drama a try!


  2. I have been trying this drama. Really, I have. I just… I can’t get into it. It feels forced and the male lead feels like a distillation of every male protagonist we’ve seen out of chinese fantasy series in the last two years, but a watered down version. I had hoped for more but the first 2 episodes are just not doing it for me. Should I press through?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s totally up to you. There’s definitely more details that are added onto the story that makes it more clearer and interesting.


  3. Thank you for this. I watched it a few days after it was released and like you, I was also surprised. The reason I started to watch it was because of Jing Tian. I saw a few trailers here and there but I didn’t quite understand the story line but I started watching anyways because Eternal Love 2 was over and I needed a drama to watch, lol. But, I became invested in the story line after the first episode. I can say that I am liking it so far and yes, Hao Yue and the princess are very adorable. The chemistry between them is on point. I still haven’t seen much chemistry with Chen Bo Lin and Jing Tian’s characters so I guess I’ll have to wait on that. I didn’t know that there will be two parts and that the 2nd part will be in the present. It all explains everything about that short teaser/trailer that was released of them being in the present. I was so confused as to why it was released. Thank you for the information on that. With that being said, it’s kind of getting my hopes up but then I have a feeling it won’t have such a happy ending, maybe? I don’t know but so far I like the drama and will continue to watch it.

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