[Thread] Our Glamorous Time

Title: Our Glamorous Time (你和我的倾城时光)

# of episodes: 50

Broadcast date: November 12, 2018 on Dragon and Zhejiang TV

Where to read: Novel (eng)

Where to watch: Youtube (raw), Viki (subbed)


She leaves a lasting impression. Lin Qian is a very honest and kind-hearted woman. She uses her experience to help Li Zhicheng rebuilt his company. Eventually, Li Zhicheng manages to bring the company back to life. Li Zhicheng and Lin Qian get to know each other little by little and fall in love.

Previous thread for this drama has more information regarding the filming process and behind the scene pictures.


Zhao Liying as Lin Qian, a white-collar worker who becomes the assistant of Aida Group president.

Jin Han as Li Zhicheng, president of Aida Group.

Cao Xiwen as Zhu Hanqian, head editor of “H” magazine.

Yu Haoming as Gu Yanzhi,  Zhu Hanqian’s nephew who is an overseas returnee. Lin Qian’s close friend.




Episode 1

Episode 2


The first 4 episodes of the drama is out. What do you think about it so far?

19 thoughts on “[Thread] Our Glamorous Time

  1. hi all!! have been a while since I wrote but Zhao Li Ying!! Up to date to ep 8 and loving it so far! OTP chemistry is there; ZLY is cute as a button but not cloyingly so and yet still a focused in her career. Jin Han is doing very well as the ex soldier turned corporate dude – the way he walks and stands is congruent with his background and I like that he just goes and get things done instead of over explaining and setting the scene as to how he plans to screw his competitors over. I actually think that the fact he is not overly handsome is adding a touch of realism to the drama hence not overly idol-like.

    I do think the soldier scenes and him saving her in ep 8 a tad overdone but still acceptable. I hope they keep it modern without being too dogblood and overwrought.

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    1. Hi too.. agree..I love the chemistry, indeed ZLY is A genius actress, n Jin Han also great his act n appreance very fit with the character..n the most of it I love this drama because they sub it so fast n I don’t have to wait it like crazy woman 😉😉


  2. What a surprise! I thought it was gonna be a rom com, but there’s substance lol

    There’s also chemistry between the OTP. I secretly wish it was somebody hotter though lol

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    1. hahaha. jin han might grow on you as you watch if the chemistry is really there. I remembered feeling something similar watching fuyao with ethan ruan and he turns out to be awesome in the drama! =D


        1. Thank you for the link, but please be wary that the site does not get permission from those who translate novel (even for qidian).
          Also, unfortunately, qidian is a big company and there is the risk of copyright for those who share the unpaid version of their licensed novels. Not too sure if they bother to flag sites, but just a heads up for those wanting to read this novel.

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    1. a lot of our admins started as readers. we just open our blog up to anyone who is interested. and it’s nice having so many different people who watches different stuff on the same blog. =D

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