November Airing Schedule


List of dramas that are tentative to air in November. Good news is that Our Glamorous Times finally confirmed and is set to air! >.<


Our Glamorous Times starring Zhao Liying and Jin Han will be airing November 11 on Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV with 58 episodes.

Image result for 火王之破晓之战

The King of Blaze starring Chen Bolin and Jing Tain will be airing November 26 on Hunan and iQiYi. This drama will be split into two parts. 28 episodes for the first part and 33 for the second.

Entering a New Era

Entering a New Era starring Lu Yi and Yuan Quan will be airing on November 5th on Hunan with 40 episodes.

Image result for 我的保姆手册

Hi I’m Saori starring Zheng Shuang and Ying Dipa will be airing on November 12 on Youku with 45 episodes.

Image result for 医妃难囚

Princess At Large starring  Yang Anqi and Sheng Yinghao will be airing November 5th on iQiYi with 12 episodes.

Image result for 我们的四十年 Forty Years We Walked starring Jin Shijia and Chai Biyun will be airing November 11 on Jiangsu TV with 60 episodes.

The Family starring Li Chunlee and Dong Jie will be airing November 11 with 52 episodes.

Never Gone starring Yang Zikai, Han Dongjun will be airing November 6 with 36 episodes on Youku.

Image result for 杨凌传

Royal Highness starring Jiang Jinfu, Liu Yulin, and Yuan Bingzhen will be airing November 1 with 48 episodes on Youku.

5 thoughts on “November Airing Schedule

  1. OGT trailer looked really boring hope the drama isn’t or it would be such a waste of cast.
    The king of blaze looks interesting and good to know it will have subs.
    The poster for never gone is pretty.

    I am waiting for the King’s Avatar (loved the anime and yang yang) and the pillow book eventhough it hasnt even finished filming yet


  2. Bit busy this season, but will probably watch OGT. Might watch King of Blaze if people say positive things and because Viki is going to sub it … but chances are I might be behind for it like for An Oriental Odyssey and this one kdrama lol


  3. Been waiting for ZLY’s drama for so long that i eventually caved in to watch other dramas, Ruyi was also one which i’d waited for so long and i also watched Battle of the heavens and Martial Universe 1 & 2 and as i was about to watch Age of legends i read Our Glamorous Time will be airing in 2 wks so gonna binge watching that.

    OGT with 58 epi., this will be the only drama i’ll be watching for Nov.


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