[Breaking] Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s Wedding


Next to announce their marriage this month is our couple from the drama The Princess Weiyoung, Tang Yan and Luo Jin!

Be prepared for a bunch of adorably sweet pictures of the couple!

2 years ago was when they confirmed that they are dating. [News] Tang Yan and Luo Jin Dating and now the couple is finally tying the knot! Congratz!

The couple announced their marriage on Weibo on the 28th with the cute captions: “The bride is me” and “The groom is me.”


Their wedding was held in Vienna on the 28th of October with the theme of knight and elf princess. Tang Yan’s bridesmaids include Wang Guan, Chen Yuqi, Xu Baihui, Guo Xiaoting


Good friend Yang Mi sent her wishes “Pretty Tang. Happy new marriage. Always be happy.”

Rough translation for Liu Yi Fei‘s message: “My dear Tang Tang. I wish you happiness. It’s regretful that I cannot be there at your wedding, but I can feel the warmth and happiness from your picture. Prettiest bride. Happy new marriage.”

HuGe: “Best wishes.”

On a side note: Now that Tang Yan is married, this leaves Hu Ge as the last from the Chinese Paladin group to be unmarried and single. As a tradition, a bunch of people flooded his Weibo page to express their “condolences” as a joke.

Congratz to the couple! They’re so cute together. >.<

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