[Breaking] Zhao Liying and Feng Shao Feng’s Marriage

On the night of her 31st birthday, Zhao Liying announces her marriage with Feng Shaofeng on Weibo with the text “Guo Guan Xuan” to officially announce the good news their marriage!

Updated: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ZHAO LIYING!! Lumping in Liying’s birthday celebration with this post. Zhao Liying celebrated her birthday with husband, Feng Shao Feng and birthday wishes from friends.

Feng Shao Feng replies to the announcement with a cute birthday wish to Liying “Happy birthday, wife.”


The couple has been spotted several times on several occasions together already and fans have been speculating that they were secretly dating but neither party had spoken up confirming/denying the speculation at those times. And now it is confirmed that they are married!

Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng met on the set of the movie “Journey to the West 3” and shortly after that, they also started working on their upcoming drama “Story of Minglan.” Looking forward to the chemistry of our leads in that drama! 

Cute pictures of our new couple while promoting Journey to the West 3.

Story of Minglan celebrates the couple’s marriage with a new still

New release stills from Our Glamorous Times in celebration of Liying’s birthday.

More pictures were released of the happy couple:


Liying thanks her friend’s circle on Weibo for the birthday wishes: “Thank you everyone for the wishes. Thank you my him. I can change my wishes now.”

Friends are flooding their page with best wishes and congratulations. Guan Xiaotong, Ou Yang Nana, Tang Yixing, Ma Ke, Angelababy, Xie Na, Nicky Wu, Yang Zi and more all wish her a happy birthday and happiness in her new marriage! 

Congratz to the couple! A lot of the admins on this blog are Zhao Liying’s fan and I know we’ve talked about how we hope she can find someone special in her life. I’m glad that she has finally found happiness.  Now let’s hope they release some pretty wedding pictures!! >.<


21 thoughts on “[Breaking] Zhao Liying and Feng Shao Feng’s Marriage

  1. I feel suprised but also not? Haha either way congratulations to the lovely couple. This just makes the hype for Ming Lan even more real! They’re a couple a married couple on screen and off screen. So excited!


  2. Due to that pregnancy rumor a couple months ago, first thing that came to my mind, “Shotgun wedding?!” 😜From her Weibo, the top two pictures here, I didn’t even fully recognize him. Congratulations to the couple and hope they have a happy fulfilling life together.


  3. AHHH! My girl got married. I had a feeling after I saw them shopping during the day that they would get married. I wish them a happy marriage. ❤


  4. Feng Shao Feng isn’t THAT bad, but I wish it was with someone more compatible… I just don’t see the chemistry between them two. At least she looked good with both Chen Xiao and William Chan, but maybe it’s because I haven’t seen these two in a drama together before… But I am happy for them and I hope he’s able to make her happy.


  5. Aaaah I choke a bit on my drink when I saw the news here and other new sites too. Goodness. I expected it but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon 😅 Partly due to me coming home after a meeting 😛
    Anyhow, congrats to the newly married couple and I hope to see some wedding pics or more couple shoots.
    I think now some of the popular actresses (like Chinese paladin era) are married (Ariel Lin, LSS, YM, etc.) now. I’m waiting on Tang Yan 😛


    1. as soon as I read the notif I run here n read ur comment..feel a little bit heartbroken but perhaps after watch their chemistry in new drama I feel okay… 🙂


  6. OMG This is so so exciting! Both expected and unexpected (if that makes sense). Happy birthday to the most talented actress and congrats on the wedding. I can’t wait for the drama now ❤ ❤


  7. I don’t know…I’m shocked because it’s too sudden. I need time to process everything lol I’m happy for her though. I feel FSF is an introvert, which fits her personality.


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