[Review] Fatal Countdown: Reset (2017 Movie)

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Title: Fatal Countdown: Reset

Starring: Yang Mi and Wallace Huo

Release: June 29, 2017

Where to watch: Tecent (no sub)

A little late to watch this movie but I’m glad I did. I started this movie with very little expectations but it turns out to be a lot more interesting than I thought.

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Fatal Countdown: Reset is a sci-fi thriller directed by Jackie Chan and starred Yang Mi and Wallace Huo. The film follows Xia Tian (Yang Mi), a researcher involved in the project of time traveling at Nexus Corp. The movie starts with the success of the research project where they were able to send a monkey back in time. Tsui Hu (Wallace Huo) was tasked to steal the company’s data and to do so, he kidnapped Xia Tian’s son, Dou Dou.

In order to save her son, Xian Tian snuck into the lab and successfully stole the data. She handed it off to Tsui Hu but he did not keep his promise and instead, killed her son. To save her son, she used the technology to travel 2 hours back in time to stop Tsui Hu.

The first time she traveled back, she managed to rescue her son from Tsui Hu but during their escape, Tsui Hui once again killed her son. This forced her to travel back in time for the second time.


Plot: This movie is packed with a lot of actions and suspense and the plot is very fast-paced and surprisingly, realistic. From the very beginning to the very end, it feels like an ongoing car-chase trying to follow Xia Tian’s mission to save her son and the music helps to pull viewers into the chase and the whole time-is-ticking factor. I like the fact that the plot is very singular; there are no side plots to distract viewers, the whole story is about Xia Tian’s mission and nothing else. It’s only toward the end that the audience gets a glimpse into Tsui Hu’s and the lead researcher’s background story. Some of the twists in the plot are kind of expected but still very shocking none-the-less. (Like the lead researcher’s involvement in the case). It is also refreshing to see no love story involved at all! It was just purely the bond between mother and son throughout. And the film ended as so.

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Cast: I think Yang Mi did a great job in this film. The emotion of an anxious mother, the differences between the three Xia Tians, from the first who is just worried about her son to the third who had witnessed the death of her son twice, she portrayed them really well. As for Wallace Huo, unfortunately, there wasn’t much to his character. There’s really is no character development. The little boy that played Dou Dou is also really good! Chin Shih-Chieh, the actor that played the lead researcher was another notable actor. He went from your friendly nice grandpa to spine-chilling antagonist in a snap of a finger.

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Overall: The movie was a good easy watch overall. The storyline is simple.  There not layers and layers of plot that needed to be unveiled. The pacing of the movie is so quick that I feel like there’s no drag in the movie. The ending is pretty satisfying. Happy ending. (Though I do feel bad for one of the Xia Tians).  They set the story up with little holes in the plot. Every character has a purpose and it is explained why they do what they do. How the time traveling work, why there can be three persons in the same time frame, and why the other two Xia Tian needed to go away in the end. So at the end of the movie, I wasn’t left with a lot of questions. (Which happens pretty often with Chinese movies). It wrapped up nicely, I would say.

Chexmix: If you haven’t watched Reset and want an action-packed thriller, I would recommend it. In the meantime, I’m currently looking for good Chinese movies to watch. So if any of you have some good recommendations, I’m all ears. >.<

4 thoughts on “[Review] Fatal Countdown: Reset (2017 Movie)

  1. I definitely expected more with this movie considering Yang Mi and Wallace Huo were in there. But I felt sort of disappointed with it. I feel like it was sort of boring despite their climax attempts.


  2. Got a chance to watch this movie with my mom albeit a bit late (like a year later since its release lol). It kept me engaged and like your review, didn’t have a bunch of unanswered questions for me. I definitely did feel bad for Xia Tians, namely the one who was even more sacrificial than the one who was supposed to be in the current timeline. I like the hoodie one the most even though she’s violence, but she was kicking butt. Wallace’s character was whatever.


    1. lol. I was late in watching it too.
      Seeing all the Xia Tians together in the end was interesting. They’re so different! I like the second one (the more logical but not frail and crying like the first one). hahah


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