[Feature] Hu Ge’s Notable Roles

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If you are a fan of C-dramas, then the name Hu Ge should be very familiar with you. Not only is he a big star in the C-entertainment industry, but he is known to play many different types of roles. Initially, he started with doing wuxia and fantasy wuxia dramas, such as the Chinese Paladin series, but, in recent years, he’s been foraying into other types of dramas. As of now, he’s had a lot of both modern and ancient dramas under his name, both of which cover a wide range of genres. In my opinion, Hu Ge is a very talented actor. His portrayal as Li Xiao Yao in Chinese Paladin was every girl’s dream hero in the mid-2000s and his role as Mei Chang Su was marvelous and magnificent. He’s definitely one of those actors you know that will always leave you with a good impression. And, if you didn’t know already, he’s also one of my favorite Chinese actors. So that’s why I decided to write this post and dedicate it to my love for his acting. Read below to see some of the different roles that he’s had throughout the years.

To watch some of Hu Ge’s dramas check out Viki! Most of them are English subbed.

Li Xiao Yao, Chinese Paladin (仙剑奇侠传)
Li Xiao Yao is not Hu Ge’s first foray into C-drama land, but it is the role that pushed him into stardom. Initially, he was supposed to have a small role in CP1, but a random compliment from an actress in the drama made the directors reconsider the role of Li Xiao Yao, and the role was then given to him. In the drama, Li Xiao Yao is a mischievous but righteous young teenager that starts out on a journey to save his sick aunt, but he somehow ends up with the job of saving the world. On his journey, he befriends many friends and falls in love with two women, Zhao Ling Er and Lin Yue Ru, and they both play a critical role in his character growth. Overall, Hu Ge’s portrayal of the carefree and heroic Li Xiao Yao won the hearts of many fans across Asia. Thus, from then on, he became recognized as an outstanding and talented actor in C-Entertainment.

“Do you know what kind of person he is? He acts like a clown. He puts up a front. But when he’s alone in his room at night, he cries.”
– Yue Ru

Dong Yong, Fairy from Wonderland or The Little Fairy (天外飞仙)
The complete opposite of Li Xiao Yao, Dong Yong has a gentle and soft personality. It is probably because of this that he attracted the attention of the outspoken Xiao Qi, the main female lead. In this drama, Dong Yong, a normal human being, and Xiao Qi, the youngest princess of Heaven, meet and fall in love. Their love goes through numerous trials and even the Jade Emperor, Xiao Qi’s father, refuses to let them be together. But their love proves to triumph over everything and they are able to overcome many of the trials together. Hu Ge’s acting is Dong Yong was very cute and adorable. Unlike Li Xiao Yao, who has a quirky and playful personality, Dong Yong was dorky and innocent. But, even so, Hu Ge was able to pull of Dong Yong character very well.承载了我们青春的天外飞仙,好喜欢那时候的胡歌和林依晨

“Our love can transcend heaven and earth. No matter how high the sky is or how deep the ocean is, nothing can waver our determination.”
– Dong Yang

Ning Cai Chen, Strange Tales of Liao Zhai (聊斋志异)
五版宁采臣大盘点 张国荣胡歌陈晓东迟帅余少群你最心水谁?Ning Cai Chen is one of the many iconic male characters in C-entertainment. That’s because the 1987 Hong Kong movie, A Chinese Ghost Story starring Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong, made the story of Xiao Qian and Ning Cai Chen extremely famous. Similar to other tragic love stories, this story revolves around a fox demon falling in love with a mortal man. In this version starring Hu Ge, he plays the nerdy and kindhearted Ning Cai Chen who gets to romance Xiao Qian, who is portrayed by the beautiful Yang Mi. Cai Chen’s gentle personality and sincerity melts the cold heart of Xiao Qian, who initially wanted to kill him and dig out his heart. The love between the two of them are super cute and the interactions are just adorable. Hu Ge and Yang Mi’s chemistry is totally off the charts in this short drama.

Because I love her. I love Xiao Qian. I wish that in my future years I could spend everyday with her. If there is a choice to choose between she and I where one should have to die, I want it to be me.”
– Ning Cai Chen

Yang Yan Zhao/Yang Liu Lang, The Young Warriors (少年杨家将)
Yang Yan Zhao, aka Yang Liu Lang, is another iconic male character in C-entertainment. He is one of the main characters of a popular Chinese legend, Generals of the Yang Family. During a war where he, his brothers, and his father go fight, he returns home as the only survivor. His father and most of his brother die in the battle and two of his brothers have gone missing. As the only survivor, he is the one to continue his family legacy of the protecting the Northern Song dynasty alongside his mother, wife, and widowed sister-in-laws. In The Young Warriors, Hu Ge portrays a much younger version of Liu Lang. This version of Liu Lang has yet to enter the battlefield with his older brothers. So he and his younger brother, portrayed by Eddie Peng, spend most of their time training to become strong soldiers so that they can fight alongside their male family members.

“As a member of the Yang family, I have to shoulder the duty and mission of the Yang warriors. But I need you too. I need your support. I can’t guarantee I can get old with you. But I can promise you that in my entire lifetime I’ll love you wholeheartedly.”
– Yang Liu Lang

Guo Jing, Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008 (射雕英雄传)
Compared to Ning Cai Cheng and Yang Liu Lang, Guo Jing is probably the most popular male character in C-entertainment, out of the three. He is the titular character in the first part of Jin Yong’s famous Condor Heroes trilogy. In this version, Hu Ge pairs up again with Ariel Lin. Similar to the legendary couple in the novel, Hu Ge and Ariel Lin’s Guo Jing and Huang Rong made a badass couple. Together they outwit many of their enemies and do their best to help people in the Jiang Hu. With Huang Rong’s support, Guo Jing is able to become a patriotic hero that helps defend his country from the many invaders that want to destroy the Song Dynasty.

Even when repaying favors, we must be clear on what is right and what is wrong. Though I didn’t do anything for my country as a Song person, I will never become their enemy.”
– Guo Jing

Jing Tian, Chinese Paladin 3 (仙剑奇侠传三)
Jing Tian is very similar to Li Xiao Yao in terms of their personalities. They are both prideful and self-centered, but also playful and good-natured. However, Li Xiao Yao would rather roam the Jiang Hu and help the people, while Jing Tian is lazy, loves money, and would rather be the shopkeeper of his family’s pawn shop. But he is still a good person at heart, which is how is able to win Xue Jian’s heart, Chang Qing’s friendship, and Mao Mao’s loyalty. And, throughout the drama, he changes from a selfish young man into a hero that places others before himself.

What’s there to think about? This is called, “helping indiscriminately.”
– Jing Tian

Fei Peng, Chinese Paladin 3 (仙剑奇侠传三)
Fei Peng was the number one general of heaven. Under his jurisdiction, the Heavenly Realm was able to live peacefully. However, Fei Peng grew tired and bored of this life and wanted more. He wanted to find someone that could challenge him and face off with in a duel. This wish made him seek out Chong Lou, the Demon Lord, who reciprocated his challenge. As the two were engaged in combat, the Demon Realm took his chance to invade the Heavenly Realm. This caused an uproar and Fei Peng was sentenced to the Mortal Realm because of his failure to protect the Heavenly Realm. In terms of his personality, Fei Peng is the complete opposite of Jing Tian. While Jing Tian is silly and loves jokes, Fei Peng is serious, cold, and much more mature. He gives off a confident and mysterious aura, and that’s why many other immortals are scared of being friends with him, except for Xi Yao.

“There’s no joy in being an immortal. I would rather be a mortal and have my taste of happiness, anger, grief, and joy. It’s better than being bored.”
– Fei Peng

Yi Xiao Chuan/Meng Yi, The Myth (神话)
Originally portrayed by Jackie Chan in the beautiful and heart wrenching film with the same name, Hu Ge took on the role of General Meng Yi from the Qin Dynasty. Although the drama follows the plot of the film, it slightly differs because there are more characters introduced and additional side stories added to make the drama longer and more interesting. For example, Yi Xiao Chun (aka General Meng Yi) is a different character than Jackie Chan’s Jack in the film. In the drama, he is a freelance photographer while Jackie Chan is an archeologist. Also, Xiao Chuan’s age is much younger than Jack’s.

History to you are material that you can research. But to me, it is my everyday experience.”
– Yi Xiao Chuan

Yuwen Tuo, Xuan Yuan Sword—Scar of Sky (轩辕剑之天之痕)
A hero, yet not really hero. Yuwen Tuo did not grow up an easy life. He was only a child when his kingdom fell, his mother was taken hostage, and he was forced to serve under the same man who destroyed his home. Growing up in a cruel environment shaped him to be a heartless and ruthless man. However, as cruel as he was, he fell in love with Dugu Ning Ke and sided with Jing Chou to save the rather than destroy it. Hu Ge playing an antihero instead of the happy hero this time was interesting to watch. He’s always portraying someone who is innocent and heroic, so it was a good breather to see him venture off into roles that challenged his acting.

Yuwen Tuo, perhaps in this rough and bumpy fate, only you can hold fast to your purpose, complete your mission, and become undaunted by repeated setbacks.”
– Goddess Nuwa

Mo Xun, Sound of Desert (风中传奇)
Unfortunately, instead of getting a lead role in this drama, Hu Ge had to portray the adoring and pitiful second lead. The sexy Eddie Peng got to romance the female lead, Liu Shi Shi, this time. However, even so, Mo Xun was so interesting that he, in his own right, deserves much recognition. In this drama, Mo Xun is a discreet and mysterious man who silently loves Xin Yue. Bound to his duties and shrouded by his insecurities, he is unable able to embrace his love towards her, thus can only push her away. As much as Xin Yue is willing to stay by his side and love him, he pushes and pushes her away. It’s so heartbreaking to see this!!! He loves her so much, and she loves him too, but his insecurity and fear cloud his heart and makes him unable to outwardly love her. And, it’s because of this that he eventually loses out on a chance to be with her. Although I did not finish the drama (but I read the book), Mo Xun’s character was one of the ones that I found the most pitiful and, also, someone that I just wanted knock on the head with a piece of wood. He’s sooooooooo in his head that he cannot just let go. He always has to weigh the pros and cons, and that’s when he loses his golden opportunity. Oh Mo Xun….

“Xiao Yue, this is the last thing I can do for you. Based on your character, if you knew that I have become handicapped, I’m afraid you won’t be able to live the happy life with Wei Wu Ji that you two so desire. What I want to see is a Xiao Yue who can roam freely in Da Mo and not someone tied down by guilt.” – Mo Xun

Mei Chang Su/Lin Shu/Su Zhe, Nirvana in Fire (琅琊榜)
In my opinion, Mei Chang Su is the best role that Hu Ge has ever portrayed. I love everything about him. Not only is he a remarkable and intelligent strategist, but he is passionate, loyal, and devoted to protect his country. And, because of this, he is surrounded by people are equally devoted to him. I think the reason why Nirvana in Fire was such a success was because of Mei Chang Su. This character was perfectly written and his role as the central character kept the story alive. His amazing foresight and ability to, literally, keep ten steps ahead of his enemies was AWESOME. I was very impressed by Mei Chang Su’s character. Although he is a man who is incapable of martial arts and cannot fight physically, he uses his wits and mind to fight his battles for him. And that made him an opponent that no one wanted to deal with because they will, ultimately, lose to him. Hu Ge did an excellent job in portraying Mei Chang Su and, honestly, I don’t see any other person fit to portray such an intricate and complex character other than him.

“So what?! I am still Lin Shu. Even though 13 years have passed, I am still the young general of the Chi Yan Army, Lin Shu! I want to return to the battle I was last at with the Chi Yan Army. I want to return for that is the place that I belong!”
– Lin Shu

Ming Tai, The Disguiser (伪装者)
Unlike his role as the meticulous and calculating Mei Chang Su, Ming Tai is the exactly opposite. He is hotheaded, impulsive, and somewhat naïve. In the drama, Ming Tai is the youngest of the Ming brothers, and, because of this, he is often protected by his older brothers and sister. His headstrong personality often gets him into trouble. But don’t let this get to you. As much as he is impulsive, he is a devoted and loyal man and is clever to a great extent. Hu Ge’s performance as Ming Tai was very good. His transition from the extravagant Mei Chang Su to the rash and quarrelsome Ming Tai is truly remarkable.

“I don’t like the idea of having to drag along someone, it makes things more sloppy.”
– Ming Tai

Mu Qi, Go! Goal! Fighting! (旋风十一人)
旋风十一人穆奇的过去身份背景介绍I haven’t fully watched the drama, so I can’t say much about Hu Ge’s role as Mu Qi other than that he plays more of a mentor role that helps the younger actors and actresses than a central character who shows character growth (even though he really is a main character). However, I do know that his character, Mu Qi, becomes a coach to a failing soccer team at a small high school. Playing the two soccer players that the drama focuses are Niu Jun Feng as Wang Jing Ke and Wang Yi Lin as Qin Ming Hao. Both of these two teenagers are the ones that Mu Qi takes under his wing and gives his guidance to. Maggie Jiang also stars as Hu Ge’s love interest. Her character didn’t really catch my interest, so I didn’t really focus much on her role, unfortunately. Overall, the one thing that did catch my eye was Hu Ge rocking the facial hair look!!! Hehehe… Totally different look from the youthful Li Xiao Yao and sickly Mei Chang Su.

“The more rotten you are, the better you will reflect on my coaching abilities.” – Mu Qi

Zheng Qiu Dong, Game of Hunting (猎场)
胡歌的《猎场》跟《琅琊榜2》同时播出,你会支持哪部剧?I have not watched this drama as it is not my cup of tea, BUT Hu Ge’s portrayal of a businessman who lost everything just to ride up again to become even more successful does seem interesting, especially if business dramas are your foray. From what I’ve read about Zheng Qiu Dong, he originally was a passionate man that wanted to have a successful career in the business world. However, because life isn’t fair, he eventually faces obstacles that pretty much brings him to ruin. But it is this experience, along with a few supportive friends, he helps him make a strong comeback in the business world. If business dramas are your cup of tea, I guess this drama would be good to watch. It seems like the characters in this drama are all established career people, very much the opposite of the youthful dramas that are more popular, so it’d be nice to watch a drama that us older people can relate to and appreciate.

In order to hide your light under a bushel, you have to be modest about your talent and swallow your pride.”
– Zheng Qiu Dong

So which Hu Ge do you prefer? My favorite by far is Mei Chang Su because you’ll never be able to find anyone as intelligent and smart as him in the world. ^_^ Share yours below!


7 thoughts on “[Feature] Hu Ge’s Notable Roles

  1. I have to say, I really loved almost all his roles because all those experiences allowed him the calibre to protray the unforgettable role of Mei Changsu. I loved him as Dong Yong and Guo Jing. And I feel his growth from those experiences and other dramas cemented the reason why Mei Changsu is his most compelling role and a lasting favorite amongst the audience.


  2. Nirvana in Fire! Everyone in it was amazing and Hu Ge gave the performance of his life. He was so good in Chinese Paladin 1 and The Young Warriors as well. They are not as nuanced as NiF, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.
    I will say that I cannot recommend Game of Hunting. I love Hu Ge and and I expected to love Game of Hunting, but it may have been one of the worst dramas I watched that year.


    1. Pay attention to FeiLu (the young bodyguard of HuGe – who added the extra sweetness to this best dramatic wuxia drama of a lifetime) I just finished watching this young actor Leo Wu in Fighting break Sphere 2018 – so glad to see he performed so well as main lead Hero. Only 18 yoa he had shown remarkable strong natural talent & acting skills. Won’t be surprised if he will become the next Hu Ge in future.


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