Entertainment Updates: Ordinary Glory (Chinese Misaeng Remake), My Lucky Star remake, Jaywalk introduces 6 new faces, and tv ratings manipulation problem

Hello folks~ I’ve been wanting to do bits of entertainment updates, but I haven’t gotten the chance and now I can cover them!

Okay so this isn’t really a c-ent news, but regarding airing schedule post. So usually for me I would keep an update log or other admins would update the airing schedule as more announcements come out. With c-entertainment, you can never know 100% when dramas will air unless it’s the day the drama did air or it’s very blatant on posters, trailers, etc. Instead of keeping bolded text and making updates unannounced, I figure I’ll utilize cnewsdevotee’s twitter page/account in posting dramas that are confirmed with their premiere dates. We have been doing it so far and twitter is quite nice because some of the announcements only need one or two sentences 😛 So check it out folks when you guys have the chance. Don’t have to follow us to access the tweets either and you can see two tweets on the side if you check our blog~

Anyhow, back to cnews!


Ordinary Glory or known as the Misaeng Chinese remake stars Mark Chao, Bai Jingting, Bridgette Qiao Xin, Wei Da Xun and others. They released bunch of character stills to let us see a glimpse of the characters. The screenwriter has spent two years of extensive research into the daily lives of the corporate workforce, so I’m hopeful that this drama will turn out to be pretty decent. A trailer was also released. This was one of few dramas I’ve finished the year it aired and enjoy it. Other folks find it quite relatable and despite the tepid tone of the drama, I find that tone works to the show favors. Hopefully this remake captures the struggles of the workforce and also the heartwarming moments between coworkers and their lives outside of work.

Mark Chao as Wu Ke Zhi who is the workaholic team leader. Mark’s character is basically Manager Oh’s counterpart in the Korean drama played by Lee Sung Min.

Bai Jingting as Sun Yi Qiu, the intern who works under Team Leader Wu (Mark Chao). He’s our Jang Geu Rae.

Bridgette Qiao as An Qian Yu who will be a character similar to Kang So Ra’s character.

Wei Da Xun as Hao Shu Ai. Not too sure which of the Korean drama characters he will be playing. He’s wearing work attire that shows more color than the other workers lol.

Zhang Zi Xian as Jin Yu Ming who is pretty similar Kim Dae Myung’s character as the right hand man of Wu Ke Zhi.

As for the rest of the folks, I can’t guess which Korean counterparts they match to lol. I’m assuming the rest below are section chiefs or assistant managers.

Liu Chang as Jiang Nan.

Zuo Xiao Qing as Yu Wen Li

Pan Han Chen as Gao Si Cong

Hao Ping as Qu Zhong Hui and Huo Zheng Yan as Ding Li Bo.


So Tencent in their press conference announced My Lucky Star remake (basically more details as people knew there was some sort of remake in the makings) and announced the heroine role given to SNH48 Tang Min with no announcement so far on the male lead. Currently as of this post, I don’t see any acting roles tied to Tang Min. She might have appeared in music videos with her girl group and other minor appearances so who knows. What are your ideal casting for this remake? I personally wouldn’t put this drama as my top favorites, but it definitely was a popular drama at the time and people definitely love Jimmy Lin including me lol.

Celebrity News:

Jaywalk Studio announced the introductions of six new faces who signed onto their company. Although not much details were entailed on selecting the new stars, I can assume it must be quite competitive and tough. In term of appearances, they are fresh faces and look pretty.

Tian Xuan Ning

She looks so much like Ni Ni especially the eyes and that smile!

Zhuang Da Fei

Qiu Tian

Fan Zhi Xin

Wang Yi Ming

Zhu Zi Jie

I noticed his nose and mouth are quite similar to Fan Zhi Xin’s lol. I believe this fellow participated in one of those show competitions (I don’t know which one).

I believe the young male folks are around 6 feet in height. The youngest member of this new batch of stars is 16. They’re around age range of 16-19 which is quite young. I do wish them success.


TV ratings manipulation

This is quite a terrible, long-going situation that was exposed by a director of a currently airing Chinese drama. Although we can go into many details, I’ll do my best to keep it short.

Director Guo Jing Yu posted a very long weibo post relating to his most recent drama he has directed and was screenwriter for, Mother’s Life which garnered less than 4 on Douban. Even though the show is doing well on tv ratings, but it’s being heavily criticized on Douban. He wrote that usually his dramas would do well on Douban and then get public support via ratings such as Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017. He basically goes into details that Mother’s Life finished filming around 2017 and was signed to a broadcast network, but did not premiere yet. He met the new president of the said network and discovered that there are new rules involving paying money to secure tv ratings or else the network won’t air the drama. There were fixers for this type of thing and so he met one and was informed it cost 900,000 yuan for one episode (approx. 131,400 USD or 112,000 Euros). His drama is 80 eps which would total it to 72 million yuan (approx 10.5 mil USD or almost 9 mil Euros) and the money served as a security thing so that the network would get higher ratings. Fixer claimed in the past years, big dramas have been buying ratings.

Eventually, things got settled for Mother’s Life as it aired on a different network, Beijing TV. He was going to think of this as past stuff, but after finding out that The Rise of Phoenixes got cut down to 14 episodes on Hunan TV due to not so great ratings, and that the rate of buying ratings rose to 1 million yuan per episode, he decided to make the long weibo post. He stated that The Rise of Phoenixes was being made as example to pressure people into doing the rating purchase scheme and that his drama Mother’s Life was an example of a drama that didn’t follow the new rules, resulting in low Douban ratings as negative reviews cost only 5 yuan each.

National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) which is the new name for State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) will do investigations into this matter and those who are guilty will be dealt harshly.

As for some folks, they noted that Director Guo Jing Yu‘s case that exposes tv rating manipulation reminds them of the tax invasion scandal involving Cui Yongyuan and Fan Bing Bing which you can read about in this twitter thread.



3 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Ordinary Glory (Chinese Misaeng Remake), My Lucky Star remake, Jaywalk introduces 6 new faces, and tv ratings manipulation problem

  1. So excited for Chinese remake of Misaeng! I adore Mark and have recently been in love with Bai Jing Ting. The casting for the leads have been so spot on. I can see Bai Jing Ting has Jang Geu Rae hands down. I’m so glad you gave more detail on the efforts of doing research for the office background. It’s so vital to the success of the drama that it holds the essence and heart of the original. I don’t expect an exact remake, but I do want it to be reflective to some degree on the realities of Chinese office life. Misaeng holds a dear spot in my heart, so I really want the Chinese version to do it justice.

    I didn’t know about the rating manipulation, but it’s sad how it’s affected The Rise of the Phoenixes. The drama had so much potential. Of course the script itself has a problem and the bloody editing also screwed the drama too. Overall though it is still a worth drama that deserves way more attention.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the update!
    Ordinary Glory looks interesting. Not my type of drama but the cast is pretty good, I will take a look at the writers.
    Jaywalk always signing on pretty people, but I feel like they have too many people now. I just hope they ease it a little with casting all their actors in the same drama. It gets tiring after a while. They should spread them out.
    About the TV ratings controversy, I was shocked and I was not shocked. I don’t know exactly how it works but I know in the past drama fans have theorized that some rating manipulation does take place. People who follow the live ratings always have some wild theories, but maybe they were not that far off. Some dramas have very low live ratings but once the official rating comes out it is much higher while others have a higher live rating but the official rating doesnt increase by much. I wonder by how much ratings actually improve if you pay for them since I dont think there has been a bit hit drama rating wise in a while. Hopefully, it is properly investigated. So many shady things in the entertainment business. Sadly, it is like that everywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yikes at the rating manipulation. I hope related authority will investigate and expose those broadcast networks that was involved and dramas which bought the tv rating. Sometimes I also thought it’s weird that there were some drama that manage to get high tv rating but were not heavily discussed online, and even got bad reviews on Douban. I wonder who watched the drama then.

    Glad that Rise of Phoenixes does not resort to such shallow scheme. It seems like we couldn’t fully trust tv rating now.

    Liked by 1 person

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