Cnewsdevotee’s 2nd Anniversary

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Congratulation to Cnewsdevotee!! This blog is celebrating its 2nd anniversary!!

It’s been two years already since this blog first launch! Big thank you to the active members of our blog, without them, this blog would not have lasted this long.

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I can’t believe we’re reaching our 2nd year on this blog already!! >.< It’s kind of amazing to think that we lasted this long, hahah since we started out as a bunch of readers who, really, have never managed a blog before! I think this blog has come so far. It’s been really fun being here and sharing dramas and movies that interest me with everyone on here. 


I’m still relatively new, as I only started at the beginning of this year, but I’m very happy to see that our blog is reaching its 2nd year! It’s super exciting, and I can’t wait for the many years to come. Also, thanks to all of the viewers and readers that follow our blog!!! We couldn’t have done without your support! You guys are awesome! And, thanks to the amazing group of people that contribute to this website! Just wanted to let you know that you guys are amazing at what you do! ^_^


Thinking back two years ago I wouldn’t have expected to also become this involved in c-ent and c-news stuff. I enjoy sharing similar or not so similar views with everyone from the other folks who run the blog and fellow readers. Thank you all for stopping by or voicing out your opinion or love for Chinese dramas/movies! 

Here, we cover a range of stuff from entertainment news to reviews to quizzes and we want some feedback from those who visit. As readers, what do you like to see more of? Comment for any other suggestions.

Also, our blog is still open to anyone that wants to join! We’re kinda pretty chill. Just post whenever and whatever you feel like.  If you ever want to just want to write a quick review/summary/first impression on dramas/movies you watch, you can do so here. Contact us via comment/twitter if you’re interested. >.<

Anyway. Congratz to this blog for reaching this milestone! And thank you everyone for sticking around with us.


9 thoughts on “Cnewsdevotee’s 2nd Anniversary

  1. Oh wow, congratulations! I love how reading about the latest posts whether it be fashion or news on C-drama land. It’s always great to find a place that offers friendly discussions. Keep up the great work team 🙂


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