[Recap] Ashes of Love Episode 60-63 (end)


Title: Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost (香蜜沉沉烬如霜)

Episode Count: 63

Discussion: Episode 1-15; Episode 16-44; Episode 45-63

Where to watch: Viki (subbed); Youtube (Raw)

Finally finished this drama!! Since the sub is super slow for this drama, I’m gonna do a quick summary recap for the last 4 episodes. Refer to the discussions for the previous episodes.

Episode 60

Jinmi escapes from the heaven realm on the night before her big wedding. Out of anger, Runyu marches with his army to the Flower realm to look for her. He captures the leaders of the realm and declares that if she doesn’t return, he will kill ‘a flower’ a day, starting with Zhang leader. Liu Ying relays the events happening in the Heaven realm but Xu Feng thinks it might be another trap set by Runyu and Jinmi.

YanYou and the Moon god carry an unconscious Jinmi to the demon realm, on the night of Xu Feng’s wedding, lugging Jinmi around to look for the bride.

The night of Xu Feng’s wedding, the moon god sends his bride toward the altar to commence the wedding ceremony. At the end, they each drop a drop of blood into the cup to test for their feeling toward one another. The cup lights up as an indication of their love. Sui He jumps out and calls out the fake. Liu Ying comes out seconds later to say that the cup is real.

Xu Feng is shocked and wants to know who is ‘bride’ is. He lifts up the veil to reveal Jinmi, who is being controlled by Yan You. JinMi breaks free of the control. Moon god tells Xu Feng that JinMi is the one who saved him. She exchanged the colors in her world for the ingredient that saved him. Xu Feng tells her that he’s willing to trust her again. Out of anger, Sui He finally revealed that she can use the fire power and confesses that she’s the one who killed JinMi’s dad.

JinMi and Sui He has a face off. Xu Feng jumps in to help JinMi. To repay her for her help, Xu Feng throws away half of his power. He lets Sui He go but if she continues to do harm, people can kill her.

Episode 61

Xu Feng and JinMi finally got to talk to one another. JinMi gives him the flower that will help him get rid of the cold backlashes but he refuses. She leaves the flower for him and walks away. He stops her from walking away. He tells her he hates her but at the same time he loves her. He hugs him and tells her they cannot return to the past but they can start at the beginning again.

In the Heaven realm, RunYu unleashes the monster’s power and consumes it to fight against Xu Feng and the demon’s realm. He took his army and declares war against the demon clan. He and his army arrive at the lake asking for JinMi to return but Xu Feng refuses. He tells him that they are married already.

War broke out. Everyone is killing one another. Xu Feng and RunYu are fighting each other. JinMi keeps telling them to stop but no one will. She sees people dying left and right and she remembers what the god lady told her. She is the cause of the war therefore she must stop it. While Xu Feng and Runyu unleash their power, JinMi jumps in the middle of it and the power attacks her.

JinMi falls into Xu Feng’s embrace. With her last breath, she tells RunYu to leave the vengence behind and go back to behind the kind person he is. She tells Xu Feng to take the flower and live strongly without her. Her soul slowly dissipates and all the flowers wilted. The war stops. RunYu left afterward declaring that he will never return to the demon realm ever again.

Episode 62

After JinMi died, Xu Feng lost all will to live. He gives up the flower too. Zhang leader comes to look for Xu Feng and sheds some truth to him. She tells him about the pill that cuts off her power to love. She tells him that the god lady had predicted this event and therefore gave JinMi a seal that might help her. Perhaps she can help save JinMi again.

XuFeng seeks the god lady for help. She speaks in a riddle but she tells him that he can seek for her one single lifeline. The whole flower realm helps. Xu Feng arrives at the lake of forgotten and sees JinMi’s shadow in the lake, like the time she crosses the lake to look for him.

XuFeng decides to give him his position to Liu Ying and travels the world to look for JinMin. Flower realm, mortal realm, the snow mountain, he went everywhere to look for her. He went back to the place where they met in the mortal realm. People from the heaven realm come to look for Xu Feng and ask him to take power in the heaven realm since RunYu is no longer fitted.

XuFeng goes to look for RunYu, who is chained to the bed because he is consumed by the monster inside him. RunYu tells him to kill him. Xu Feng draws his sword and stabs him but not to kill RunYu. He cuts off the chains. Runyu apologizes for his wrongdoings. He did all this just for the injustice and revenge he feels. He reveals the trust about the pill. JinMi loves Xu Feng so much that it cracks in the pill but he wanted her, so he fixes the pill. Before Xu Feng leaves, RunYu gives him a box of drawings that JinMi left behind.

Episode 63

Xu Feng takes the box of drawings back to ‘their’ house in the mortal realm. Three years later, RunYu visits Xu Feng at the house and talk like they did before. Before RunYu leaves, Xu Feng calls him brother.

Xu Feng goes through the drawing and explains that he knew she was the bunny. He purposely let her go when they were going to burn her. When he kissed her, he pretended to be drunk only. But he didn’t want to let his feeling be known, therefore he purposely called out Sui He’s name to mislead her. When she told him she loves him, he threatened to kill her. But in truth, if she said it again, he was going to give up everything for her. He cries at the regrets and hears her call him.

JinMi materializes in front of him. She tells him that she’s been with him all these years. Just when they thought that she was back for good, she starts to slowly disappear again. She realizes that all she has been in the tears in his eyes. Her return was only for a few minutes….and because she lives in him, she absorbed all the cold in his body, therefore, he will no longer get cold backlashes.

500 years later. There’s a wedding in the mortal realm of a daughter who is obsessed with the demon realm. During the delivery, Xu Feng shows up and chases away all the people. The God lady says that because JinMi saves many from the battle behind demon and heaven, her life is spared. Xu Feng takes JinMi in his arm and that’s how the love story between them is told by their son.

Their son is fishing for a wife. Liu Ying’s daughter shows up and tells him that she will chase after some guy. Liu Ying is ruling the demon world strongly. Sui He went crazy and walks into the cave their the crazy brothers are. She gets dragged into the cave as their food….RunYy is ruling the heaven realm thinking he’s alone. But Guan Lu is by his side the whole time. It’s just he doesn’t notice at all. JinMi and Xu Feng come to get their son and take him home. One happy family living in the mortal realm.

Chexmix: Finally finished with this drama! >.< I love it! The ending tho….is this a happy ending? I’m a little confused. It seems like JinMi and Xu Feng is happy together but why does it seem like he doesn’t know that she’s there? Maybe people who read the book can shed some light? Anyway. Fun watch. Highly recommend it! Love the OST too!

19 thoughts on “[Recap] Ashes of Love Episode 60-63 (end)

  1. poor RunYu~…amongst all the character, RunYu’s was the most tragic one, he deserves happiness more than any other characters…Seriously, Jinmi dont deserves him, he done everything for her, sacrifice himself for her, but in return he got nothing~…he was the one always sacrifice for xufeng, but what did he get in return??~…alone, blames~…gosh!…


    1. RunYu is one of the most hypocrite and manipulative character i’ve found. Just like JinMi said, he made it look like he’s the most innocent and pure person yet he’s so manipulative. He doesnt deserve JinMi at all. He knew JinMi and XuFeng love each other but he made JinMi as a pawn to beat XuFeng. JinMi didnt ask for his love and sacrifice. He owed her for making her so miserable that she misunderstood XuFeng.

      He’s even worse in the drama lol. I dont care about his background story at all that doesnt make him allowed to ruin others


  2. Hi, I just read the book. And it seems that Jin mi was inside Xu Fen, but he did not have any idea about it and she didn’t know who she was. That’s the reason that he seems that she wasn’t there. I think is a good ending 🤷. Not the typical story that she dies and he sufferes and the villian dies , and the end he made peace with his brother


    1. Yes the drama ending would definitely be better if they included the 3rd and 4th epilogue as it is the start of their post marriage life, they just included the final epilogue and they did not even showed how JM and Phoenix preferred in showing their love for each other. It would be great if they show that Phoenix would get angry when JM did not request for divine essence. And how they get their child’s name.

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  3. I felt that in the ending scene, where they were walking home together lacked a little but since they are both parents now their prioty is their son. I did wish that there was more affectionate scenes of them in the ending though.

    In the epilogue in the book irc there were a few more cute scenes of them living in martial bliss before phoenix tells her that she’s with child. You can read the translation at one second spring it will give you more closure.


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    1. ooh. thanks! I’ll read up on it.
      hahah seems like book ending is completely different from drama ending so it’ll be nice to know what was suppose to happen.


    2. Yea, it would be fun to watch how Phoenix get angry when JM will test Unfeeling Pill and he will held JM inside the room. Also how he would get angry when JM did not ask him for Divine Essence as it is their way of showing love on one another.

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  4. lol we have to thank the script for that one. She is there but gets ignored by XF. I have to admit I liked the ending in the book much better. They stayed in the demon real and he was still a Demon lord. I also wish they had showed how he worked hard to get a baby 😛
    I am glad you liked it 🙂 I also really liked all the OST songs

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    1. oooh i think that book’s ending sounds so much better. I was reading up on the drama ending and ppl r saying that by the prophecy of that god lady, JM is there but not really there….near by far…idk.
      It’s not a bad ending regardless. Just confusing ish.

      hahaha If it wasnt’ for you I think i would have hold off on this drama. hehehe thanks for the recommendation! >.<

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      1. That sounds weird. I am going by she reincarnated so she is there. You should read the last chapter and epilogue, they are very short but cute.


      2. No, I believe when the God lady says that she meant Jin Mi when she was a tear in Xu Feng’s eyes, which was before she was reincarnated. Remember when she revived for a short moment, she told Xu Feng she was part of his body (his tear) for the past 3 years and could see and hear everything he said and even managed to cure his of his “cold” by absorbing it. So he then realised that he was looking everywhere for her when she was inside him all the while.

        Than later she got reincarnated and was allowed to keep her memories (I believe this is due to her merit for saving the heavenly and demon realm from chaos as mentioned in the drama). Therefore, she really is there this time, if not how does she and Xu Feng get a child anyway and how can he stop her marriage if he can’t see her. Hope you understand. Cheers!

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  5. I have never read the novel so i thought the drama had a pretty smooth run up until the last epi. with the ‘500 yrs later’, it was pretty confusing especially where Jinmi seemed like she knew XF was coming for her? and i thought once ur in the mortal realm u forget or doesn’t know ur once an immortal..seemed like a rush of an ending which i’m a bit disappointed with, reminded me of TJOF.. But all in all, it was a good watch.


    1. it almost seems like they wanted to wrap it up nicely but left too much critical plots out…
      but agree it was a nice and fun and lighthearted watch (except for the last few eps.) hahah


      1. 09/10/18 – Firstly thank you for all your hard work with the recaps ! just finished Ashes of Love – love everything about it especially the songs! Yes the ending seemed to be a little off – but i suppose the drama has to come to an end sooner or later – so why not let the son just summarized how his parents and the other characters do just to give happy ending for the good guys and not so for the bird princess – overall its still one of the best chinese drama well executed next to Nirvana in Fire and Princess Agents


    2. JM never forgot her previous life after reincarnation. Everthing is planned. the problem is in the book it is happened after 5000 years as to complete her trial. In the drama she is reborn because of the merit for sacrificing her life to stop the war. You can rewatch the drama ending and it said that JM is obsessed on being a demon because she knew that Phoenix is the Demon Lord and they will meet in the future.

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      1. Hi, I just read the book. And it seems that Jin mi was inside Xu Fen, but he did not have any idea about it and she didn’t know who she was. That’s the reason that he seems that she wasn’t there. I think is a good ending 🤷. Not the typical story that she dies and he sufferes and the villian dies , and the end he made peace with his brother


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