[Discussion Post] Ashes of Love/Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost Episodes 45-63


The end is here, I will miss you T_T

For subtitles, Viki licensed it

As an adaptation:

Where should I start? I was afraid I was going to be that annoying book reader that kept complaining about changes during a drama adaptation and I kind of ended up that way. I was so happy at first when the drama was following the book. Then changes came along. I understand all the complaints this drama got from book fans. 

There was a lot of controversy regarding the script of this drama due to some revelations regarding changes to the script during production. It kind of shed some light into what people are calling Yin Yang scripts. Where you have one initial script that actors read and then somewhere during production a different team comes in and adds storylines to the script, even making changes that end up affecting the flow of the drama. These additions are always concerning supporting characters. It is a common practice and something should be done to regulate studios from going too far. 

While there were some changes that I liked, I did feel that a lot of book to drama changes took away from the original story and weakened all three main characters. That being said there were a lot of good things. Overall, I really enjoyed this drama. So far it is my favorite drama of the year.


Book to Drama characters that were well done:

Now, some characters stood out to me in the drama while in the book I didn’t cared too much about them. First, Pu Chi. I always imagined him as a bit creepy in the book even when he helped JinMi. Liao Jingfeng, the actor who played him, did a great job making him likable. 

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Also, Sui He who is pretty one dimensional in the book and even feels like a token character. The drama made me hate her, feel bad for her, and at points understand her obsession. She was an interesting villain. She had such a deep obsession with Xu Feng that she sacrificed herself and those that loved her for him. She would have done anything for him. In her case, her desire to help him was so strong that she ended up creating situations that actually hurt Xu Feng. And her ending was so horrible. She was a villain, but I felt like she suffered an injustice. It is my first time seeing Wang Yi Fei. I read that she is under Jiaxing Media. How do they find all these pretty girls?


And my last mention goes to our Moon Immortal, the forever loyal uncle. I liked him in the book, but in the drama he was just so funny and a great addition. He was played by Xia Zhi Yuan, another rookie actor. He worked really hard to get this couple together 😀

What I really loved:

YangZi and Deng Lun ❤


They had a lot of cute chemistry and I LOVED them as a couple. JinMi and Xu Feng were a dysfunctional couple but they truly loved each other. I am glad that they were able to move past their scars to carve out a little bit of happiness for themselves. They deserved it ;A;


I also really liked the CGI in this drama. It had some of the best CGI in recent dramas, you could see that they put a lot of money into their sets and CGI. 


And I liked that all three main leads dubbed their characters. It helped me get into some of their emotional scenes plus Deng Lun has a great voice 😛 

I will miss these cuties and hope to see them in another drama soon *_*


Seriously, I demand another drama with YangZi and DengLun.

What about you guys? For those of you that read the book, did you like the changes or not? I am also curious if everyone ended up liking the cast. I know at first some fans were dissatisfied with casting choices, but I think everyone ended up doing a great job with their character.


25 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Ashes of Love/Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost Episodes 45-63

  1. I love this show..amazing story and acting..run yu was an amazing character..he should have gotten it all..if he had only met the girl first,he would have. Leo acting out this character was perfect..


    1. I love this drama’s romance although I am not a big fan of fantasy, this was so emotional and loved the leads. If someone can clarify ep52 — after Jin Mi obtained the internal pellet of Jiu Ying eye, was Phoenix using his one Greater Truth Phoenix Feather hairpin to draw Jin Mi’s soul into it (hence the golden phoenix wings surrounded her) and then destroy her soul or destroy the feather with her soul in it?


      1. It has been some time since I saw this. However, I think you want to know why the wings appeared to protect her. Phoenix attacked her and the feather that he had given her appeared to protect her, which made him angry since that was a symbol of his love for her and in his mind she had betrayed him so many times so he tried to destroy his own feather. The piece of her soul is attached to what she gave him as proof of her love, which he gives back to her and she is the one that breaks it.


  2. I have not yet finished watching this but, I hope she ends up with Runyu!! I do not know why but, I just ship them. He has only ever showed his true form to her and was willing to do anything for her. He is just a little cotton puff who truly deserves Jinmi especially since he’s lost so many other things due to the royal family, especially Xufeng. He deserves at least one happy thing in his life, especially since he was already promised Jinmi.


    1. Habe you finished by now and change your mind? In the beginning i also had sympathy with Runyu. But he did so many annoying things, like repairing the pill of Jinmi and causing a big Drama this way, not beeing honest to her and even use her for bis own plan.
      Xu Feng never ever did something wrong in my opinion.


  3. I love how the cast do well in portraying their roles. DL as Phoenix for being out cold and arrogant from the start until the end but gets emotional when it comes to Jin Mi, YZ playing JM being the innocent one and the silliest character in the story but willing to learn and fight for her loved ones. I love how she play ignorant at the start and emotional near the end. And Night, being played by LL. He showed how to act as an innocent man hiding a lot of dark secrets. WYF played Sui He and she made the fans hate her character more unlike in the book where her being connected to the killings is not that emphasized. It seems like she’s just an extra that only need to be mention on the last chapters. YY and DZ also are made lovable in the drama. I felt confuse before, after reading the book as it showed fast forward when it comes to the ending chapters but after watching the drama, the changes made it more understandable and the characters development especially the plot after the death of Fire Diety. The drama team supplied justifiable sequence on the event on the book and it made easier to the audience to understand the flow of the story even after the final battle of the Fire and Night Dieties. Just wanting to see the part where JM soul reside on Phoenix’s eyes. And also the aftermath of the said events and how Phoenix found JM wherein the book did not mention how he found her. All in all I can say that I loved the book before and the drama made me love the book more.


    1. maybe it is bc I saw her in Battle of Changsha but she still looks pretty similar to me. She looks really different when she is serious versus when she smiles. Like her appearance in Chusen versus everything else is when I am like, who is this? ^^


  4. I still got a few more episodes to finished but people have been happy with the ending so I”m pretty excited for some happiness. The last few episodes has just be so sad! All those misunderstandings. T.T

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  5. Personally, I think OTP saved the drama. I mean, everyone did great with their roles. I was actually blown away. To be honest, this was my first time watching any of the actors/actress’s drama. They played their role so well, I’m like a fan of theirs now but OTP tops the list. lol
    Sadly, there were so many moments of disappointment due to lack of OTP scenes and filler episodes, but even with the changes in the drama, I still really like the drama. My favorite characters were definitely OTP, Pu Chin Jun and Moon Immortal. I also really like Night but the lesser evil one. lol Leo played such a great and convincing Night even though I was annoyed of Night the entire drama. lol There were changes that shouldn’t have been added, but there were added changes that I was thankful for. I hope to see DL and YZ in another drama soon. I absolutely love their onscreen chemistry and even their offscreen friendship too. I lowkey, highkey wish they would date in real life. LOL

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    1. Well I think when she disappeared after being a tear on his eye, her spirit had the form of a frost flower missing one petal. So I believe that was what reincarnated so she kept her memories and she also is still color blind. I think she just kept her memories and reincarnated in the human world. I would say she is probably a deity, either naturally after reincarnation or after XF gave her all those thousands years of cultivation.
      I don’t know how he found her but he had been looking for her in the human world before. I would imagine her spirit gave out a particular signal, remember in the early episodes when she goes missing he finds her in the human world.

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    2. She is reborn as a human. The drama gave a reason as to how he found Jin Mi as Great Buddha told Phoenix that they will meet again from the place they first fell in love, the novel tho did not mention any of this only the meeting after 5 thousand years, btw Jin Mi will live long as Phoenix gave her 6 thousand years of divine essence.


  6. Apparently fans are calling for YZ and DL to lead a chinese remake of Secretary Kim! I love DL and YZ so much, adore them together (even though they insist they’re really good friends only lol)

    I think looking at the drama overall, the additional non-book scenes helped make the story more full and all rounded, but still would’ve loved more of the couple together and to develop their relationship.

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    1. I second this. I would like to see them in a modern drama setting. Someone needs to make this happen.
      Love them together too but yeah they just seem like good friends. They have known each other since they were like 18 or so.

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  7. I was very skeptic about main cast but they did well especially Yang Zi. I like main OTP’s chemistry in drama and outside. They saved the drama. I kept watching because of them despite that main couple didn’t have much scene together. I also like Moon God the most. If not the changes drama could be amazing.

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