[Discussion Post] Ashes of Love/Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost Episodes 16-44

In case you still don’t know this drama was licensed by Viki 😀

Warning: A lot of ranting in this post

I really liked the human world saga. It felt like a little bit of sweetness before all the upcoming angst. It also developed their relationship even more. They are so perfect together *inserts heart eyed emoji*

I want to point out this scene right here

Right into my heart ❤


This gave me so many feels. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

Melts away ;A;


I don’t remember the last time I loved a couple this much, probably over a year ago.





On a more serious note, one of the executive producers for the drama has been very active on weibo thanking fans and answering questions. Fans asked to get more weibo trends and he replied that they are poor and used up all their money on production so they can’t buy weibo trends lol.

Rant Warning

Now the recent main issue is about secondary characters and how much screen time they are getting compared to the main roles. A lot of controversy about this. Overall, most fans feel that there is too much screen time for Run Yu’s character. That his storyline was developed much more than any of our main leads and that it is taking away from the whole drama. While I do think some development for Run Yu was necessary so he could be more than a one dimensional villain, I agree with the criticism. We spent a lot of time into his background and story, but what about Xu Feng’s background and story? He is regarded as a God of War and has all those scars, there are some stories to be told but we are just given a glimpse. What about his childhood? Just looking at both his parents I know there are stories to be told. Also, I personally feel that his character was dumbed down for the drama, which really annoys me. While Xu Feng was in love with JinMi, he was also a smart character. He just didn’t think that JinMi would betray him. In the book, he even asks her who she would pick between them if she had to pick a side. Deng Lun is doing a great job with Xu Feng, but he was given very little to work with in terms of character development.

In the end, I am going to bring this back to the screenwriters.  For me the main reason I liked the drama so much was that it was sticking to its original material. There was also a lot of attention to detail, world-building during production, and actors were doing a great job, which only added to the drama. I hope somehow they are able to cramp up development for the two main characters in the last episodes because so far screenwriters have only fleshed out RunYu.

Let’s just take Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms as an example of good book to drama changes. Disregarding all the time spent on the secondary love story, which was a lot, and just focusing on our main two characters. The drama spends a lot of time developing Yehua. He is fleshed out in the drama much more than in the book. I was hoping for additions to this drama to flesh out all the main characters and instead it is just focusing on Run Yu. I can’t help but being annoyed at the screenwriters. They put out a statement defending themselves and to wait for the rest of the drama, but at this point it is just a number’s game. We have very little episodes left to get adequate development of both Xu Feng and JinMi.

Now I still like the drama and I hope it ends up on a good note. But I can’t stress enough the importance of a good script. There is no point on developing a villain if you are not going to develop the main leads. After all, this story is mainly about JinMi and Xu Feng. While not everyone is going to feel like this, I do think overall it is a shared sentiment among fans.

On the topic of screenwriters, I want to raise another issue that has been coming to light recently but that I am sure has been going on a while. Recently screenshots of conversations with screenwriters of this drama have been going around. Each controversial on its own, but I just want to talk about one where the screenwriter mentions that the original script was shorter. The first two actors to sign on where YangZi and Deng Lun. I assume that when they read the script they read the original version. According to the posts the first 20 episodes or so are from the original script but after they made major changes and added over 17 episodes of storyline. All these additions concerned supporting characters. In other words, the story that both actors read and the final story turned out to be completely different.

This wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened, I remember last year for Princess Agents we saw something similar. Zhao Liying even said in an interview that she was tricked into doing the drama. Then it came out that production had asked writers to add scenes for certain secondary characters and that they decided not to film the whole story. Then, early this year Liu Yifei expressed her unhappiness with changes to the script for Records of the Southern Mist House. In other words, a lot of these popular actors read a script that they like and they sign on to play a drama. However, once they start shooting they find out that the script was drastically changed but they are already contractually committed to the drama. It must be really frustrating for actors and honestly it is frustrating for us as viewers. I know some changes during production are normal but these big alterations to add more screen time for secondary characters to just lengthen the drama need to end. The changes add nothing to the story and just take away from overall enjoyment.

Sometimes I feel that Daylight entertainment is the only production company that I can trust to not do so many shady things. I guess that is why they are highly regarded but I just wish everyone would follow their example.

End Rant

Here have some cute to heal your soul.







48 thoughts on “[Discussion Post] Ashes of Love/Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost Episodes 16-44

  1. I decided to give this drama a try and I was semi obsessed with it UNTIL episode 45! ugh! I am at my end of this drama. lol I loved it at the beginning but was annoyed at the female lead and her naive personality that only seems to grow more love struck and idiotic! And the male lead! He is an awesome general and fighter and those scenes were my favorite but his love obsession seriously bugged me too! I don’t like the dynamic of those two personalities. It wasn’t evenly balanced and threw off the character for me. Ok, Night…I freakin loved him! before his character become completely obsessed with revenge in a way that was creepy and unsatisfying. He deserved more positive stuff. UGH I didn’t like jinmi and i went back and forth with the god of fire. And I was so sorry to Runryu, I really wanted him to find happiness and to get over Jinmi! man the empress was pure evil and I felt no ache for her even when they sprung the whole love situation in the end. She played a great villain that was seriously over the top.
    Man, so many episodes and there wasn’t a lot of surprises. They always gave the answer away and that was frustrating because the characters had no idea and they were playing catch up to stuff I already knew. That was poor choice in telling the story.

    Oh my gosh. I can rant some more, but I just needed to vent some of my frustration. I am still watching it and yelling at jinmi and other characters and skipping alot of nonsense and just want the stuff that matter haha since again, I have an idea where this is going to end and they are just prolonging it to have more episodes haha! ok, yeah, sorry!! If you read this so far, thanks haha I have more stuff to say but I feel better after ranting and sorry if I didn’t make any sense in some of my writing.

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    1. I think I was able to put up with some of these stuff bc I read the book. The main reason that I liked the book was the fact that I didnt see a big twist coming. We don’t know who killed her dad and we are seeing everything from JinMi’s point so all the evidence points towards Phoenix. That being said I was still shocked by the events and then later when we find out the whole truth it is really shocking. I personally think the drama did Night wrong. In trying to give him more screen time they made him weaker. In the book, he is not so obsessed with her or at least not obvious about it. He just comes off as very lonely and capable of anything for revenge. Phoenix is also much stronger mentally, he just gets blindsighted bc he thinks JinMi loves him.


  2. I love this show. i am mad they spend too much time on other characters too. But, but it also adds richness to the whole universe. I am probs going to watch it again.


  3. Is is true that during the airing of Ashes Of Love, nearly all of the leads were dissed/bashed except for Denglun? Some chatter on weibo saying his agency is notorious for buying negative HS for other actors in order bring up their own artists…


    1. hmm not sure, I do think he got less than the others but I remember seeing some bad comments about him. Mainly that the reason his character got overshadowed was that he is just not male lead material and that in all his dramas as male lead so far, he always gets overshadowed by the second lead. I saw that one a lot, didnt see any other negative comments to be honest. Just trolls talking about his looks.


  4. I feel you. Throughout the drama, I’ve always felt like something was missing from Xu Feng. They didn’t really reveal his history before meeting Jin Mi or his character development. On the other hand, we’ve gotten enough of Night’s ‘story’ and please, can we move on already? Honestly, they’ve spent way too much on Night, it’s like a pattern of new problems, his character changing, and then trying to make us, the audiences, pity him all over again. Also, Mu Ci and Lui Ying’s love included were fresh but their screen-time were too much (and only for him to die at the end. Really?)

    But in the end, I was still able to enjoy this drama. Well of course, Jin Mi and Xu Feng’s chemistry were able to keep me going even though at times, it was really frustrating due to the ‘Unfeeling Pill’ and ‘misunderstandings’.

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  5. I actually LOVE Night, but also wish he had less screen time. Because they give Xu Feng so little depth and backstory in comparison, I find myself liking Night more, when Xu Feng’s supposed to be the hero. I haven’t read the novel, but I’m curious how they flesh out Xu Feng in comparison.


    1. the drama took a lot away from XuFeng, personality wise, actions, and even lines. Some of his lines were given to Night, which as a novel fan was pretty annoying. Personally, I liked Night better in the novel. I felt like the drama made him a bit creepy. He came off better in the novel to me. Actually both XuFeng and Night are better in the novel.

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      1. yes, you are sooo right! I admired so much the Phoenix from the novel. In the drama they made him so weak and pathetic. What a pity.. And I also feel that sometimes Deng din’t get 100% into the character. Something was missing, but I don’t know what. Night is really diabolic in the drama. Also, regarding the story of the Princess Biacheng, I skipped all the scenes with her, because it was annoying to see how they tried to lengthen the drama and her story didn’t appear in the book.


  6. I completely agree. I didn’t mind them giving us an insight on Night’s background and fleshing us his character as the villain, but the fact that they spent sooooooo many episodes to uncover that was unnecessary. It became very excessive and boring. Like, I get it. You don’t have to keep explaining it to me and trying to shove it down my throat to pity his character. I like Night, but I wish the they did not overdo his character in the drama. They made his character worse and unredeemable in the drama.
    As for the demon princess and Mu Ci’s story. I didn’t find if they had given them a few episodes for their love story but the fact that they kept going back and forth with their storyline for soooo many episodes was sooo annoying. I felt bad for them but their story was prolonged for sooo long that I got super mad when Mu Ci died at the end. Like, all those filler moments for him to just die at the end? I’m done. lol

    I was way more upset when they spent so many episodes fleshing out each and every other characters but when it came down to XF and JM, we barely got to see any character development. They took away lines and scenes that belonged to XF that showed what kind of character he is and god he’s supposed to be. They made him this weak, love-sick male lead instead where even his own army was against him, which made absolutely no sense. I hate how people would use his background as an attack, saying that he was the beloved emperor’s son who received all the love and was the golden child. Well, was it his fault he was born as the emperor and empress’s son? No, so one should not use that against him for having been born into a family where he received everything he wanted. You can be well off but still suffer a lot growing up. I wanted to see more of XF and his childhood, him going to war and etc. We barely got a glimpse at his life before he came to know JM. This goes for JM too. It was upsetting when they kind of screwed up her redemption arc in the latest episodes.

    Before I read the novel, I read comments on how this drama is following the novel closely and that it was going great was the reason why I chose to watch it. I absolutely loved it and kept recommending it to everyone to watch it. I eventually read the novel and saw that it was closely related until those filler episodes showed up. All those filler scenes and lack of screen time and character development for our OTP is making it hard for me to love this drama more than I previously did. I even second think before I recommend the drama to others to watch now. This drama could’ve been the one but no, they producers and scriptwriters just had to screw things up. Sigh. Just waiting for that happy ending ’cause i’m tired of production companies screwing things over for us viewers.

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    1. The drama would have been significantly better if it has stuck closer to the novel and developed our main leads much more. It is still a good drama, but not as good as I thought it would be after the first few episodes. We got very little development for XuFeng and JinMi. Also some of their actions are quite puzzling. Even later in the drama, we get to hear Night’s thoughts and why he is doing something, but we don’t get any insight into JM or XF. There a few significant changes from novel to drama that I really didn’t like and I think in the end all three main characters including Night came out looking worse in the drama. There were some other changes that were good but just overall I am not happy with fillers and lack of development for our leads. I still enjoy it but it could have been more.

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  7. jumping ahead now… but i really needed a place to vent my frustration.

    I found the more recent changes to the novel (post-stabbing) have weaken the heroine, whom I thoroughly loved. Her realization of her love for XF did not have the same punch. I didn’t feel any aching for her like I had in the novel. In the novel, before she got to the realization of what love is, she had to deal with a flood of emotional grief. Distraught over an emptiness and aching pain in her heart that she did not know why.

    Although the pill is gone, one does not instantly understand what love is.

    Part of the realization of what love was her battle with the pain that she felt throughout her, even seeping into her hair, that she can only make sense of as being placed by a voodoo spell. She did not know why she felt like death, why she has no heart… so she went searching for her heart, went trying to remove that voodoo spell. That search led to the golden pill at the hefty price of 60% of her divine essence!! literally like asking for her life… even before she knew he wasn’t completely dead. JM was willing to fork over 60% of her life in exchange for a glimmer of hope (her denial of his death). That was so powerful to me. That was really why I, as a by stander to their love story could fully root for her to win back XF.

    All of that raw emotions: denial, realization, acceptance, courage to find a fix, courage to forego the past… all of that is missing in the drama. She grieved a lot in the drama, but that came from realization that she killed him by mistake NOT from her actual love for him. She “owed” him to finding a way to revive him. Which, also conveniently in the drama, she reiterates this “owing” because she would have done the same for Night because she too owed Night.

    The entirety of the redemption arc is just frustrating butchered for me.

    I’ve decided to drop the show because I can’t bear to watch it butchered any further. I’ve decided to drop the show because I can’t bear to watch it butchered any further.

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    1. I understand since I too feel like that was a huge part of the book that was not adapted well. Her redemption arc was crucial to her development as a character in the book but in the drama she is still frustrating and honestly her actions dont make sense. I remember how powerful it was that even against her better judgement, bc she thought XF killed her father, she couldn’t help but wanting him to live and to see him. She felt so guilty.


    1. let’s hope together, at this point I honestly don’t know what will happen since they have changed so much from book to drama


  8. Will jinmi die in end ?I saw it in song ending where Xu feng holds her and cry??Happy ending plzzz.If it is sad ending like scarlet heart I will stop watching Chinese and Korean dramas😥


    1. SPOILER

      Happy ending in the book. They end up together. That is all I will say. It is a hard journey there but happy 🙂


  9. Your rant was exactly what i feel. I feel like fast forward everytime RY get extra scene. But loved the whole story so far. Hoping for a happy ending with some sense. Not like ending with the recent drama legend of yunxi. Ugh, so frustrating.

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  10. I heard that the author (or another scriptwriter?) was a fan of Night’s character so they put more effort into writing his character. Not sure if that’s true because there has been so many conflicting information and drama from the scriptwriters’ side.


    1. Well what I have seen is that the original screenwriter wrote a script, which was the one read by actors signing on. Shooting started in June then in August a second team of screenwriters was brought in and they added around 20 episodes worth of content centered around RunYu and other supporting characters. They changed some storylines in the first script from XF to RY and even some lines in the book that XF said were given to RY. Fans are really mad about it.


  11. Thats what i feel to you rant say all i want to talk about this drama … at start this drama going smoothly follow the original book but at the half become mass 😥😥 … fenghuang become less than just a love sick bird without brain and a crucial scene of fenghuang given to renyu thats make me so mad … toward the end of drama hope will bot rush ending this will really bad ending to remember


  12. In the latest episode, Phoenix encountered the old Gramps (the one that gave the medallion to his general) in the demon realm. They were burning some bushes but old Gramps came and stopped them. Does anyone know who he is yet?

    I also have a theory as to why the Great One would go up to Heaven… to get that weapon that stored the monster from the beginning. Maybe he’ll unleashed the monster on the Heaven realm!! He should cuz they deserve it!!

    Or maybe he went to rescue his General n servants. Hopefully they’re alive. They’re one of the side characters I actually like.


  13. I absolutely love this drama!
    I don’t think I’ve followed one this closely since three worlds three lives. The main couple is just absolutely adorable and so cute together. >.<
    The angst tho! I just saw the preview for ep 45/46 and omg!! I can't. T.T
    I have to admit, I've been fast forwarding all the political plottings/demon clan dramas. It's probably important for the story development but I wish there were more OTP moments. I can see why they wanna focus on Night's arc since it is an important turning point but yea…a little too much there too.
    Also, I'm crossing my fingers that this will be YZ's break thru drama! I would love to see her in more challenging roles cause she's doing so well as Jinmi.

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    1. I am also following this as close as I did with Three Lives Three Worlds and I LOVE the otp. I love them so much lol.
      YangZi is doing really good as JinMI. I am like I knew she had the emotional range to pull off those heavy scenes. I am super annoyed at all the side character focus but will try to stick to the good 🙂

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      1. lol. yes focus on the good. at least sui he is less hateful than sujin in 3l3w. =D
        I think the only side characters that i enjoyed watching is that red fox god and the fate lady. they’re so funny together. hahah


  14. I also think that Night’s character took too much screen time. What frustrates me is that Luo Yunxi fans defend this story arc by saying all this time spent on him is necessary, point out all the unnecessary screentime for the demon princess, or say that our OTP also had extra scenes such as the mortal trial. What a joke, the mortal trial is in the book so should not be considered extra. The amount of extra scenes for the OTP are too few compared to what they gave Night. There is absolutely no need to focus on Night the moment the show established his need for vengeance. I hate seeing filler scenes of him reiterating his bitterness. This show took away Xu Feng’s military cleverness and gave it to Night. He’s supposed to be brilliant enough to take over the demon realm on his own so there’s also no need to build up Liu Ying’s character too much either. But for some reason I’m not as ticked off watching her story line compared to Night’s lol.

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    1. I feel you. The show did take a lot of development away from XF to explain Night’s train of thought when it was unnecessary. Like we got a development for him already it was time to move to other characters. I saw this episode by episode count of screen time and in the last few episodes XF had like 1-3 min tops, which is ridiculous bc at this point his character is dealing with a lot of stuff like his mother and JM. That was the perfect moment to flesh him out.


    2. I am a fresh Yunxi fan but I have to agree with you. I hated the show because I started to side with the secondary character. It does say something about the way it was written. The main characters didn’t have depth. How can the scriptwriter expect viewers to enjoy the supposed love team when we are rooting for the antagonist? Ugh, gosh I tried to love Jinmi and Xu Feng but found myself deeper and deeper into the hate squad. XD Run Yu’s development did overshadow that of Xu Feng.
      There was a point in my binging when I started to feel confused and looked at the promotional poster of AOL. (Yeah… It should be Jinmi x Xu Feng…Yeah… Or NOT! Maybe… the Jinmi in the “frozen flower” actually wants Run Yu. Thus the character development. Yeah, maybe that’s it… What’s up with these stupid posters?)

      *waves at Luo Yunxi fans*

      I think I will read the novel to actually enjoy the story.


  15. If you have seen the drama “Stairway to stardom” you will realize how dirty the entertainment industry is. Most likely it was the producers decision (producer spends the money and money = power) after agencies of supporting actors pay money or do favours for more scenes for their actors. Scriptwriters probably don’t have a choice either and are bound by contract too.


    1. Yeah, I have seen rumors about teams behind certain supporting actors paying to have producers add more scenes in the past so that wouldn’t surprise me. The entertainment business is really dirty with a lot of backroom deals. But in this case one of the screenwriters had some stuff leaked and she was at fault for a big portion of the mess with the script. It seems like the original script was much better and a lot of changes were made months later by different screenwriters. I saw this pic about a child actor that will appear in the last episode of the drama and when he filmed his script read episode 44, which means that the main actors filmed for around 44 episodes and the rest got added or changed towards the end.😔


    1. Well, it has its good and bad things. The last 10 episodes or so have been controversial imo. I am hoping the last 15 episodes stick more to the book. The book was good and I love this OTP <333

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  16. Hugs to all the Phoenix and Grapefruit stans for getting through this week!

    I saw in one of the clip the Great One actually appeared on Heaven so here’s hoping the Great One can kick some Heavens’ people asses for the remaining episodes!!

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    1. Yesss! I am ready for some ass kicking from him. He is not the God of War for nothing. Let’s hope at least they kept that on the script.


  17. wow so originally drama were supposed to be short. That’s even more disappointing. It could be perfect adaptation if they didn’t shift story back and force by adding additional characters, episodes and ruining main leads.

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    1. I know! So frustrating for us viewers. Not only did they add extra storylines for side characters but they changed scenes from our leads into side characters. I will never understand why production decides to do certain things. I was equally frustrated during PA when it came to light that they made a lot of changes.


      1. PA was a mess like they forgot about CQ and ending drama. No development no proper final. I’m not expecting crew to release those cut scenes (if they shoot them of course) but it would be nice.


        1. Yeah I blacklisted that production company. They are super shady and they really ruined the drama towards the end. I could rant forever.


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