[Feature] Favorite Pairings **Drama Version**

As fans of C-dramas, we all have our favorite actors and actresses. Alongside this, we also have our favorite couples and pairings. So, to entertain you all, we’ve compiled a list of our fav couples to share. And, I’m sure that you all have your own biases as well, so please feel to free to comment below on your personal favs!


Li Xiao Yao and Lin Yue Ru
I am one of the few Xiao Yao and Yue Ru shippers. The reason why I liked these two together was because their chemistry was really good. Their interactions were adorable and very cute (even though they were bickering all the time). And, while their treatment of each other wasn’t always the best, I honestly felt that their character growth throughout the series was because of each other. Even though Ling Er won Xiao Yao’s heart in the end, I think he also truly loved Yue Ru because she was able to help him become a better person.

Lu Li Cheng and Su Man
I’ll be honest… I didn’t watch the entire drama. BUT, from what I watched, I loved these two together!!! They both don’t get along at first and argue a lot, but learn to overcome their differences and support one another.

Chen Chang Sheng and Xu You Rong
This is one of my favorite couples because these two characters (NOT the actor and actress) where perfect for each other. Chang Sheng was thoughtful, considerate, and kind towards You Rong. And, she returned his feelings by being supportive and loyal.

Jing Tian and Tang Xue Jian / Ning Cai Chen and Xiao Qian
My favorite all-time pairing is Hu Ge and Yang Mi. Why? I don’t really know. For some reason, they both just fit well together for me. Anyway, they’ve both been paired together twice for two different dramas. I think it was interesting to see them play different types of characters for each pairing. Like, Jing Tian and Xue Jian and both young and playful. Not to mention, they both argue and hit each other a lot. While, Cai Chen and Xiao Qian are both more mature and their interactions are more sweet and loving.

Chocolate Cosmos:

Ma’ertai Ruoxi and 4th Prince Yinzhen
Although fourth prince was rather cold, I still swoon with the couple. As beautiful as this couple was, it was a tragic development unfolding near the end.

Couple MV:


Image result for fengjiu and donghuaBai Feng Jiu and Dong Hua Dijun
The second couple from Eternal Love. I love the main couple (Bai Qian and Yehua) too but the story for the second couple just left a deeper impression for me for some reason. Maybe because they never got together in the end?

Image result for qu xiao xiao ode to joyQu Xiao Xiao and Zhao Qi Ping
I think this might be my favorite modern time couple! Qu Xiao Xiao and Dr. Zhao from Ode to Joy! They are just too cute together! >.< I love their dynamic and how they overcome the ups and downs in their relationship.


XinYue and FoYe
While The Mystic Nine had many problems, everyone will tell you that the main couple was its saving grace. I was so obsessed with them while the drama was airing that they deserve a spot on this list.
There is something about the feisty female lead that bosses the male lead around and despite all his denials he secretely likes it. It took a while for FoYe to admit how much he loved her and we all enjoyed the ride.

I mean just look at them:


Murong Feng and Yin Jingwan
I have some problems with how their relationship got started due to Murong Feng’s obsession with her. He was also really aggressive at times. That being said I loved their time together and their chemistry and putting everything else aside they loved each other passionately. Their relationship was what kept me watching Too Late to Say I Love You. But they had a sort of dysfunctional relationship where they couldn’t help but love each other even if it wasn’t the best for them.


Hua Qian Gu and Bai Zi Hua
I don’t even know why but yes I like them a lot. I spent the whole drama waiting for them to come to terms with their feelings. Bittersweet in the end and I can rant about Bai Zi Hua until the end of time, but I really cared about this couple. Another dysfunctional couple where their love for each other actually hurt them.

I personally went with the couples that I really cared a lot about. My other all time favorite is already mentioned in this post (Scarlet Heart <3). Strangely enough the ones that made me suffer left a more lasting impression than other ones that I liked for being fluffy and happy.

7 thoughts on “[Feature] Favorite Pairings **Drama Version**

  1. I loved FoYe and Xinye – my favourite couple of all time! Their characters were a perfect fit for each other. My other favourite is Chuqiao and Yuwen Yue in Princess Agents:))


  2. !! Chexmix and Chocolate Cosmos, are you me? These are my fav pairings tooo in addition to ye hua and bai qian/si yin. I mostly watched ode to joy because of Wang kai and Wang zi wen – they’re too funny. Often times in dramas, I like one character much more than their partner.

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  3. For the Hu Ge pairs, I like him with Ady and Yang Mi too but my all time favorite is with Ariel lin. Sweet Potato is just too sweet, handsome, smart, smiley, good at martial arts, considerate, loyal, etc. while the seventh fairy is cute and playful. Guo Jing Huang Rong was pretty much the same, very cute as well.

    For all the Yang Mi pairs, I like her with Hu Ge, Mark Chao, Mike He, but my all time favorite goes to the eight prince Feng Shao Feng. I still feel out of all men (the character they play), he loved YM the most.

    Wallace Chung, being a professional kisser he is always so convincingly in love with all the women. So I don’t have a specific one for him.

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  4. I love Gu Ying and Guo De You from Tientsin Mystic. They were adorable as childhood sweethearts. I agree with Ma’ertai Ruoxi and 4th Prince Yinzhen. Although I totally love Hua Qian Gu and Bai Zi Hua, the drama portrayal didn’t come off nearly as intense or epic when compared to the novel (it remains one of my favorite Chinese novels). On the other hand, Bai Qian and Ye Hua from the drama TMOPB brought their characters to LIFE and did better than the novel. I read novels before both TV dramas aired. They are the couple to beat on my list, which could be toppled by Fuyao and Wuji.

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