[Thread] Sweet Dreams

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As per request, here’s the thread for this drama! Two english subbed episodes have dropped on July 2nd (today) from the two major english websites plus youtube fan sub! 


Chinese Title: 一千零一夜 ( Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye )

English Title: Sweet Dreams

Genre: Romance, Modern, Comedy, Science Fiction

Episodes: 45

Airing Date: June 25,2018 – July 22,2018

Airs every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday (2 episodes daily at 8 pm)

Network: Hunan TV

Director: Jin Sha

Where to watch: (All English Subtitles): Viki | DramafeverYoutube

Synopsis: Ling Ling Qi (her name is a play on 007), a kind-hearted girl has a crush on colleague Bo Hai but keeps her feelings secret because of her low self-esteem. One day, they try on a new bracelet that aims to improve sleep quality. Through the bracelet, Ling Ling Qi’s brainwaves are accidentally transported into Bo Hai’s dreams, where she helps Bo Hai overcome a childhood trauma, and slowly learns to comes out of her shell (wiki).


Dilireba Dilmurat as Ling Ling Qi who is an ordinary girl that is kind and helpful. However her low self-esteem has affected her life, hindering her career and preventing her from achieving her dreams. She idolizes Bo Hai since her university days.

Deng Lun as Bo Hai, a floriculture expert, and President of Hua Jia company. He has high IQ but low EQ.

Zhu Xu Dan as Zhou Xin Yan, a floriculture expert. She has a crush on Bo Hai.

Chen Yi Long as Mo Nan who Ling Ling Qi’s close friend and has a crush on her.

Wang Rui Zi as Lu Bao Ni who Ling Ling Qi’s close friend and colleague. She has feelings for Mo Nan.

Zhang Hao Wei as Chen Mo who is Bo Hai’s assistant. He has feelings for Zhou Xin Yan.

Other Character Posters

Press Conference



Opening Themesong 《一千零一夜》(Rough Translation: One Thousand and One Nights) by Liu Meilin

Ending Themesong 《花不语》(Rough Translation: A flower that doesn’t speak) by Deng Lun

So, what are some of your thoughts on this drama so far?


11 thoughts on “[Thread] Sweet Dreams

  1. Do like, but by episode 29, the weakness in Bohai and the obsessiveness of Ling Ling Qi is starting to get redundant for me. Really don’t like seeing a female character being ill treated for the sake of love, and her sense of self mocked by a self absorbed male lead XD.

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  2. This drama is very lighthearted and fun to watch. Plot events are a bit cliched but the drama doesn’t take itself too seriously so it’s ok! Lots of eye candy to enjoy too!

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  3. I LOVE ITTTTTTT. On Ep 15 right now. A lot of people find it cringy in the beginning on how Ling Ling Qi was in the beginning, but I thought she was super cute and realistic, because when we are a fangirl; we can be over the top. LOL

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