[Admin note] and 520 Celebration

NOTE: Hi all! Sorry, we’ve been inactive lately. Everyone is just very very busy. We’ll try but I don’t think we will be updating much for while. At least for me, I I probably won’t be posting much until Summer. To those that are wondering, we’re still alive! Just slowing down a bit. Thanks for understanding! 

Here’s an update from some celebrities on 520. 520 sounds like I love you in Chinese so today is considered Valentine’s Day or confession day in China.

We have the singles celebrating and the couples celebrating.

Zhao Liying didn’t post anything for 520. She just advertised the game that she’s currently the ambassador for. The girl is still working hard. Here a short update on her work: Our Glamorous Times is expected to air this summer!! The Story of Minglan wraps up filming already and released a short trailer back in April. The drama is pushed to air late 2018 but I won’t hold my breath if I were you.

The singles:

TFB Boys Jackson Yee:

Li Yifeng: “Being single on 520, I can only….”

Yang Yang:


“Do you all have anyone to be with today?”

“Came back a while later and my Weibo went crazy. Why couldn’t I enter before?”

“Okay okay. I’ll be with you all.”

Kris Wu

Lay Zhang Yixing: “I don’t care if it’s confession day or not. Whether it’s 520 or 521, there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you all. #520”

Huang Zitao

Jiang Xin: “520. Love is enough. Love you like new. [a pun with her name]. Be with you.” (Rough translation)

Victoria Song Qian confesses with a pose.

The couples:

Chen Xiao sent Michelle Chen flowers on 520 “In the midst of filming yet someone still sent me mysterious flowers. Happy 520 day!”


Fu Xin Bo and Ying Er



Li Chen sent flowers to Fan Bing Bing. “I’m always happy to receive presents.”



Ada Choi celebrates husband’s birthday as well as on 520 day!

“Yesterday was your birthday, my love. To be able to celebrate with you is the best. Grateful. Love must be shouted out! 520!”



10 thoughts on “[Admin note] and 520 Celebration

  1. Thank you to all admin and guests’ time and contributions. And for letting us know what’s going on. I understand. I had wanted to help and chip in, but I don’t even manage to read posts every week. That also explains why I never learned how to “like” any posts. It’s not that I don’t like the posts. I’m just too “run around like a headless chicken” to figure out how to use the feature.

    Good luck to you all and thanks again!

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  2. Thanks for posting this, Chexmix. I admit that I’m guilty of not allocating some time onto this blog. But, in my defense, life is really busy this time for me. X_X But I promise to dedicate more time!!! Please don’t give up in us, viewers!

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    1. Hahah. No worries. No one is obligated to dedicate time to this blog. It’s all out of interest and hobby.
      But yes to the people who are still around. we’re still (semi) active! =D


    1. Hahaha. Life is catching up with all of us. But yea I won’t be taking any classes this summer so hopefully I can update more too. And watch liyings new drama!!! 😆

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  3. I thought … i’ll check one more time and if there are no new posts i’ll have to unbookmark them, sigh … and there you were. Yay !!! I conjured you up by sheer force of will …haha.


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