C-Dramas Adapted from Novels (2017 edition) [Part 2]

Hello, we’re back with another post of c-dramas based on novel adaptions. There are quite a lot of them over the course of c-entertainment and unfortunately, we can’t cover all of them. For this post I’m picking dramas with novel translations or well-known dramas from 2017. Dramas aired in 2017 but were mentioned in part 1 includes Lost Love in Time + General and I. I will not mention them here to prevent from repeating the same information. As usual, admins’ reviews are colored 🙂

Title: (三生三世十里桃花)  San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua | English title: Eternal Love |Also Known As: Three Lives Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, Eternal Love |Genre: Romance, fantasy | Episodes: 58 | Broadcast network: Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV | Broadcast period: 2017-Jan-30 to 2017-Mar-01

Drama Adaptation: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom/ Eternal Love TV Series (Subbed by Dramafever)

Novel Adaptation: Three Lives Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom by Tang Qi Gong Zi

ChocolateCosmos: I have not-so-positive opinions regarding the novel, so I’ll refrain from mentioning them. As for the drama adaptation, it does follow the storyline quite well (the author was there to monitor during the filming) and some of the dialogues are slightly different, but better than the novel itself. Mark did pretty well in this drama and surprised people with his heartfelt performance. 

AlwaysZhenXin: I think the drama did a much better job of following the storyline than the movie version. Not to mention, the chemistry between Mark Chao and Yang Mi was a bit more convincing than Liu Yi Fei and Yang Yang. Although the drama was a bit draggy at times and there were a few parts that I wish didn’t exist OR had more scenes about, I still really liked it. My favorite parts were definitely the interactions between the two main characters, Bai Qian and Ye Hua. If I were to change one thing in the drama version, I would have omitted the Feng Jiu and Dong Hua love story a bit. It’s not that I am not a fan of them, but they both deserve their own drama! Their story was not given justice in this drama, and I hope that with the upcoming production, their story will be able to solely focus on them.

iiangelx3: Didn’t read the novel but I love both the drama and the movie. It actually took me a few episodes to like the drama since I didn’t like the first arc. But I’m glad I stick till the end because it was worth it. Yang Mi and Mark both did an awesome job and the sets and costumes were really pretty too. I know the movie didn’t do the story justice but Yang Yang has a special place in my heart so I will forever be biased. 

chexmix: This drama was my all time favorite in 2017. Love the cast and love the storyline! I went back to read the novel afterward and the way the story flowed was kind of confusing. I’m glad the drama reorganized it to start viewers off with Xiyin’s story. 

Title: (将军在上) Jiang Jun Zai Shang | English title: Oh My General | Also known as: General On Top | Genre: Romance, comedy, period | Episodes: 60 | Broadcast network: Youku |Broadcast period: 2017-Oct-25 to 2017-Dec-13

Drama Adaptation: Oh My General TV Series (Subbed by various people on Yoyo’s youtube videos). Viki has a channel for this drama as well and is available on April 24th.

Novel: General on Top I am Below by Ju Hua San Li

AlwaysZhenXin: The beginning was by far the best parts of this drama. Seeing Ye Zhao kickass and Yu Jin having to submit to her were so funny. This drama definitely had a lot of potential, but I have to admit that the majority of the drama was just so boring. But Sandra Ma portrayal of the tomboy Ye Zhao was spot on. Even Peter Sheng’s performance of Zhao Yu Jin was pretty good. He’s definitely improved. These two are definitely a power couple!

iiangelx3: I don’t even remember how I found out about this drama but I didn’t like it. The story itself wasn’t a problem, I was even curious on how they would fall in love I felt the whole comedy aspect of it was too much for me. In the end I watched the first half and fast forward the second half of the story.

ChocolateCosmos: The novel was quite funny… but draggy. This drama did a pretty job, but it wasn’t appealing to me somehow. 

Title: (致我们单纯的小美好) Zhi Wo Men Dan Chun De Xiao Mei Hao | English title: A Love So Beautiful | Also Known as: To: Our Pure Little Beauty | Genre: Romance, youth, school | Episodes: 23 | Broadcast network: QQLive | Broadcast period: 2017-Nov-9 to 2017-Dec-7

Drama Adaptation: A Love So Beautiful TV Series (Subbed by Viki)

Novel Adaptation: A Love So Beautiful by Zhao Gan Gan

ChocolateCosmos: Cute drama. I didn’t get to finish it though lol. Maybe it’s because dramas where the girl chases the guy aren’t exactly appealing to me at this point. But overall, this drama introduced me to Shen Yue who is a total cutie pie and Hu Yi Tian.

Title: (双世宠妃) Shuang Shi Chong Fei | English title: The Eternal Love | Also Known as: 爆笑宠妃: 爷我等你休妻; Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce | Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance, historical | Episodes: 24 |Broadcast network: QQLive | Broadcast period: 2017-Jul-10 to 2017-Aug-15

Drama Adaptation: The Eternal Love TV Series (Subbed by Viki)

Novel Adaptation: Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce by Sui Yu Er An

iiangelx3: I watched this because it kept popping up on my news feed and after finding out Xing Zhao Lin was the lead I kept watching. I watched the drama without any expectations which made me thoroughly enjoyed the drama. The romance was really cute and cringey at times and a easy watch, especially after princess agents.  

Title: (楚乔传) Chu Qiao Zhuan | English title: Princess Agents | Also known as: 11处特工皇妃 / 11th Bureau Princess Agents, 特工皇妃楚乔传 / Legend of Chu Qiao |Genre: Period, romance | Episodes: 68 | Broadcast network: Hunan TV | Broadcast period: 2017-Jun-05 to 2017-Aug-01

Drama Adaptation: Princess Agents TV Series (Subbed by Viki)

Novel Adaptation: Queen of No.11 Agent 11 by Xiao Xiang Dong Er

ChocolateCosmos: Gosh that ending. Gosh some of the editing.

AlwaysZhenXin: I don’t even know where to start for this… X_X Although the drama was a bit disappointing, in terms of the flow of the storyline, most of the characters were really interesting to observe. There definitely was more character development in the supporting characters compared to the main leads. For example, Yan Xun and Princess Yuan Chun both were probably the two that changed the most. One disappointing thing was how the drama deviated from the original storyline in regards to what happens after Yan Xun becomes “evil”. I mean, I can live with Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao not ending up together, but I just wished that she really became the leader in the book that fought to end slavery, instead of just following Yan Xun around until the end. Regardless, I thought Zhao Li Ying’s portrayal of the pitiful and brave Chu Qiao was pretty good. The woman definitely knows how to act, and she’s amazing in all the roles she’s in.

iiangelx3: I liked the first dozen episodes and the scenes between Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao. But it got wayyy too draggy and if ZLY wasn’t in this I would of dropped it. 

Chexmix: This is one of those you-had-so-much-potentials-but.. kind of dramas. I mean the storyline was there, the cast was there, the set up was there but somewhere along the way, the drama lost track its main point and started falling into more sappy love (not that Yuwen Yue and XingEr’s interaction was not fun to watch =D ). If only they had kept her ambition to free slaves and overthrow the hierarchy as the main point, the drama probably would not have dragged and then ended too abruptly! The novel tho was really well written. The details and the raw emotion in the form of words! A bit dark and emotionally draining but definitely a recommended book. 

Title: (上古情歌) Shang Gu Qing Ge | English title: A Life Time Love |Genre: Fantasy, romance |Episodes: 54 | Broadcast network: Dragon TV |Broadcast period: 2017-Jun-12 start
Drama Adaptation: A Life Time Love TV Series (subbed by Productive Procrastination)
Novel: Once Promised by Tong Hua
iiangelx3: Watched the first few episodes and dropped it. I didn’t hate it, but there wasn’t something that made me want to continue, especially the ending.
ChocolateCosmos: Watched few eps too and dropped. I cringe so much at the CGI and because I’ve read the novel, I wasn’t feeling the portrayal of Victoria or Huang Xiaoming. Janice Wu was the only one I like in the casting lol. Too bad she doesn’t get enough screen-time for me to stick around as the entire drama was going to be an angst fest since I know the ending already.
Chexmix: Saw a few eps and then dropped ike Chocolatecosomos, because of the CGI too. CGI is okay moderately but this drama just had a tad too much! 


Here are some dramas with no novel translations but have English subtitles:
Title: (浪花一朵朵) Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo | English title: My Mr. Mermaid |Genre: Sport, romance | Episodes: 36 | Broadcast network: Hunan TV | Broadcast period: 2017-Jul-30 to 2017-Aug-24
Drama Adaptation: My Mr. Mermaid TV Series (Subbed by Viki)
AlwaysZhenXin: This drama was my guilty pleasure. I absolutely adore Dylan Xiong and his portrayal of Tang Yi Bai just made me love him even more. He’s just soooooo adorable and handsome! And, Tan Song Yun has amazed me a lot within the past year in her lead roles. She definitely plays the same characters in youth dramas (bubbly and ditzy, but innocent and cute), but she rocks in them! I really liked the chemistry between the two, and felt they both were great together in this drama. I did not read the novel, so I’m not sure how faithful the drama is to it. However, I enjoyed watching it, though. It was a nice change to watch something so happy and cheerful after watching Princess Agents. ^_^
Title: (夏至未至)  Xia Zhi Wei Zhi | English title: Rush to the Dead Summer |Genre: Youth, romance | Episodes: 48 | Broadcast network: Hunan TV | Broadcast period: 2017-Jun-10 to 2017-Jul-8
Drama Adaptation: Love ’till the End of Summer TV Series (Subbed by Dramafever)
iiangelx3: Started watching this because I like all three leads. I like Bai Jing Ting’s character but hated Chen Xue Dong’s cold character. I really tried watching it but couldn’t get pass 10 episodes. It did save me a lot of tears tho. 
 Title: (欢乐颂 ) Huan Le Song 2 | English title: Ode to Joy 2 | Genre: Metropolitan, romance | Broadcast network: Dragon TV | Episodes: 52| Broadcast period: 2017-May-11 to 2017-Jun-10
Drama Adaptation: Ode to Joy 2 TV Series (Subbed by Dramafever)
iiangelx3: I enjoyed the first season, and the second season didn’t disappoint at all. Love the friendship that these five girls have with each other, especially because they will always have each other’s back. Also I like that each character got their time to shine and how they develop feelings for their male partners but at the same time they didn’t give up everything for the sake of love. 
Chexmix: Ode to Joy reminds me of those hundreds of episodes family dramas and probably has the potential to become one. The first season was super fun to watch seeing the day to day of these 5 women who struggled to survive in the inflated city of Shanghai. Season 2 wasn’t bad but they definitely added more dramas to these ladies lives. There were talks about seaon 3! So I’m curious how the story will unwind. 
Title: 九州·海上牧云记 / Jiu Zhou · Hai Shang Mu Yun Ji | English title: Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy |Genre: Mythology, fantasy, romance | Episodes: 75 | Broadcast networks: QQ, IQiyi, Youku | Broadcast Period: 2017-Nov-21 to 2018-Jan-05
Drama Adaptation: Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy TV Series (subbed by DramaFever)
iiangelx3: The costumes and sets were all gorgeous and I wish I can say the same for the story. I should of guess that the drama would be draggy when they spend like 10 episodes explaining their youth. But I stuck around for 1/3 of the drama and then found out that the ending was horrible. Therefore I gave up on it. 
Chexmix: Another one of those you-had-so-much-potentials-but.. dramas!!! I mean they had the storyline, cast, and everything but somehow it fell short of expectations. I actually still haven’t finished it because of the ending complains! hahaha They started off so well and then more than halfway thru, it became kind of draggy and then when I realized that they’re trying to drag it out for a potential season 2….it just couldn’t continue anymore. 
Title: (琅琊榜之风起长林) Lang Ya Bang Zhi Feng Qi Chang Lin | Also known as: The Wind Blows in Changlin, Nirvana in Fire 2 | Genre: Period drama, politics, romance | Episodes: 50 | Broadcast network: Dragon TV, Beijing TV, iQiyi | Broadcast period: 2017-Dec-18
Drama Adaptation: Nirvana in Fire 2 TV Series (subbed by Dramafever or Viki)
 AlwaysZhenXin: I LOVE LIU HAO RAN!!! I don’t care what anyone says, but I think he was awesome as the cunning and innocent Xiao Ping Jing. All the characters were outstanding in this drama. The only thing that was lackluster and really did not live up to the hype was the storyline. I honestly wished that there weren’t really two arcs in this drama because it makes it seem like the drama doesn’t have a strong and gripping storyline like the first drama. But, regardless, Liu Hao Ran, Huang Xiao Ming, and Tong Li Ya all were able to give the drama some justice. Zhang Hui Wen’s portrayal of Lin Xi was good. She is a different kind of female lead compared to Liu Tao’s Mu Ni Huang, as she is more reserved and quiet, while Ni Huang is overbearing and courageous. However, they both are strong independent woman who know what they need to do in order to achieve their goals. Regardless, my favorite character was Xiao Ping Jing. He definitely was the star of the show.


 So what do you guys think about these dramas? Any favorites?

9 thoughts on “C-Dramas Adapted from Novels (2017 edition) [Part 2]

  1. I didn’t know Ode To Joy was adapted from novel. I really like the series, it can’t keep the heat from the season1 but still always a good series


  2. I do like 10 Miles Peach Blossom especially Mark Chao’s performance.

    But Zhang Bin Bin whom I saw for for the first time, definitely caught my eye . Both his handsome looks ( he is the most handsome actor in this drama) and his acting in a supporting role.

    He didn’t disappoint in “The King’s Woman” by his range of emotions as the emperor.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. TMOPB -YangMi and MarkChao – the Best Drama of All Time!!! Unparalleled perfection and profound Chemistry between the Lead Stars, Storyline and execution of all star casts 🔥🔥🔥🌟🌟🌟💖💖💖🙌🙌🙌

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Does someone read webnovels? I want to start reading it but where doe i have to start? What are the most popular ones and in a female perspective


  5. 3l3w was the best drama of 2017 so far not counting little dragginess in the middle. I think The movie is completely pointless project because it is luck of direction and is pretty messy. The ending was just cut. I wonder why they couldn’t make decent conclusion. They could have toned down the budged on wardrobe and save a little for ending if they ran out tape. But it’s beautiful I enjoyed visual part.

    Agree about A Life Time Love I wasn’t sure about production values since bts photo cames out hahaha my doubts were proven.

    I’m disappointed that Tribes and Empires was so detailed in everything but story. I mean 75 episodes is already alert. No need to blow small story-lines and flashbacks in 10 episodes if you leave main characters and key-points of the story hanging. I wish they make 2 season because there is so many question that need to be answered.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I have watched a few of these shows and was actually just watching a few episodes of 3L3W10Miles this morning. I had to explain to my husband that, now that I know the full plot, I like to rewatch just the sad parts. Yep, I’m a monster. Sad scenes don’t bother me. Boy, Mark Chao is an appealing crier!

    One drama that deserves more viewing – based on a partially translated novel – is Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You. It’s available on YouTube and the novel is being translated very, very, slowly. It’s very interesting history and melancholic – just my style. Also, the fun work round for time travel is that the Chinese government in the far, far future is sending agents back to save works of cultural heritage!

    As for current shows, I’ve been peeking every so often at Untouchable Lovers – based on Feng Qiu Huang (A Tale of Two Phoenixes) – but. it’s getting pretty draggy right now. It also has a framing conceit of a writer creating the story in order to get around regulations.

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