[C-NOVEL REVIEW] San Sheng Wangchuan Wu Shang ( 三生,忘川无殇) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香)

Being a huge fan of C-dramas, it makes sense that I am also a big fan of C-novels. Over the years, the Chinese entertainment industry has been adapting various novels into tv shows and movies. Many of them have been successful, such as Tong Hua’s Bu Bu Jing Xin and Tang Qi Gong Zi’s Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom.

For this post, I will be reviewing a C-novel that is an all-time favorite of mine. It’s a Xianxia genre (which is closely related TLTWTMPB’s genre) novel and features immortals, human/heaven world, and reincarnations.

Title: San Sheng Wangchuan Wu Shang / San Sheng, Death Exists Not at the River of Oblivion / 三生,忘川无殇
Author: Jiu Lu Fei Xiang / 九鹭非香
Genre: XianXia, Romance
Synopsis: San Sheng, a stone spirit by the River of Oblivion, meets Mo Xi, Heaven’s God of War, as he departs to undergo his three human trials. Because of her curious and straightforward personality, she gains interest from the revered God of War. In return, he gifts her three lifetimes of freedom. And what does she do with them? She decides that she wants to seduce him.

“Mo Xi, can I come to the to the human world to seduce you?”

His lips were also upturning into a smile. “If you can find me, then go ahead.” At his last word, he drank down the soup in one gulp.



First Impression:

The first time I heard about this, I ignored it. YES. I IGNORED IT. Why? Because I read the synopsis about her being a rock spirit and wasn’t interested. It wasn’t until I had some free time to kill and needed something to do, that I randomly picked a chapter to read. And, it just so happened that that certain chapter GOT ME HOOKED. After finishing that chapter, I had to go and read from the beginning. I, honestly, couldn’t believe my mind. I really, really liked this novel. It was short and so easy to read (thanks to Hamster428’s translations). Trust me, you can literally finish reading the novel in a day!

So, anyway, our two main characters are San Sheng, a rock spirit from the River of Oblivion, and Mo Xi, Heaven’s God of War. Mo Xi is to undergo three human trials and San Sheng tags along seeking to seduce him. For the purpose of this review, I will try not to reveal any detailed spoilers! Anyway, throughout those three lives, San Sheng tries her best to seduce Mo Xi in a variety of ways, which proves to be not only comedic but also romantic and touching. You really get to understand her personality and character throughout the three lives with him. However, you don’t really get to see much of Mo Xi’s personality and character because, well, he’s reborn three times and is a different person each time. Yes, there will be moments when your heart tugs a bit throughout the novel, but I think that’s what makes it awesome! But, even so, all three lifetimes are very passionate!

If you’re looking for a short read and like the Xianxia genre or if you’re a first-timer into the C-novel land, I strongly recommend this novel! It’s very easy to read. And, yes, it does have a happy ending!!!

Interested in reading it? Hamster428 has translated the entire novel in English. Click here to get to the website.

This is my first time doing a review of a C-novel. What do you think? Would you like more C-novel reviews??? Let me know below!


18 thoughts on “[C-NOVEL REVIEW] San Sheng Wangchuan Wu Shang ( 三生,忘川无殇) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香)

  1. I loved your review! I read the whole translated novel today! Quick read and very entertaining! So goooooood! Thank you so much! Would love to get more recommendations!


  2. Hello, I have been following this blog very closely for a very long time. I’ll definitely check this book out. Also, there havent been any entertainment updates for awhile and I kind of miss that segment quite a bit. Thanks for all the hardwork!:)


    1. Thanks for your concern! We all have very busy lives, so updates may be delayed sometimes, but I assure you that we’re still dedicated to updating this blog. ^_^


  3. Hi there, I love, love your site, always check your site every day and waiting for your daily updates. Keep up the good work.. Thank you for giving us none Chinese speaker/reader a chance to have a more in-depth understanding of latest dramas and now C-Novels..


  4. Oh i loved this. I also loved “seven unfortunate lifetimes, all thanks to a single moment of impulse” by the same author. I became such a fan I read more of her novels…but these two remain my favourites from her because they were short and sweet


  5. Oh yes please! I want to explore more c-novels but I never get the time to find any good recommendations apart from the most popular ones.


  6. Hi there, Thanks for the review. I will be reading the novel based on your review.
    PS: I really enjoy visiting your web page to read the latest updates. Keep up the great work!


  7. I love this novel. The novelist wrote 2 other sequel novels after this, they are much longer than this. I have to say this is still the best out of 3.


  8. did you happen to read the extended version of the novel? Hamster mentioned it but she won’t be translating those extra additions, unfortunately. im really curious about it cause there’s suppose to be addititonal scenes.


  9. I read this novel awhile back and reread it a few times since then. This novel is one of my favorites and I love Sansheng’s character and how she seduces Mo Xi every life.


  10. Thank you for this c-novel review 🙂 I already started reading the novel. Pleaseee continue to do more novel reviews. They are very helpful for us, non-chinese fans. There are so many, but i don’t know what to read. I read “Three live, three worlds” The Pillow book and i enjoyed it a lot, so I can’t wait to read something similar 🙂


  11. I also read this and is my fave novel! Wish there was an adaption but then again adaptions always changes it. You should do more reviews lol.


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