[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 29-32


Episode Count: 52

Where to Watch: Raw | Viki

Release Date: January 14, 2018. Two episodes every sunday and monday.

Synopsis: (includes potential spoilers)

In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decide to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple, Zhu Que (Guan Xiao Tong). There she meets the princess’s companion Rong Zhi (Song Wei Long), who is actually a spy from Northern Wei. They grow closer but their opposing goals hold them back. During the rebellion Liu Ziye and the real princess are killed. Both RongZhi and Zhu Que lose their memories. Some time afterwards, Zhu Que is sent to their neighboring country, Northern Wei to marry the prince who turns out to be RongZhi.

Episode 29


Touba Yun tells Qi Heng to apologize to Le Yun, which he does unwillingly. After she leaves Touba Yun tells him to stop following her or she might scapegoat him again. On the other hand Rong Zhi is taking Chuyu to the palace for a ceremony. During the ceremony Chuyu prays on behalf of Liu Song, but after she is done the place gets on fire. Chuyu is blamed for not being sincere enough so the gods are mad. Then Ma Zhong Liang gets news that Liu Song army attacked a small village in Northern Wei and captured Hou Xuan. The court officials force the emperor to make a decision of what to do with Chuyu, she is sent to prison and will be killed 10 days later.


Qing Yue wants to rescue Chuyu but is stopped by Shen Yu. Rong Zhi tries to think of ways to save Chuyu. He realizes that Da Ji Si hates Liu Song people, which is probably why he pointed to Chuyu when the fire erupted. Rong Zhi tries to see him but he refuses to see him and tells him that Chuyu will cause war and trouble so she has to be killed. Rong Zhi then finds out that Touba Yun captured all the Liu Song people and goes to question him. Touba Yun tells him its the emperor’s orders.


Rong Zhi get sick again due to the fight with Touba Yun. Ma Xueyun tells Shen Yu to handle all the matters and let Rong Zhu rest. Ma Xueyun lits a scent that makes Rong Zhi sleep for a whole day. Shen Yu wake up Rong Zhi the following day and Rong Zhi pushes Ma Xueyun out of the way. Rong Zhi is worried that Chuyu will do something stupid.

Episode 30


Chuyu manages to sneak out and finds Da Ji Si asking him why he scapegoat him. Before he can reply he collapses and Chuyu finds a knife stabbed in him. Someone appears and Chuyu realizes hes the one who stabbed him. But she didn’t realize that the water shes been drinking has been poisoned and she faints, he puts her hand on the knife hinting that she killed Da Ji Si.


Hou Xuan is locked up, but still escapes and eavesdrop on the captain’s tent. She sees Tian Ji Sect master talking with General Si Ma about the locked up Chuyu. Then his soldiers report that Hou Xuan escaped. Tian Ji Sect master returns to the text and finds Hou Xuan. She uses him to threaten general Si Ma to let her go. She knew they would track her so she switch clothes with Tian Ji Sect master and her army finds her.


Its the day of Chuyu’s execution. Qing Yue tries stop them but is stopped again. This causes the court officials to say that Rong Zhi is also working with Liu Song people. Rong Zhi tells them that since he married Chuyu she isn’t Liu Song princess but his wife. He’d rather not be this prince regent than have her die. Touba Yun tries to convince the emperor that Hou Xuan is still captured. Just then she appears.


Touba Yun welcomes her back and tells her Chuyu is a spy, she hands the emperor a letter from written by Chuyu to general Si Ma to capture Hou Xuan. Touba Yun tells the emperor again to kill Chuyu followed by all the officials. Hou Xuan starts laughing and calling them stupid and tells them that the letter isn’t written by Chuyu. The letter is written in Xian Bei, which Chuyu doesn’t know. The letter was written for Hou Xuan to see because she can’t read Han writing and they let her go on purpose. General Si Ma can also betray his country for power.


Hou Xuan tells them she doesn’t know if Chuyu is innocent but she knows the letter is fake. Touba Yun claims that she is still guilty because she killed Da Ji Si. Chuyu tells them she has proof that he wasn’t killed by her. She shows everyone the injury on the guy that killed Da Ji Si that was made by her, telling everyone he blamed her. The guy is captured but commits suicide.


Tian Si finds out that Chuyu was sent to marry Rong Zhi and wants to bring her back. Tian Ji Sect master makes a deal with him, if he can bring her back he will stop his plan, if she isn’t willing to come back then the plan will continue. Chuyu refuses to see Rong Zhi, so he tells her that she should be rethinking her actions causing her to get angry. Hou Xuan refuses to see Rong Zhi too. The two end up play fighting, afterwards she tells him everything that happened. Shen Yu tells Rong Zhi, Chuyu walked out and he goes looking for her followed by Hou Xuan.

Episode 31


While they are on the streets, Qing Yue finds someone suspicious and leaves Chuyu. Chuyu then finds Hou Xuan pretending to be a old lady, and invites her to drink wine. Chuyu thanks Hou Xuan and Hou Xuan tells her Chuyu isn’t like how she imagined. Hou Xuan tells Chuyu that she has a close relationship with Rong Zhi and they shouldn’t be drinking together like this. Rong Zhi finds the two, but they run away before he can catch up. The two girls end up enjoying their wine on the roof. Chuyu tells Hou Xuan that if she was a guy she would marry her.


When Rong Zhi finds Chuyu she is already drunk. Chuyu lets out all her emotions to Rong Zhi, telling him no one believes her. She tells him she miss home, but she is she left she would miss Rong Zhi. Rong Zhi apologizes for not protecting her. Le Yun is cleaning out Touba Yun’s study when she finds a drawing of Hou Xuan, thinking its her. She realizes later on that the girl in the drawing isn’t her and throws a fit. Meanwhile Touba Yun is visiting Hou Xuan, but she kicks him out.


Chuyu wakes up and doesn’t remember what happened last night. Qing Yue tells her everything and then Chuyu leaves to visit Hong Xiu and the orphans. Hong Xiu started working at a theater, Chuyu visits to watch her perform. Rong Zhi also comes and is attacked by Tian Si. Tian Si fails to kill Rong Zhi so he kidnaps Chuyu instead. Ma Xueyun is delighted that Chuyu is kidnapped. Qi Heng tells Le Yun that Touba Yun likes Hou Xuan, the only reason Touba Yun likes her is because she looks like Hou Xuan.


Chuyu wakes up and Tian Si tells her hes going to kill Rong Zhi. Chuyu tells him he shouldn’t, she married him on her own will. Tian Si tries to take her back to Liu Song and he makes a bet with her, telling her if she returns with no injury people will get suspicious. Chuyu still goes back, Rong Zhi visits her asking her how she escaped. She tells him that he left her outside the city and she came back. Rong Zhi suspects that Chuyu knows him and he is related to Liu Song, which angers Chuyu since he doesn’t believe in her. She tells him to get out.


To protect Chuyu, Rong Zhi spreads out word that Shen Yu was the one who saved her. Ma Xueyun lets out rumors that Chuyu might be tainted. Hou Xuan overhears the rumors and goes to find Rong Zhi. Rong Zhi doesn’t care about the rumors but Hou Xuan warns him he should find out who started it. Rong Zhi suspects Touba Yun, but Hou Xuan hints that its Ma Xueyun.

Episode 32


Touba Yun killed Rong Zhi’s pearl fishes that were a gift from the emperor. The fish symbolizes longevity, and Rong Zhi was going to use them to gain money, without the fish they would become bankrupt. Rong Zhi has a plan and asks Hou Xuan for help and told Shen Yu to keep the dead fish a secret. Rong Zhi then visits Ma Xueyun, asking her about the rumors she spread. Ma Xueyun tells him she loves him and Rong Zhi reveals that they have an agreement.


She would help him gain Ma Zhong Liang’s trust and he would help her save her fortune. Ma Xueyun tells Rong Zhi shes been liking him all along, but he had to fall for Chuyu. Therefore she spread the rumor so Chuyu will lose her reputation. Rong Zhu asks her if she thought about him, if Chuyu’s reputation is ruined so will his. Rong Zhi tells Ma Xueyun he will never love anything, the most important thing to him is power.


Touba Yun visits Hou Xuan once again to send her a gift, she ruins it right away. Wang Ze then brings in Rong Zhi’s gift, a sword made with pearl fish skin. He tells Touba Yun that Rong Zhi’s fish are growing really nicely this year so he took the extras and made Hou Xuan a gift. Touba Yun leaves after hearing this and heads to his mother’s. Consort dowager Qi just came back from the Empress dowager and is throwing a fit. Touba Yun notices the gift and realizes that its also made of pearl fish skin and that Qi Heng’s plan failed.


Ma Zhong Liang barges into Rong Zhi’s room asking him why he refuses to see him. He reminds Rong Zhi that he made a promise to protect Ma Xueyun, therefore he shouldn’t of locked her up. Rong Zhi tells him that he is protecting her from the emperor. Ma Zhong Liang warns him that he will pay the price for locking her up. Qi Heng tells Touba Yun that Rong Zhi locked up Ma Xueyun, angering Ma Zhong Liang. They can use this chance to make things even worse. Le Yun arrives before the two can continue.


The following day Ma Zhong Liang brings up pearl fish skins during court, saying that Rong Zhi has been using these expensive skins to make the empress dowager happy instead of caring for the people. Rong Zhi admits he is wrong and the emperor tells him to get rid of these skins and the pond of pearl fish. Afterwards Touba Yun invites Ma Zhong Liang over once again, he is rejected. Touba Yun then buys Rong Zhi’s pond and finds that the pearl fishes are fake. He realizes hes been tricked


Touba Yun visits Hou Xuan again and confesses to her. He tells her he never used her before, but today she used him because of Rong Zhi. He tells her, she will regret her actions and she tells him she won’t. He tells her she is overly confident and makes a bet with her that Rong Zhi won’t love her. Touba Yun finds comfort in Le Yun who reveals that she knows about Hou Xuan. She tells him that one day he will love her and not Hou Xuan. Chuyu tries to leave the manor but is stopped by Rong Zhi. Rong Zhi tells her she can leave with Shen Yu following, she ends up staying. Rong Zhi tells Shen Yu to watch her.

iiangelx3: So RZ was using MXY all along and they were pretending. Glad thats out of the way, but she is wayyyyy too crazy. Anyways I really enjoyed the moment between HX and ZQ, if one of them didn’t like RZ then they would probably become really good friends. I saw the trailors for the next episode which contains a lot of flashbacks, I’m hoping thats because their going to get their memories back soon.

20 thoughts on “[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 29-32

    1. Sorry, I haven’t been catching up with the show. The novel isn’t translated to English, but there are some scene translations.


  1. Thank you so much for the recap! I know Rong zhi is trying to protect her by ignoring her… so if he was being mean to her and hiding his love, I wished he would be better at it because it’s at the point where I’m wondering if anyone is still buying his act (well except for Chuyu… objects of affection are always the last to know). Also, could you please explain why Rong Zhi ended up at Hong Xiu’s dance show?


  2. Hi,
    Can I just ask quickly, is it confirm that RZ didn’t sleep with MXY then? and the whole abortion thing is fake? I am just a bit confused the wedding chamber night part as he was going to kiss MXY, if it was an act who were they acting for? did he knew CY was on the roof?

    Thank you so much for your recap, I really couldn’t bear to watch anymore after the wedding episode so I’ve been just reading your recap as its more clear than the episodes – i am so confused half of the time whats going on and what is the purpose of all event/action of RZ


  3. Hi Angel, Which website has uploaded episodes 30-32. I tried to search on internet today and yesterday and didn’t find any links. viki blocks my country. Which Chinese channel airs this show? Is there any site to watch that channel free live on air.


      1. Yeah, I watched to the end and I can’t tell if they remembered or pretended not to, but in the end they went back to where they first started and were by themselves ao I guess its kind of an happy ending. I really wanted them to remember and like weave it into the story


  4. I think he should have waited before telly MXY but Im glad its kind of over with her because she got on my nerves. OmG HX and Chuuyu were so cute flying on the roof and then drinking 😂😂 the kiss on the cheek and forgetting the next day was adorable. That being said, Chuuyu and RZ need to get it together, I thought something would happen after that crying confession and Im glad TS came (was wondering if Every one from the past died) because it freaked RZ and he ran to Chuuyu room. I like HX and RZ friendship even though she wants and sees more. On the other hand, Touba is confessing to a woman who doesn’t love him while with a woman who looks like her and he’s warning her about regret😕😕 umm I think he might regret in the future and ahould worry about himself


    1. It would of been nice if something happened after the confession, but she doesn’t even remember it.
      Touba Yun prob will regret if he keeps bothering HX.

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