[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 25-28


Episode Count: 52

Where to Watch: Raw | Viki

Release Date: January 14, 2018. Two episodes every sunday and monday.

Synopsis: (includes potential spoilers)

In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decide to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple, Zhu Que (Guan Xiao Tong). There she meets the princess’s companion Rong Zhi (Song Wei Long), who is actually a spy from Northern Wei. They grow closer but their opposing goals hold them back. During the rebellion Liu Ziye and the real princess are killed. Both RongZhi and Zhu Que lose their memories. Some time afterwards, Zhu Que is sent to their neighboring country, Northern Wei to marry the prince who turns out to be RongZhi.

Episode 25


Shen Yu arrives but doesn’t find the guy. After he leaves Le Yun tells him that she got close to him accuse him of hiding the guy, but because she realizes that he is true to her she couldn’t do it anymore. Touba Yun believes her and kills the two concubines so no one would say anything about tonight. Shen Yu reports to the emperor of what happened and Ma Zhong Liang arrives. The emperor tells him that he will stop trying to send Hou Xuan back.


Ma Xueyun visits the still unconscious Rong Zhi, when she exits the room she sees Chuyu standing outside. She begs Chuyu to leave Rong Zhi but Chuyu tells her that no matter how much she loves someone she won’t lose her pride because when the person she loves is gone, she will be left with nothing. Afterwards Ma Xueyun faints while taking care of Rong Zhi, Chuyu took care of him herself.


Rong Zhi wakes up the next morning and finds a sleeping Chuyu next to him. Lan Rou stops Ma Xueyun from entering. Ma Zhong Liang visits her daughter again and she tells him she wants to leave the manor. Ma Xueyun finally admits shes wrong for testing Rong Zhi over and over again and that from now on she will listen to whatever he says. He assures her that he will help her as long as she listens.


Shen Yu tries to gift Lan Rou a hair pin but she refuses. Chuyu sees this and asks Lan Rou why she hasn’t married. Lan Rou tells her that her husband died two years ago on the battlefield. She originally was supposed to marry Shen Yu but he didn’t want to so she left Shen manor and meet her late husband. Later on Chuyu asks Shen Yu what happened. He tells her that he was always on the battlefield and when he went home his mother prepared a wife for him. He wasn’t going to marry someone he never saw so he rejected, but felt guilty because Lan Rou left because of him.


He then found out that his friend was going to marry Lan Rou, but the friend died before they even married, therefore she carried his plaque during the wedding ceremony. That was also when he fell for her. Chuyu started hitting him once he was done which was seen by Rong Zhi, who started laughing. Seeing him Chuyu leaves. Afterwards Shen Yu apologizes to Lan Rou and tells her to give him another chance. Lan Rou tells him to stop pitying her and that shes happy the why things are right now.


Chuyu and Qing Yue meets Hong Xiu being thrown out on the street and starts following her. They find her taking leftover food and feeding them to the abandoned kids. Chuyu sees a sick child gives Hong Xiu money to take care of the children. She then starts crying after seeing the children.

Episode 26


Hou Xuan starts training the prisoner trained soldiers. Wang Ze finds out that Gu Huan is a physician who killed the old governor’s relatives for harming people. Hou Xuan pardons him from training and instead be a physician for the army. Hou Xuan drew a canon as a new weapon and Gu Huan saw it and added a few comments on how to improve it. He tells Hou Xuan that she can send people to watch him if she doesn’t believe him. The following day the plan for the canon is stolen and is found under Gu Huan’s mattress. He doesn’t say anything but Hou Xuan knows that its not him who stole it and captures He Xi.


Rong Zhi finds out that Chuyu has been selling her jewelry and asks her why can’t she tell him since they are married. He then asks her why she is there when he is sick but now when he is better, she tells him because Ma Xueyun is taking care of him. He tells her shes the one he wants to see, he asks her again what shes been doing. She refuses and leaves. Chuyu uses her money to buy food and toys for the children.


The following day Chuyu and Rong Zhi head to the palace to place football. Chuyu wants to join the game and the emperor allows, Le Yun and Touba Yun is the opponent.  During the game Chuyu and Le Yun bump into each other, Touba Yun catches Le Yun while Rong Zhi kicks Shen Yu so Chuyu falls on him. The two ladies step out of the game after the accident. Rong Zhi wins the game.


Afterwards Touba Yun asks Le Yun why she was being so careless. She tells him she wants to test how much Rong Zhi cares for Chuyu. He seems cold and uncaring towards her but maybe he secretly does love her. Touba Yun tells her shes thinking too much since everyone knows Rong Zhi loves Ma Xueyun. Ma Xueyun finds out about what happened during the game and that Shen Yu saved Chuyu.


A maid lights a scent for Chuyu and lies its to keep the flies away. The scent causes Chuyu to lose her energy. Meanwhile Shen Yu is chasing a guy in black and ends up in Chuyu’s room, someone then locks the room. Both are affected by the scent and faints with Chuyu leaning on Shen Yu.

Episode 27


Ma Xueyun barges into Chuyu’s room claiming that shes here to give her medicine for her injury during the game. She pushes Rou Lan away and enters the room, then flips the blanket which reveals Rong Zhi laying next to Chuyu. Rong Zhi tells her to get out. A flashback shows Rong Zhi hearing Ma Xueyun’s maid giving money to a maid for lighting the scent. He then went to Chuyu’s room and woke up Shen Yu. The maid that light the scent is hit until she is dead. Ma Xueyun knows that Rong Zhi found out what she did.


Hou Xuan sees two of the soldiers bulling a old man for food and punishes them. She tells them that the army uses the people’s taxes and they are fighting so for the people. Therefore soldiers shouldn’t take anything from the people. She then goes to comfort the child and the old guy but is stabbed by the child. The dagger contains poison and is stabbed really deep so her inner organs are damaged. Hou Xuan tells Wang Ze that if she dies then he will take over lead the battle.


After Wang Ze leaves Hou Xuan tells Gu Huan to start. He asks her if she has any last words just in case. She tells him that she regrets that she hasn’t married Rong Zhi. Meanwhile the officials in town and the freed prisoners wants to see Hou Xuan. Wang Ze settles everything and tells them he will be charge until Hou Xuan is better. Gu Huan tells them that he tried his best. Xue Zhao finds out about her death and contacts the district government to use her body to surrender.


Wang Ze personally sends Hou Xuan’s tomb out. Xue Zhao opens the tomb to find it empty, Hou Xuan attacks from above and kills him. She calls out for her army and defeats the enemy. The officials are captured will be taken back to the capital. Hou Xuan then heads back too.


On the other hand Chuyu is being forced to memorize some things under Rong Zhi’s watch. Ma Xueyun sees this and drops her basket of food, while picking it up she purposely injures herself. Rong Zhi tells someone else to take over and he sends Ma Xueyun back. He stays for awhile then leaves. Ma Xueyun realizes that he’s been pretending all along. Rong Zhi goes back and finds Chuyu asleep, he covers her with his jacket and leaves. He then tells the housekeeper to prepare something easier for Chuyu to memorize and take his jacket back in the morning.


The next morning Ma Xueyun visits Rong Zhi and sees him asleep but holding a maid’s hand. She tells the housekeeper to give her the maid and Rong Zhi’s medicine formula. Back in her room, she starts torturing the maid and injuring her hand in the process. Chuyu visits Rong Zhi, Ma Xueyun comes back and wakes him up to take medicine. Rong Zhi asks whats in the medicine and Ma Xueyun tells him she put in a flesh from her hand in the medicine.

Episode 28


Everyone is shocked and Rong Zhi tries to spit out the medicine. Ma Xueyun explains that books have written about using flesh in medicine. Rong Zhi is worried about her and Ma Xueyun tells him as long as he can get better faster, Chuyu leaves. Outside a maid bumps into her. The maid’s hand is also injured and Chuyu goes back inside and tell Rong Zhi. She tells Rong Zhi that Ma Xueyun wanted to get his sympathy so she used a maid’s flesh pretending that it was her own.


Ma Xueyun takes off the bandage and reveals her injured hand. She states that the maid has ulterior moves and wants to become a concubine too. The maid is punished and sent back to the palace. Ma Xueyun and Bie Xie starts hinting that it was probably Chuyu who told the maid what to do. Qing Yue slaps Bie Xie and Chuyu warns her that if she talks nonsense again her tongue will be cut. Afterwards Rou Lan teases Chuyu for being jealous. Ma Xueyun worsens her wound by pouring salt on it.


Hou Xuan and her army arrive at a small village to rest for the night. Another army arrives and start attacking the village people trying to find Hou Xuan, Hou Xuan wants to help but she doesn’t have enough soldiers so she is escorted away. The other army starts searching for Hou Xuan, while she and Wang Ze heads back to the village to get their horse and meet up with their army so they can get revenge for the village. Before she left she found a little boy who tells her the army took away his grandma and all the women, Hou Xuan decides to go to their camp, she tells them to let the women go and they capture her.


Le Yun is shopping on the street and finds Qi Heng following her. When they get back she has a talk with him. She tells him that they shouldn’t let Touba Yun worry because they don’t get along. She pretends to trip and fall into his arms when she sees Touba Yun. She complains to Touba Yun that Qi Heng is bullying her.

iiangelx3: We’re finally half way through the drama. Now that the war is over Rong Zhi will have another girl bothering him. I don’t think Rong Zhi should of let Ma Xueyun find out so fast that he doesn’t like her, its just putting ZQ in danger. But then again ZQ is always in danger and MXY is forever annoying. I was actually surprised that MXY cut her own hand, was hoping that she gets in trouble again.




8 thoughts on “[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 25-28

  1. So many good moments between RZ and Chuyu FINALLY!! Still, Ma Xueyun has got to go also, Le Yun has got to go, she’s evil. Anyway, back to cuteness: When RZ said they are married and he wants to see her, I felt a little ting in my heart and then when he laughed after she hit Shen Yu, that was cute!! Once again, Ma Xueyun just needs to go away! I was hoping she’d get in trouble too! Also, even though Hou Xuan will probably bother RZ hopefully not. I like her because she’s sooooo cool, even though her storyline isn’t as “fun” as the other’s but still


      1. yeap, but also i saw her parting ways with RZ (or its for another scene?). dunno, it seems like HX can be friends with ChuYu, they can be riot together with HX as the older sister 🤣🤣🤣. i can’t wait to see them bothering and ruins Ma XueYun together..
        Ma XueYun is an evil in disguise and i was confused when i saw Touba Yun’s new concubine, i mistaken her with Hou Xuan! 🤣🤣🤣


        1. Which parting ways? I highly doubt HX and Chuyu can become friends, but it would be nice to see them team up and get rid of MXY.


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