March Airing Schedule

[Update 3/1/2018: Added Siege in Fog]

List of dramas that are tentative to air in February. This list will be updated as more dates are announced.

March Dramas

The Flames Daughter starring Vic Zhou, Dilireba, Zhang Vin, etc. will start airing March 1th on Youku. Viki will be translating it.

Siege in Fog starring Elvis Han, Sun Yi, Jeremy Tsui, etc will start to air around March 2nd on Tencent.

Old Boy starring Liu Ye, Ariel Lin, Ray Jiaoyin, etc. will start airing March 4th on Hunan’s Golden Eagle Theater.

Flying Tiger starring Miao Qiao Wei, Wu Zhuo Xi, Zhang Zhaohui will start airing March 6th on Youku.

You Lan Hu Zhi Yuchu Jiadao Season 2: starring Xu Ke, Li Mengying, etc. will star airing March 8th on Tencent.

Country Love 10 starring Zhao Benshan, He Shufeng, Wang Xiaoli, Tang Jianjun, etc. will star airing March 12th on Tencent.

Only Side by Side with You starring William Chan, Bai Bai He, etc. will start airing March 25th on Jiangsu and Zhejiang TV. Viki has also licensed this drama.

Long Time No See starring Yang Zishan, Zheng Kai, etc. will start airing March 26th on Dragon and Beijing TV.

Tentative for March:

Secret of Three Kingdoms starring Ma Tianyu, Wan Qian, Elvis Han, etc. on Tencent.

I noticed that some historical dramas have been sold to online distributors when they were initially purchased by networks and I think this could be one of the first effects from stricter SARFT regulations regarding historical dramas.

9 thoughts on “March Airing Schedule

  1. I couldn’t get past ep2 of OSBSWY despite my love for BBH and affection for WC and LX (just finished the super excellent Tientsin Mystic). It just wasn’t taut enough and when it was revealed she was in a 3 year relationship about to get married in ep2 , it totally didn’t jive with her characterisation or vibe in ep1. WC is suave (I think he is the best among the 3 in the first 2 episodes), not really feeling LX yet and BBH feels strangely off.

    Watching Never Say Goodbye now (star rely purely based on my love for Zheng Kai – rekindled after rewatching his scenes with ZlY in Best Get Going on YT) and marathoned the first 9 episodes. First time watching Yang Zishan and she is unexplainable watchable too!

    Waiting for more subbed episodes of a siege in fox before marathoning. Watched the first episode and it reaffirms my love for Sun Yi and Elvis Han!

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  2. The plot for Siege in Fog isn’t my cup of tea, but darn it, I need more Elvis Han on my screen, so much so that I even read translations for the novel. Thank you for the post! Can’t wait to watch Secret of the Three Kingdoms. Have you head anything about Great Expectations?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw some rumors but they went away when Old Boy was chosen to follow The Negotiator. I do think it will probably air in the first half since most stations seem to be airing all their more modern dramas.

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