[Feature] Favorite Drama OSTs

Please also share yours 😀

fireflymaoh: These are some of my favorite drama OSTs. I kept it at one per drama and used relatively recent dramas. In no particular order:

Hu Ge & Alan: One Persistent Thought (Scarlet Heart)

Hu Yanglin: Sentimental Person (Too Late to Say I Love You)

Liu Tao: Aging of Beauty (Nirvana in Fire)

Della Ding: I love Him (Autumn’s Concerto)

Julia Peng & F.I.R: Heart’s Fire (Journey of Flower)

Zhang Bichen & Yang Zongwei: Bracing the Chill (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)

Yisa Yu: Qingyi Yao (Legend of Chusen)

Yisa Yu & Reno Wang: Stars and Moon (Princess Agents)

Zhang Jie: My Sunshine (My Sunshine)

Silence Wang & BY2: A Little Sweet (not really an OST but has been used in many dramas, Love O2O being the most popular) My list had a pretty sad theme so I cheated a little with this last song, which I really like.

AlwaysZhenXin: Here is a list of some of my favorite OSTs. ^_^ Just a side note, I have a slight preference over Ancient Chinese drama OSTs because I just absolutely love listening to Traditional Chinese instruments.

First, my all time favorite drama OST. From Bu Bu Jing Xun, by Yan Yi Dan, Three Inches of Heaven.

Henry Huo – Gu Fan Bu Zi Shang

Cui Zi Ge & Yang Pei An – Sheng Si Xiang Sui (Life and Death Go Hand in Hand)

And….. an instrumental piece from Lost Love in Times. ^_^ It’s called 元凌的战斗.

ChocolateCosmos: A lot of people mentioned songs I like too. So I’m keeping my list minimal lol. I love Three Inches of Heaven to bits 😛

Can Miss But Not Say by Cui Zige (Go Princess Go)

Dust by Jia Jia (Scarlet Heart 2) Didn’t really like the drama at all, but I love this song lol.

A Vision of Eternity by S.H.E. (Fairy from Wonderland)

When by Power Station (Huan Zhu Ge Ge/Princess Returning Pearl)

Zhi Qing Zhi Sheng – Dicky Cheung (Ending of Monkey King: Quest for Sutra) I like the Journey to the West tvb version 1996 better but I like this song more so when I was younger lol.

iiangelx3: Love historical osts!

With You Life and Death (The King’s Women)

Cui Zige – Endless Love/Love Hasn’t ended (The King’s Women)

Zhang Yun Jing – Preference (Paladin 3)

Liu Yi Fei & Yang Yang – (Once Upon A Time)

Apple Hu – Thirteenth Month (City of Desperate Love)

Yisa Yu – To Ask The Moon (Legend of Nine Tale Fox)

Peng Ya Qi – Together (The fox’s Summer)

Mi2 – Brave Love (Cannot Hug You)

Yang Mi – Yi Ding Yao Xing Fu (A Clear Midsummer Night)

Kimberley – Love You (Fondant Garden)

What about yours?

23 thoughts on “[Feature] Favorite Drama OSTs

  1. You all have mentioned many of my favorite drama OST! Some songs I like but I believe haven’t been mentioned include the theme song for the drama, Colorful Bone; Wallace Huo – Xiao Yao from Xiao Ao Jiang Hu; Li Yu Chun- Zhen Xi from The Female Prime Minister; Richie Jen – Ying Xiong You Lu from Legend of Chusen; Li Qi- 金玉良缘 from Perfect Couple and a song I really like but it is from the movie, Tiny Times: Yisa Yu -时间煮雨.


  2. I love Liang Liang despite not liking the drama. Prefer the voices in the cover version by 諾言Jason & 七月.

    Some other good drama OSTs not already mentioned:
    手掌心 by Della Ding and 入陣曲 by Mayday from Prince of Lan Ling
    彼岸花 by He Jie & Su Xing from Princess Jieyou
    有点舍不得 by Yang Mi and 錯怪 by Yang Mi & Hawick Lau from Ruyi
    Romance in the Rain OST

    The golden years of Taiwanese idol dramas had such good OSTs (Autumn’s Concerto, ISWAK, Prince Turned To Frog, etc). I think the last OST I really liked was The Pursuit of Happiness (2013).

    Loved the HZGG OST.

    And yess TVB series back in the day. Too many to list but one of my all-time favourites is the Triumph in the Skies themesong by Eason Chan.


  3. Tan Jing version of Jue Qi (theme song for The Qin Dynasty), the OST of The Tang Glory, OST of Nothing Gold Can Stay

    For Korean dramas, OST of Beautiful Mind, OST of Secret


  4. Loving the mentions of Journey into the Flower. But a little surprised that there was no mention of Jane Zhang in Return of The Condor Heroes 2006 OST. Genuinely, her rendition of Tian Xia Wu Shuang (Unparalleled in the World( is so ethereal and heavenly. I’ve yet to hear anything so stirringly moving to date.


  5. As much as I love all of these OST and those classics from TVB, for some reason—NOTHING can beat Wu Xin Monsters OST 贝加尔湖畔 It makes me cry and its soooo beautiful and also, Hua Xu Yin : City of Desperate Love Ost brings me to TEARS, idk I just can’t control those tears the words and song is soooo sad

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  6. Thank you to all of you for such a nice post. You are so efficient to come up with so many OSTs. It took me forever just to go through fireflymaoh’s list. I haven’t listened to some of these in a long time, I need to revisit. Fireflymaoh, We have similar music taste. Easy listening often with piano accompaniment. We like similar singer voice textures, similar melodies. I like or liked most songs on your list. These days I find Della Ding’s Autumn Concerto melody a bit too melodramatic. I like it less now. Probaby ditto with Yang Zongwei’s singing voice just for this TLTW OST. A little too soulful, it makes me a bit uneasy. lol. Reno Wang in PA OST is another one that makes me uneasy. I prefer the PA OST for Yan Xun/Shawn Dou’s character, but I don’t love it to bits. I generally like the OSTs for My Sunshine. Other than these few exceptions, I like your whole list.

    Some OSTs that I like that I don’t see on the list: Cambrian Period. I like the drama’s leads but dislike the drama plot. Plot holes.
    Let’s Shake It’s OST is pleasant and likable but not very memorable. I second missmwriter’s Wuxin Monster Killer. I love the Lake Baikal song. I also like missmwriter’s Nirvana’s Hu Ge’s song.
    Among the lesser watched dramas, I like the closing OST for Han Dong and Jessica Hsuan’s Republican drama. I can’t remember the title. War of Beauty? There were years when I liked the OST for Beijing Love Story drama.

    There are many OSTs mentioned after OST number 12 or so that I don’t remember. I’ll have to check those out. I can’t remember a thing about Mystic Nine’s OST.

    How serendipitous that many of us on this post love Yisa Yu.

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    1. Actually afterwards, I thought maybe I liked Yan Xun’s song better 😛
      It seems that Yisa Yu is not as popular but that everyone does enjoy her songs. She brings a lot of feelings to her song, I really like her.


      1. Maybe we both got affected by Yan Xun’s underdog drama status. 🙂
        Let’s Shake It’s opening OST has a similar feel to the last song on your list, fireflymaoh.

        I enjoy the soothing quality of Yisa Yu’s voice texture.

        So good to see many of us like classical C instruments. AlwaysZhenXin’s compilation is nice with clean instrument sounds. The first one has a soulful erhu. Some gufeng style songs have a lot of additional computerized sounds, which aren’t my cup of tea. For example, about 2 minutes into the Cui Zige duet, you can hear they have added clackety computer-generated sound.
        Interesting how many of these songs have piano used along with the C instruments. The Cui Zige duet has piano, C flute and pipa. The instrumental one seems supported by a string orchestra. It was tough trying to buy C instrumental CDs without lots of computer sounds when I tried years ago.

        Has anyone met people who do not like the Three Inches of Heaven song yet? I don’t know any. 1:25 minutes into 3 Inches of Heaven also has computer added sounds.

        Jia Jia’s song is very nice. Another nice voice. Good thing we don’t need to watch the drama to listen to the song. 😛

        I think I hear electric guitar in HZGG’s opening OST. At 2:05 minutes. It’s now rare in recent C costume dramas. This OST has a lot of sounds going on.


  7. Most of the osts that I like are already on your list, so I’ve listed a few of mine that aren’t on it.

    1. The Mystic Nine ending theme song (Didn’t care much for the drama, but the ending song was awesome.)
    2. Nirvana in Fire 2 OST
    3. Nirvana in Fire-When the Wind Blows by Hu Ge
    4. The Handsome Siblings opening OST by Nicholas Tse
    5. Nothing Gold Can Stay OST
    6. Gong Jade Palace opening and ending OST
    7. Prince of Lang Ling – Heart of Palm by Ding Dang
    8. Wu Xin: The Monster Killer OST
    9. The Majesty of Wolf OST (OK, I know the drama isn’t out yet, but the English song that was in the trailer sounded really nice. If they do it right, the song might just fit in the drama.)

    Wow, I didn’t realize I liked so many osts from dramas that aren’t set in present time. Then again, it’s hard to find a good drama set in the 21st century. Any recommendations?


    1. I also liked the ending song of The Mystic Nine, it almost made my list ^^
      Sadly there are not many good modern dramas. I personally only really liked two modern cdramas, Boss & Me and My Sunshine. But they are not for everyone. I also enjoyed the first season of Ode to Joy even if it was draggy at times. Modern cdramas tend to be too overly melodramatic for my taste and at moments very soap opera-ish. Maybe someone else has a good recommendation.

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      1. Thank you!

        I agree with your thoughts. The Taiwanese modern dramas are a little worst than Mainland dramas, in my opinion. I haven’t been impressed by a Taiwanese drama or actor/actress in a long time. Love Keeps Going was good, until the last three episodes. I watched Ode to Joy 1 and 2 and they were ok. I tried the other 2 that you listed and I couldn’t get through them. One that I liked was Mr. Mermaid, only because I thought the main couple was cute together. There wasn’t really any stellar acting going on, even though the acting itself wasn’t bad.


        1. I remember when I used to watch some T dramas. Cheryl Yang’s My Queen had a decent plot. Acting was fine. I watched a few other T dramas. I was ok with Vic Zhou’s Wishing to See You Again. I like Vic Zhou’s character’s loyalty and devotion to his buddy. The last T drama that I really enjoyed was Bolin and Ariel Chen’s In Time with You. I haven’t been motivated about watching T dramas since. Even popular T dramas like In A Good Way, some of the Alice Ke, Vivian Sung, Roy Qiu dramas. I didn’t like those so much. The plots aren’t particularly interesting. Especially most sub-plots involving supporting characters. In In A Good Way, only Lego Li’s character was interesting to me. I find his girlfriend’s parents more interesting than his GF. I find their other schoolmates even less interesting.

          Of the younger T actors/actresses, I mostly only like Derek Zhang and I’ve only seen him once in Stay With Me (Not a C drama I would recommend). I haven’t watched anything with Bryan Chang etc. I may find BC watchable. But it’s not easy to find a T drama that’s good to watch. I often find T dramas’ supporting characters a bit too annoying or too boring. Sometimes the leads’ acting could be more nuanced. The last T drama I tried was A Taste of Love. The younger actors were quite weak. The younger actresses were somewhat better but not spectacular. I remember their HTC phone, YOLO cosmetics, and red quinoa product placements more than the characters. What does that say about the drama? I don’t have an answer to that.

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          1. Don’t really watch TW dramas nowadays but quite enjoyed the 植劇場 Qseries last year. Have you heard of it? It was a series of 8 dramas under different genres and aimed to promote 24 younger actors. Each of them appeared in a few of the dramas either as main or supporting roles.


  8. It’s difficult to pick out a favourite song from so many OSTs. So I’ll just group them according to the dramas.

    Love all of the songs from the following dramas:
    In recent years….

    1. BBJX
    2. Princess Agents
    3. Sound of the Desert
    4. LOCH 2017
    5. Because of Meeting You
    5. The King’s Woman
    6. 3 Lives, 3 Worlds, 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms
    7. Chef Fang
    8. The Fox’s Summer
    9. Pretty Li Hui Zhen (Zhang Binbin and Li Xirui sang a beautiful duet. 爱得起)
    10. The Big Boss
    11. Whirlwind Girl Season 1
    11. The Eternal Love
    13. Fighter of the Destiny (Zhou Bichang and Bai Jugang sang another heart-stirring song.)

    Older dramas

    1. Huan Zhu Ge Ge 1
    2. Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2
    3. Romance In the Rain
    4. Plum Blossom Trilogy (Plum Blossom Tattoo, Ghost Husband, Between Cloud and Water)
    5. Butterfly Lovers (Peter Ho sang an awesome song …双飞)
    6. Shanghai Bund 2007 (the themesong was sung by Huang Xiaoming and Sun Li)
    7. Grief Over Qing He River 2000 (the themesong 回首寒梅 still brings back memories)


  9. Gosh, you hit a lot of them already. I also like the opening song from Sound of the Desert/Da Mo Yao. From what I’ve found it’s Pacifying the World for You (Wei Ni Ping Ding De Tian Xia) sung by Li Jian Qing.


  10. Shengsheng Shishi Ai by Kary Ng (CP3) This song seriously gives me anime feels…and I love the whole soundtrack for CP3 haha
    Different Ways by S.H.E. (CP5)
    Hai Shi Hui by Wei Li An (In Time With You)
    Wu Zi Bei by Jane Zhang (The Empress of China)


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