[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 21-24


Episode Count: 52

Where to Watch: Raw | Viki

Release Date: January 14, 2018. Two episodes every sunday and monday.

Synopsis: (includes potential spoilers)

In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decide to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple, Zhu Que (Guan Xiao Tong). There she meets the princess’s companion Rong Zhi (Song Wei Long), who is actually a spy from Northern Wei. They grow closer but their opposing goals hold them back. During the rebellion Liu Ziye and the real princess are killed. Both RongZhi and Zhu Que lose their memories. Some time afterwards, Zhu Que is sent to their neighboring country, Northern Wei to marry the prince who turns out to be RongZhi.

Episode 21


A dog is sent to sniff out who has the scent, which turns out to be Touba Yu’s maid. Which shows that Touba Yu faked his faint, seeing that he is exposed he apologizes to the emperor. Chuyu then reveals that He Shan doesn’t drink because if he does he will die within three months. Rong Zhi proves her statement by saying he already examined He Shan’s body. Seeing this the emperor takes back his decree of banishing Liu Song people and sends Touba Yu to the temple as punishment. After everyone leaves Rong Zhi tells Chuyu that the emperor doesn’t really believe her, but he knows everything that is happening behind his back. Chuyu is happy that the emperor took back his decree but Rong Zhi tells her that their opponent isn’t done yet.


On the other hand, Hou Xuan is in town trying to find the stolen supplies. They notice that the district government raised taxes for his personal use, if people don’t give taxes then they beat them up or take away women. Due to this she sent part of her army in to search the city, angering the district government. She warns him that if the supplies aren’t found then her army will stay at his place. They end up finding everything at the temple, but the homeless people there caused Hou Xuan to leave the supplies there.


He heads back to the district government’s manor with empty crates and stay there for the night. Tian Ji Sect master influences the district government to kill Hou Xuan and take the supplies, which he does and falls right into Hou Xuan’s trap. Hou Xuan claims that he took all the supplies and takes away all his wealth and sends him back to the capital.


A physician is examining Ma Xueyun and tells her to be cautious of her body. She waves him off and he tells her maid that her body is too weak and she should do it, the maid cuts him off and tells him to stay quiet. On the other hand Chuyu is drawing Qing Yue’s brows when Rong Zhi comes in and tells them he is staying for the night, leaving them dumbfounded. (I love their reaction LOL) At night Ma Xueyun is devastated and Chuyu can’t sleep.

Episode 22


Seeing that Rong Zhi is sound asleep, Chuyu starts drawing on his face. He leaves in the middle of the night and finds out. Ma Xueyun stays up all night, the next morning he comes and apologies to her. The two have breakfast but after he leaves she throws a fit and tells her maid she can’t handle it anymore. She then heads over to Chuyu’s place to apologize. Chuyu accepts it unwillingly and wants her to leave but lets her stay after Lan Rou’s warning.


After she receives a gift (Lip tint) from Chuyu, Chuyu leaves. Lan Rou finds her and tells her she shouldn’t treat Ma Xueyun like that or she will be badmouthed by others. A while later Qing Yue tells them that Ma Xueyun has been poisoned. The physician tells Rong Zhi to convince her to get rid of her child or it will affect her health, which he does. Rong Zhi forbids Chuyu to enter the room but she barges in anyway. Chuyu wants to prove her innocence so Rong Zhi takes her to the palace.


Ma Zhong Liang is talking with the emperor so the two ends up in empress dowagers. The lip tint that Chuyu gave Ma Xueyun contained double the amount of cinnabar, which caused her miscarriage. Chuyu proves her innocent by adding large amount of cinnabar into the lip tint, which makes it into a dark color which no one would want to wear. Chuyu demands an apology from Rong Zhi, which he does unwillingly and Ma Xueyun is locked in for a month.


Back at Rong Zhi’s manor, Chuyu and Rong Zhi gets into an argument again. Chuyu knows that Rong Zhi knew that she was innocent but still chooses to stand on Ma Xueyun’s side. He waivers for a bit, but sees Ma Zhong Liang and tells her all he cares about is Ma Xueyun. Ma Zhong Liang asks Ma Xueyun what she has done and she tells her that she knew she couldn’t keep her baby so she used it to hurt Chuyu.


He tells her she is being stupid, if things go wrong people will know that her health is bad from the start. She states that she succeeded in separating Chuyu and Rong Zhi, everytime he thinks of Chuyu, he will think about his first child who is now dead. Ma Zhong Liang doesn’t even recognize his own daughter after she states all this and she tells him to leave and there is no need to visit her again. She collapse after he leaves.


Touba Yun saves a girl when she slips while doing a trick. The girl, named Le Yun, looks exactly like Hou Xuan. Rong Zhi forbids Chuyu from leaving the manor but she still does with the help of Qing Yue. Shen Yu couldn’t find Chuyu so Rong Zhi personally goes himself.

Episode 23


Rong Zhi finds a drunk Chuyu and tries to drag her home but she refuses to leave until he wields his sword. He has no choice but to do it, Chuyu gets flashbacks of the old Rong Zhi but falls asleep when he is done. Rong Zhi tries to wake her up but she asks him why he always gives her a warm feeling. Rong Zhi ends up carrying her back home. After he is gone she starts laughing and they notice that she was never drunk, but he comes back to giver her, her shoe and hears everything.


Afterwards Shen Yu tells Rong Zhi the emperor is sending Zhao Qi out to aid Hou Xuan, which means she can’t do whatever she feels like anymore. Before he leaves he tells Rong Zhi that Chuyu is far from home, even if he doesn’t like her he should at least be nicer to her, Rong Zhi tells him that he is protecting her that way. On the other hand, Hou Xuan is getting ready for her last battle with Xue Xian. She receives a letter about Zhao Qi and attends a party at night to greet him.


During the party Zhao Qi forcibly takes a young girl which angers Hou Xuan. She barges into his room and asks him to let her go. He refuses but failed, Hou Xuan warns him to never force a girl in front of her and he tells her she will regret her decision today. After she leaves Zhao Qi is assassinated and she is forced to stay to investigate. Tian Ji Sect aids Xue Xian in attacking Hou Xuan’s army and locking her in the city.


Rong Zhi tries to ask permission to go to Jing Zhou since their report is five days late. But the rest of the people brushes it off thinking its nothing and before he can continue he collapse. Lan Rou tells Chuyu he is sick because of her and tells her to visit him. Chuyu tells the maids to take away the reports and tells him to rest or he will never see the reports again. She stays by his side taking care of him until he wakes up.


The officials of Jing Zhou wants to hand Hou Xuan to the enemy thinking if they do that then they will be safe. Hou Xuan tells them that if they do that then Jing Zhou will be ruined. She then heads to jail and free the prisoners.

Episode 24


Hou Xuan gathers all the prisoners into a courtyard and let out dogs to attack them. Afterwards she locks up the ones that ran away and recruit the ones that didn’t into the army. She tells them that if they can come back from the battle field alive, then they will be freed. She gives them food and notices that someone gave his ration away and he reveals that he is in prison because he killed 11 people, she tells someone to find out about him after. (He looks like Tian Ji Sect master, or is it just me?)


Qi Heng finds Le Yun and wants to kill her thinking someone sent her to bewitch Touba Yun. Touba Yun doesn’t let him and tells him to leave. After he is gone Touba Yun confesses to her, telling her to stay by his side. She tells him about herself and he believes her and takes her back to his manor. Later on someone reports to the emperor that Hou Xuan killed Zhao Qi. Not everyone believes him, therefore the emperor sends someone to Jing Zhou to bring her back. Rong Zhi hears of this news and heads to empress dowager to try to stop the emperor from bringing Hou Xuan back, but fails.


Touba Yun visits his mother who doesn’t like Le Yun and tells him if he wants her to stay then he needs to let two other girls to stay. Le Yun sees the two and becomes unhappy so she rips fabrics that he gifts her. Touba Yun comes and tells her shes the one in his heart cheering her up. Chuyu notices that Rong Zhi is still sick and is worried about him so she visits him at night. She notices someone running away hurriedly and realizes that someone has been harming Rong Zhi.


The emperor and empress dowager hears of this and heads to Rong Zhi’s manor. The physician tells them that thank goodness Chuyu stopped Rong Zhi from drinking in all the medicine or else he would of been dead by now. Shen Yu chases the guy all the way to Touba Yun’s manor, the emperor orders him to search his place. The guy ends up falling into Le Yun’s yard and she brings him into her room. Touba Yun’s two concubine brings him to Le Yun’s room and accuses her of cheating. Shen Yu arrives at this time and starts searching.

iiangelx3: Things are developing pretty fast considering Rong Zhi and Zhu Que doesn’t have much screen time together but they already care for each other. On the other hand every time I see Ma Xueyun I wanna choke her. Rong Zhi knew what she did but didn’t do anything to her, he probably is using her. Especially after what he said when Ma Zhong Liang was there.

15 thoughts on “[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 21-24

  1. i totally agree that RZ is using Ma XueYun, the more i watch the eps, the more it convince me that he only use her to gain his purpose.
    and RZ is trying to keep ZQ save? why? this cause me suspicions he doesn’t lost his memories. if he does lost his memories, it will become so much weird, how come he wants to save when he barely knows her? he definitely still has his memories and planned it ll before…
    RZ always has broad visions about everything, he has plan A, B! even to Z if he has to. so i really believe he doesn’t lost his memories..


    1. Maybe he fell in love with her again? That seems to be the case but they barely get screen time together so its hard to believe. I’m still waiting for the moment they both get their memories back.


  2. Hi Angel, Your profile picture is so beautiful(lady with lotus candle in water). Is it related to any novel or drama? Can you give me link to that novel. I think it might be a very interesting novel to read.


  3. Thank you for recapping this series. It helps me a lot when I’m watching it as I can read some chinese characters and when I don’t understand what is happening I read your recaps to clarify things. Thank you, please keep recapping 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Agree, they have barely any scenes and now they care? I guess sickness brings people closer?? At least if we aren’t getting more scenes together let them have reoccurring dreams about their past lives or something? Also, agree about Ma Xueyun, when will she be leaving??


  5. You are really fast!! Oh I got so frustrated watching this because Chu Yu and Rong Zhu have so little screentime. Hou Xuan/General Hou was on screen for more than half the time, and now she has a lookalike in Le Xuan? Someone was saying that they switched out the storyline and the main characters… -.- Rong Zhi’s cousin has gotten a lot of screentime as well. And all the good scenes were in the previews for episode 23-24, so now I feel cheated. 😛 Oh wells…

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