[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 17-20


Episode Count: 52

Where to Watch: Raw | Viki

Release Date: January 14, 2018. Two episodes every sunday and monday.

Synopsis: (includes potential spoilers)

In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decide to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple, Zhu Que (Guan Xiao Tong). There she meets the princess’s companion Rong Zhi (Song Wei Long), who is actually a spy from Northern Wei. They grow closer but their opposing goals hold them back. During the rebellion Liu Ziye and the real princess are killed. Both RongZhi and Zhu Que lose their memories. Some time afterwards, Zhu Que is sent to their neighboring country, Northern Wei to marry the prince who turns out to be RongZhi.

Episode 17


An old man is telling the story of Rong Zhi and Zhu Que, the people weren’t happy with the ending so he starts making up another story of them. The emperor of Northern Wei wants to appoint a prince regent to help him deal with politics for him. Touba Yun (Merxat) is certain the position will be his, but the position is given to Rong Zhi, recommended by Ma Zhong Liang.


Ma Xueyun is going to marry whom ever catches the ball she throws, which is Rong Zhi. When Ma Zhong Liang comes back and finds the two together he tests Rong Zhi to see if he really likes his daughter or is he just using her. Rong Zhi passes the test and Ma Zhong Liang congratulates him for becoming prince regent. The news gets to Touba Yun and gets angry but his mother hints someone they can use.


Hou Xuan (Bai Lu) a female general who has just captured the enemy, receives a letter about Rong Zhi’s marriage and rushes back. Feng Ting (Empress dowager, Rong Zhi’s sister) congratulates Rong Zhi, but finds out that Hou Xuan is heading back and Touba Yun is outside the city. She predicts Touba Yun is trying to cause trouble and tells Rong Zhi to think of a way to solve the problem.


Touba Yun confesses to Hou Xuan but she rejects him, so he starts provoking her instead, by saying Rong Zhi is just using her like hes using Ma Xueyun. She ignores him and heads to the city, there she is greeted by Shen Yu, who tells her that Rong Zhi never forgot their promise. She tells him that she will help him protect the kingdom and no matter how many girls he marry, she will be the only one who can stand by his side, and leaves. After she leaves Shen Yu asks Rong Zhi why he won’t see her and he states that she isn’t supposed to come back without notice because she’s a general and if they meet it will cause trouble for both of them.


Liu Song sent someone to Northern Wei to send them a gift. He presents three wooden dolls carved by Song princess, and states that if someone can solve the riddle within the dolls, then Song is willing to accept any peace treaty, if not Northern Wei has to give back the land.

Episode 18


Rong Zhi and Touba Yun both go and inspect the dolls. Touba Yun states that each doll represents three different kinds of people. The first can’t hold her tongue, the second nothing will go through her, and the third can hold secrets. Touba Yun thinks the third doll is the most precious one, but Rong Zhi thinks the first doll is because shes is the most straight forward, therefore is naive and cute. The ambassador from Liu Song states that their princess said the same thing Rong Zhi said, therefore he will be the one to marry their princess.


Touba Yun is happy that Rong Zhi needs to marry Liu Song princess because that means he can marry Ma Xueyun. On the other hand Ma Xueyun is throwing a fit, but Rong Zhi comforts her and tells her he is still going to marry her, the two of them can run away. Ma Zhong Liang comes in and stops them, he tells Rong Zhi that he is prince regent, therefore he can’t just run away because of love. Rong Zhi refuses to give up Ma Xueyun, therefore Ma Zhong Liang states that she will marry as his concubine, instead of wife. Touba Yun is furious when he hears the news, so he plans on assassinating Liu Song princess so Rong Zhi will be on the battle field again.


Liu Song princess predicted that she would get attached during the way so she waits for them ahead. During the ceremony she trips a few times. (LOL) Afterwards Rong Zhi goes to Ma Xueyun’s room instead, Chuyu finds out and eavesdrop on top of their roof with her maid. The roof collapse and she falls in. Rong Zhi wants her to apologize, but she states that he should be the one to because he left her and went to a concubine’s room.


The following day Rong Zhi finds Chuyu playing on the swing instead of learning etiquette’s. As she is leaving she passes by Ma Xueyun, Ma Xueyun pretends to be pushed by her but Chuyu catches her. Ma Xueyun’s maid (Bie Xie) tells her to let go and Chuyu does, causing Ma Xueyun to fall into the water. Bie Xie puts the blame on Chuyu, but Chuyu states that she is trying to scapegoat her and if she really wants to punish Ma Xueyun she can just push her, herself. Chuyu pushes Ma Xueyun and leaves leaving a furious Rong Zhi behind.


Three days later there will be a party in the palace, Feng Ting sent a maid to teach Chuyu etiquette. The maid tried to hit Chuyu for calling Rong Zhi his name instead of husband but Chuyu told Qing Yue to hit her back. Rong Zhi comes and stop her, he provokes her by saying if she doesn’t learn then she will beaten by all the other Northern Wei noble ladies.

Episode 19


Ma Xueyun is sick, Rong Zhi wants to leave his work behind and take care of her but she doesn’t let him. After he leaves she reveals that she scapegoat Chuyu to test how much Rong Zhi loves her, even if he knows it was her fault he is still on her side. On the other hand, during court everyone is discussing how to solve the lack of food for the soldiers. Touba Yun proposes to make the taxes higher, but is stopped by Rong Zhi, who states that he will think of a way within three days.


Three days later Shen Yu asks Rong Zhi how he plans on solving the problem. He finds out that Rong Zhi used his own money, but before they can continue they find someone eavesdropping outside. Rong Zhi tells Shen Yu to follow the original plan regardless, but warns him to be extra cautious. Even so the money for the supplies are stolen along the way.


Afterwards they head to the palace for the party, Rong Zhi and Ma Xueyun in one carriage, while Chuyu is in one herself. During the party a court official made fun of Liu Song people which angered Chuyu, causing her to attack him as she finishes her dance. Before anything can happen Rong Zhi tells the emperor he has something important to say.


Qi Heng was the one who stole the money and gave Touba Yun a surprise. The two plan on using them to get Rong Zhi in trouble, but before he can enter the palace the emperor came. Touba Yun states that Rong Zhi is trying to use his own money to buy the army and in order to come up with all this money he must of took it from some place else. The emperor believes him but Rong Zhi tells people to open the crates which contains horse poop and not money. Rong Zhi tells them that horse poop can be sold and used for soil and planting. Touba Yun apologizes to Rong Zhi, the emperor punishes him by telling him to stay at home.


Ma Xueyun and Chuyu rides the carriage home but Chuyu couldn’t stand her nagging so she got off half way. Chuyu and Qing Yue start looking around the city but finds a Liu Song person taking advantage of someone. She finds out that he is a fake and takes him back with her. Rong Zhi is angry when she comes back and she tells him what she found, but when they check the carriage the person is dead.


Episode 20


Hou Xuan receives a letter from Rong Zhi telling her to do something for him. She invites the officials around the province and tries to ask them for help with the food shortage problem. These officials claims that they don’t have money and refuses to help. Therefore she feeds them carp, which is forbidden to eaten and uses that to capture them. Hou Xian kills off one of the officials scaring the rest and they finally donate supplies. Tian Ji Sect sends people to steal the supplies disguised as Liu Song army.


Touba Yun’s mother made the emperor let Touba Yun out of his manor. Qi Heng visits Touba Yun to tell him the good news but he is drowning in his own sorrow because Hou Xuan might get in trouble for threatening the court officials. At night a Liu Song ambassador gets drunk and starts killing people causing others to hate on Liu Song people even more.. The next morning all the maids avoid Chuyu. Rumors also spread that claim Chuyu is a spy.


The following day Rong Zhi is appointed to kill the Liu Song ambassador (He Shan). Lan Rou tells Chuyu what happened and she heads out to see Northern Wei people bullying Liu Song people. She tries to protect a child but instead the people start blaming her for everything and throws things at her. Rong Zhi comes just in time to send Shen Yu to save her and takes her to prison to see He Shan, but when they get there he is already dead.


Chuyu realizes that Rong Zhi isn’t trying to help her but making sure He Shan is a real one and not a fake. She asks him why he isn’t willing to help Liu Song people who are living here. Shen Yu tells her that if it weren’t for Rong Zhi, they would all either be in prison or dead by now. Chuyu has a way to prove He Shan is innocent and Rong Zhi takes her to see the emperor. When they get to the palace the emperor is busy so Chuyu had to wait. She roams around and finds Touba Yu (emperor’s brother) and his maid bad mouth about her. She gets angry and cuts off the maid’s hair.


Touba Yu collapse all of a sudden, the emperor came and called the physician who tells them that Touba Yu is poisoned. He wakes up and claims that Chuyu was the cause of it. The maid search her and find that shes carrying poinsettia which is poisonous, especially to Touba Yu. Everyone starts pointing at her but she states that Liu Song doesn’t have poinsettia. Not only that if shes been carry it around then the scent should also be on her but it isn’t.

iiangelx3:  Sorry for the late update, my laptop broke down so I had to get a new one. I’m not really liking the new personalities that they gave Zhu Que and Rong Zhi. The Zhu Que right now is too impulsive and doesn’t think before she acts. However I do like how Merxat is portraying Touba Yun, he fits the role pretty well.

30 thoughts on “[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 17-20

  1. What was the point of the first 16 episodes? I just started to like the storyline and suddenly everything reset and I can not connect with the new personality of the girl and story line…odd!


  2. What in the world is going on? I loved the first arc, please tell me I did not waste watching 16 episodes to have the story branch out to some other nonsense. I want to finish this series to see if they gain their memories back, but what if the end ingis just as disappointing.
    Anyways, thanks for recapping!


  3. The first 16 episodes stayed true to the novel and then after that it separates. The director of the drama is known to to butcher novel to drama adoptions.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I just read from somewhere that the second part of this drama is actually a totally new storyline/new plot. The characters are not related to the part from ep1-16. When i first read that i was so devastated thinking that the original chuyu and rongzhi will never meet again.

    However thinking back it does make sense because both of them now character wise are so different than before. (not to mention rongzhi looks so much younger and a lot less charismatic. It like going from 25 to 19!)

    I have followed up to ep 38 and i don’t see any hints of this story to be linked back to the first back. I’m still hoping to see the old tong zhi and chuyu tho.


    1. I don’t understand why the stories would not be connected though? Like what was the point of the whole first arc then? They should’ve split this into two separate seasons or something if it is so unrelated. Idk, I am going to hope this theory is wrong and they remember somehow.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m still waiting for them to explain how Chu yu becomes this new personality. Did I miss something? I know RZ was poisoned….was Chuyu poisoned too?


          1. who poisoned him???? and is he originally already like from northern wei or is he made to think that way? Like why does he remember all his life but not just the time he was in another country? Also what happen to all the characters from before? wouldn’t they recognize him ….. sorry for the questions!!!!


            1. His sister (Feng Ting). He is originally from northern Wei. Why he doesn’t remember certain things, I have no idea. The characters from before are gone probably, they never said.


  6. Thank you for the recaps…well it seems so different from the novel, well just curious cause there is some preview that rong zhi and chuyu end up together…( maybe )…still confused with the plot of this drama so far…thanks anyway….appreciate your hard work…


  7. The second arc of Untouchable Lovers remind me a lot of the novel Eastern Palace. There, the heroine is a free-spirited princess from a kingdom who got married to the Imperial Crown Prince for a peace treaty. The Crown Prince favors his concubine more than her and he pretty much blames her whenever the concubine has a problem. Later, it’s revealed that the Crown Prince was actually doting the concubine because he was waiting for the perfect time to pull down her father, an influential minister. And he actually married the princess before once, using another identity. This enabled him to conquer her kingdom. So, the princess, realizing her fault in the mess and that her husband will do anything for power, jumped into the River of Oblivion, with him falling too in order to catch her. This is how they lost their memories. However, the princess recovers hers and she sees that her husband is the same as ever (but in this present, he loves her more). So she decides to kill herself and her husband remembers their past time together.
    I heard that this book is currently being adapted into a drama, starring Fan Bing Bing’s protégée and the actor who played Yang Kang in the latest LOTC remake.
    Plus, the setup of female general character, Hou Xuan, is similar to Consort Dugu in the drama Glory of the Tang Dynasty.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I guess I’m in the minority lol I love her new personality—probably because I just love her and her maid together, they are a hilarious duo. It’s really odd how they changed RZ’s personality and his new girl HAS GOT TO GO! I don’t like her at all, faking the miscarriage like really?? Also, I just can’t stand that we are supposed to root for these people who barely have scenes together and seem annoyed with each other. I would have liked it if they had them at least be friends in the beginning even if they didn’t like each other.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Merxant was supposed to be Rong Zhi?! I like him as Touba Yun and thats it.
    I really like Rong Zhi’s maid too! I’m still believeing that its not Rong Zhi but someone controlling him.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. So funny that I don’t like Merxat as Touba Yun at all. After watching these few episodes, I was so glad that Song Weilong took over from him to play Rong Zhi. He may not be the best actor, but I am not really feeling Merxat in this drama. It is not completely his fault, his character must be written pretty poorly. I also don’t like any of his other love interests. They are so two dimensional.
    Zhu Que is too impulsive and acts without thinking. The big highlight is Zhu Que’s maid. They are a riot together. My episodes ended a little bit ahead of yours and Rong Zhi is really confusing to me. Someone commented on the last recap that Rong Zhi is probably just using all “those love interests” and he really doesn’t care for any of them. And I am starting to believe that theory.

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