[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 13-16


Episode Count: 52

Where to Watch: Raw | Viki

Release Date: January 14, 2018. Two episodes every sunday and monday.

Synopsis: (includes potential spoilers)

In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decide to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple, Zhu Que (Guan Xiao Tong). There she meets the princess’s companion Rong Zhi (Song Wei Long), who is actually a spy from Northern Wei. They grow closer but their opposing goals hold them back. During the rebellion Liu Ziye and the real princess are killed. Both RongZhi and Zhu Que lose their memories. Some time afterwards, Zhu Que is sent to their neighboring country, Northern Wei to marry the prince who turns out to be RongZhi.

Episode 13


Zhu Que doesn’t shoot the emperor but runs away and the soldiers came and kill him. She runs to out but He Ji is there waiting for her so she runs to the grand empresses room with He Ji chasing her. She escapes through a secret tunnel under the bed. The next day the Liu Yu becomes emperor and sends people to kill Tian Ji Sect including Zhu Que, but by the time he gets to the sect the people are gone.


Zhong Yue captures Liu Se who rants out that the princess is running away so he tries to capture them. Rong Zhi uses the rest of his strength to trick them and they hurriedly leave, Zhu Que catches up to them a while later. When Zhong Yue realizes he’s been tricked, he sends more people to attack but Rong Zhi’s army arrives just in time and he retreats once again.


Afterwards Rong Zhi wants to talk to Zhu Que alone but is interrupted by He Jue. He Jue reveals that Rong Zhi has been using Hua Cou all along, Hua Cou curse him that one day he will be abandoned by the one he loves. Rong Zhi lets Hua Cou go and he tells him he will get revenge.


After he leaves Zhu Que takes Huan Yuan’s sword and talks to him alone. Zhu Que reveals that she knew he was using her all along but still asks Rong Zhi if he likes her, he tells her no, and that everything was a lie. She tells him that she will leave him and from now on they’ll just be strangers. She then leaves with Huan Yuan, Liusang and You Lan to Jizhou.

Episode 14


Now that Rong Zhi is freed his army is attacking Liu Yu, whos army is lead by Shen Youzhi and Zhong Yue. Rong Zhi’s army succeeds in gaining the seven counties of Huaixi and plans on keep attacking north. Shen Youzhi doesn’t want to let the emperor know that they failed so he lied to Liu Yu. On the other hand Tian Si persuades Liu Yu to lead the army himself so they both head to Jizhou.


Zhu Que, Huan Yuan and Liusang has settled down in Jizhou for a month. They see a bunch of people trying to leave the city because the Northern Wei army (Rong Zhi’s army) is heading north. Before they can decide if they want to leave as well, the guards blocked the exit. At night Liusang and Huan Yuan tries to cheer Zhu Que up by gifting her flowers. When she returns to her room Rong Zhi is there and confesses that he likes her. She tells him she doesn’t want him anymore.


The following day Zhong Niannian comes and tell them she is Liusang’s sister and wants to take him away. Zhu Que doesn’t want Liusang to be indanger so she lets him go. Before Zhong Niannian leaves she passed by the emperor and left behind a hankerchief with Huan Yuan’s poem. Th emperor then sends someone to find Huan Yuan and wants him to work for him. Huan Yuan knows that Rong Zhi is behind all this so he leaves knowing that Rong Zhi will continue to protect Zhu Que.


Mo Xiang finds Huan Yuan while he is leaving and tells him to work for the emperor. He tells Huan Yuan that Tian Si is here and is working for Liu Yu, and wants him to keep an eye on Tian Si who is also Zhu Que’s enemy. Huan Yuan agrees since he can protect Zhu Que this way. After Huan Yuan leaves Rong Zhi sends someone to take Zhu Que away because she might be find out soon. On their way they are stopped by Hua Cou.

Episode 15


Hua Cou is held back by a few of Rong Zhi’s men while Zhu Que is sent away. Zhu Que pass by a group of people who left their homes because of the war. Zhu Que gives these people all her food and finds out that Rong Zhi’s army was the cause of this. Due to the incident she is reminded that her old family sold her, causing her to blame Rong Zhi even more. Hua Cou catches up to Zhu Que and this time captures her and You Lan.


On the other hand Rong Zhi is planning to be defeated by Liu Yu’s army. Liu Yu believes that he has won and starts celebrating. During the celebration, Rong Zhi and his army takes over the city. Liu Yu runs away with Shen Youzhi, leaving Zhong Yue behind. Rong Zhi catches up to them and just before he killed Liu Yu, Tian Si arrives.


Rong Zhi’s general also change to Tian Si’s side under the order of Feng Ting, Rong Zhi’s sister. Feng Ting feels threatened by Rong Zhi so she wants him dead. Even so Rong Zhi isn’t afraid until Hua Cou brings up Zhu Que and You Lan.

Episode 16


Under Rong Zhi’s influence, You Lan reveals that she has been dropping hints so Hua Cou can catch up to them. She is jealous of Zhu Que because shes the only one he loves so she wants her dead. Hua Cou kills her after Rong Zhi states he doesn’t care about her. Hua Cou threatens Rong Zhi with Zhu Que’s life but before he can kill her she tries to kill herself but Rong Zhi stops both of them.


Rong Zhi requests to speak to Zhu Que alone since he is unable to escape anyway. Tian Si lets them stopping Liu Yu who wants them both dead. Alone, Rong Zhi explains to her why he rejected her at first and asks her if she is willing to jump the cliff with him again. She refuses him because of the people she saw earlier. Rong Zhi then jumps down the cliff.


To make sure that Rong Zhi is really dead everyone heads down the cliff to find his corpse, which they do. Mo Xiang arrives to take Rong Zhi’s corpse with him and questioning everyone who forced his dead. Mo Xiang reveals that Zhong Yue was the one who forced the people out of their homes using Rong Zhi’s name, causing her to regret her actions.


Tian Yi Sect master captures Zhu Que wanting to kill her. Tian Si comes just in time to save her, and to assure the sect master that she won’t remember anything, Tian Si erases her memory. He then persuades Liu Yu that Zhu Que is still useful and she is once again princess Chuyu. Rong Zhi is saved by his shi xiong but he puts something in his body so he can be controlled by Feng Ting.

iiangelx3:  Well…. great. They both lose their memories after everything they’ve been through. I guess this is where they depart from the novel. I searched the trailers for the next two episodes and Rong Zhi completely changes, not sure if I’m going to continue watching or not. (ಠ ∩ಠ)

35 thoughts on “[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 13-16

  1. Hey iiangelx3, I just watched ep 19-20.. I really really really miss episodes 1-16. All of these are just crazy. There are no continuity and they placed too much focus on new characters. Chu Yu and Rong Zhi had very little scenes… Chu Yu/Zhu Que became brazen and stupid and impulsive. She used to be reasonable, smart and was able to weather crises with calm and thoughtfulness. Now she just throws her weight around and orders Rong Zhi around. The both of them used to be very good with the big picture and navigated relationships skillfully. When someone slighted her (the poet who was good with the zither), she did not lose her cool and looked for the underlying cause. Now she fights with every person who offended her – the maid, random strangers on the street and demands justice to be done. Rong Zhi now spends his time outsmarting his cousin.. and succeeds only sometimes. The old Rong Zhi would be able to predict it all and prevent it before it would reach him. Things would happen because of him but you won’t know that he orchestrated them. Was very impressed with how he got Nian Nian to ruin Zhu Que/Chu Yu’s plans with the poets. Now he is constantly reacting and at loss and you get his bodyguard echoing his thoughts and actions for Chu Yu/Zhu Que to hear. It is ridiculous…


  2. I liked the first 16 episodes…saw the preview trailers for the next few episodes and dunno what to expect anymore. Rongzi and Chuyu both had personality changes. This second part feels like a different story with same names. Another thing I’m quite sad is most of the side characters like HuanYuan and Huang Yi zhi were reduced to purposeless existence….Will still continue to watch just to see what they are going to do with the story. Rongzi no longer monogamous haha fans will cry…

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    1. I don’t know why they gave him another love interest. They could have done without it. I am also sad that a lot of supporting characters that I liked are mia. I wanted more Huan Yuan. But I do love her new maid.
      I just see them as being under different circumstances so their actions differ. She is the most different one since she is just not cautious with some of her actions which I find oc.

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      1. I think they went overboard with the love interest. Yumama gave Rong Zhi minus Chu Yu, a total of 3 (his concubine, the female general, and some other minor wife. Yumama was talking about on his Weibo how he wanted the whole “to truly understand each other, they need to become each other” so he swapped Chuyu and Rong Zhi’s position @_@.

        Rong Zhi’s love interests = Chuyu’s male harem
        Rong Zhi’s sister = Chuyu’s brother
        Rong Zhi’s concubine = Chuyu’s husband

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          1. Right?! But I think it’s Yumama’s way of saying (defending himself cuz he’s getting a lot hate), Rong Zhi doesn’t care for them either. lol.

            I don’t even think Yumama knows what’s happening in his drama. He mentioned that they had to shoot some parts over and over again and he changed a few things multiple times. His blog entries are all over the place.

            -Claims there’s no second wife, no pregnancy, it’s all a scheme. Yet earlier, he was like there will be pregnancy.
            -Claims Wei Kingdom episodes has nothing to do with Song part of the story.
            -Claims there’s no “amnesia” since it’s a “new beginning” yet Chuyu is carrying around that fragrance thing that Rong Zhi initially made for her.


            1. Just saw the last episodes and previews and I am not happy. They made RongZhi into a fickle guy. He loved this girl then now he starts to like his wife in such a short time. I want to see them fall in love, but now I really wish he didn’t have a second love interest. In this second part, the villains are so poorly written and acted imo. At least the crazy emperor made sense and even made you feel for him at times.


                  1. especially with the scene where Chuyu pushed Xue Yun into the water. Rong Zhi was all talk and not action. He was literally right there…LOL. If he actually cared about her, I doubt Rong Zhi would let Chuyu push his supposedly love of his life into the water. He even wasted a few minutes demadning why Chuyu did that…I mean…if my boyfriend fell into the water I suppose I would rescue him first and then maybe argue with the person who pushed him down…HAHAHAHHAA


    2. Ikr. I really like Huan Yuan and Wang Yi Zhi, thought somehow, their existence might be a threat to Rong Zhi. Since, these two, can give Chuyu what she desire the most, freedom from all these scheming and a carefree lifestyle. But, now half-way to the drama, their gone. I was hoping to see him jealous to see his wife be so over-friendly with other men he’s not familiar with.


  3. I am glad they finally lost their memories. Now we can move on to a different part of the story. I have a feeling RZis not completely gone and she showed signs that her memory could come back.
    Hua Cou just lost it in several ways. I felt bad for him at first but later I felt like RZ should have killed him when he had the chance.

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  4. Have you read the novel? The part about them losing their memories was never in the novel, was it? I saw the synopsis on Shushengbar and none of it mentioned the amnesia.. or the marriage. Yeah it all looks crazy from here on out. Episodes 1-16 was strong because it was following the source material.. I wonder how it will turn out. Rong Zhi doesn’t seem all in control and Zhu Que seems more like the original Princess Chu Yu? Brazen and uncaring of social mores. But I saw an interesting trailer on weibo last night, perhaps hinting that Rong Zhi (even in his amnesiac form) is not what he seems.. now that will make me continue. Adding a 2nd female lead now though.. I know lots of people were up in arms about it. They all said that Rong Zhi really “died” when he jumped the cliff. Because he is basically unrecognisable. xD

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    1. I just finished the novel a few days ago and the amnesia isn’t in the novel. They never married in the novel either. I agree both of them doesn’t seem like themselves anymore. I love Rong Zhi’s character, but we’ll see how much he has changed. And I’m already hating on the second female lead. xD


      1. Hahaha. Was the novel good? I heard it is super long, so I didn’t want to sink my teeth into it yet. Yeah Rong Zhi used to have that omnipresent calm and forward thinking. Now Rong Zhi is still calculative but less in control. They have also gone and gotten rid of most of the ensemble – besides Rong Zhi and Zhu Que, everyone else is a new face. I like that Zhu Que doesn’t get bullied and bites as much as she gives. But I miss her quick wittedness before the amnesia though! Now she is all guts and I am not sure how much wits..

        Also, lots of people were speculating that Rong Zhi was using the 2nd female lead – a lot of evidence points that way. Kinda makes me feel better? Someone was saying that he is using the women in his life to fight his battles and this isn’t like Rong Zhi. Though didn’t he technically also did that when he siddled up to Princess Chu Yu when he was a menke?

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        1. I’ve read longer novels so this on was okay. The second half of the book was more interesting than the first half, but I did enjoy the book. What I like about RZ is that he is elegant and always smiling, so you never know what he’s thinking but the drama is taking that away from me. 😦

          As for using the women part, in the novel he took a pill that connected his life with Chuyu’s. So he had to protect her, otherwise he would of died too. That left that out in the drama.


          1. Oh! Why would he tie his life together with Chuyu’s? Was this before or after he fell in love with her? Haha. Now I am intrigued to start the novel 😀


            1. Chuyu was the one who told Tian Si to capture RZ for her. He was gonna kill him but she didn’t let him, so to prevent him from escaping or harming the princess he tied their lives together.


        2. That’s what I thought too. I thought Rong Zhi used the original Princess Chu Yu. I can’t get myself to read 300+ chapters so I’m basing this off a few chapters, but felt like he was a user from the start (lol). I actually wonder why he ranks so high in “favorite male characters” among Chinese netizens. But then again I never read the whole novel. Him using the females to control the court is not far fetched idea…at least to me.


          1. Yes I believe he was. And drama-Chuyu did say that – he ran her estate well, but it would crumble without him. Setting up a system that was dependent on him is dooming it to failure once he leaves and that isn’t the mark of someone without motive. Although I have to say he backed off graciously when she started taking away his influence and didn’t seem pertubed.


            1. Well Chuyu was the whole reason why RZ was captured. Afterwards he made an agreement with Chuyu that if he stayed she would let him handle the affairs of the manor.


              1. Wow.. so many layers and it was left out in the show! :O No wonder Tian Si was so bent on going after Rong Zhi.. all because of Chu Yu! :O Pretty smart of Tian Si to tie Chu Yu’s life to Rong Zhi then! :O


  5. I was shocked the way he died but happy she didn’t shoot him. When RZ said no I rolled my eyes YOU LIKE HER!!! WE ALL KNOW and Yes! Finally they’ve lost their memories 🙌🙌🙌

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