Updated: February Airing List

List of dramas that are tentative to air in February. This list will be updated as more dates are announced.

February Dramas

The Negotiator starring Yang Mi, Huang Zitao, etc. will start airing February 4th on Hunan Golden Eagle Theater. It is set to have 42 episodes.

Note: I have been seeing a lot of SARFT question marks and last year it got pulled back by SARFT. More likely than not it will air, if it doesn’t it is due to SARFT. The Gods was being rumored as airing on this time slot until this week.

Memory of Love starring Wallace Chung, Maggie Jiang, Yan Aaron, etc. will start airing February 7th on Dragon and Jiangsu TV. It is expected to have 41 episodes. Eng subs by Viki. 

Fire (走火) starring Yu Yi, Gao Minrui, etc. is set to start airing February 7th on Beijing TV. It has 30 episodes.

Wonderful Life starring Zhang Jia Yi, Li Xiao Ran, etc. will start airing February 29th on Dragon and Beijing TV. It is set to have 40 episodes.

My Bittersweet Taiwan starring Zhu Xiao Qing, Liu Yi Hao, etc. will start airing February 20th on  Zhejian TV with 52 episodes.

I Cannot Hug You Season 2 starring Xing Zhao Lin, Zhang Yu Xi, etc. will start airing February 9th on Sohu.


You Lan Hu Zhi Yuchu Jiadao: starring Xu Ke, Li Mengying, etc. will star airing February 1st on Tencent with 36 episodes.

Love my Cat: starring Wang Jingli, Xie Xintong, etc. will star airing February 1st on iQIYI.

Debut: starring Ye Zaicheng, Zhou Sheng , Aoxiang, etc. will star airing February 7th on Mango TV (online streaming site).

The Lost Swordship: starring Wu You, Ren Yan Kai, Gao Guangze, etc. will star airing February 8th on iQIYI with 36 episodes.

Country Love (tentative): starring Zhao Benshan, Xiao-Li Wang, Liu Xiaoguang, etc. will star airing February 18th on Tencent.

The Ferry Man (film) starring Yu Yi, He Hua, Ni Hongjie, etc. will air February 1st on iQIYI

For other films airing this month please refer to Movies Released on Chinese New Year 2018.

I would expect a lot of web dramas to announce their airing schedule in the upcoming days.

Overall it feels pretty underwhelming. I have a feeling that SARFT kind of ruined plans for a few of these stations. Last I heard, Win the World will have to do serious revisions. It is said that SARFT is being extremely harsh on historical dramas airing this year and companies fear that a lot of upcoming projects won’t be able to air soon. All stations are having trouble getting their historical dramas approved.

I will be checking out Memories of Love just because Wallace Chung ❤ and continue watching Untouchable Lovers.

4 thoughts on “Updated: February Airing List

    1. State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT). They regulate radio, movies, and tv shows. They ban certain things and are pretty much responsible the butchering of several tv shows by forcing them to cut scenes and edit stuff out 😦 but without their approval TV shows are not allowed to air.


  1. Yeah I feel the severe lack of ancient dramas when there are usually a couple in the beginning of the year. Do you know if fantasy/xianxia dramas are subjected to the strict regulations as well?


    1. I don’t think so just because I feel like most of the issues that SARFT is raising are due to historical accuracy and xianxias take place in imaginary worlds. I just don’t think these stations have a lot of high profile xianxias available. They have a few that they reserved for Summer and the rest they just don’t think will give them high ratings right now. Hunan already announced three or so dramas it will air around Summer time and they are all modern dramas.


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