[FEATURE] Rising Stars of Yang Mi Studio


Have you ever wondered what talents are managed under Jaywalk Studio AKA Yang Mi Studio? Well, you’re in luck! Here is a list of some of the rising stars that are managed under the studio. You may recognize some names, as they’ve pretty much become huge stars already. However, they’re still rookies when compared to the prowess of Yang Mi, but, nonetheless, they’re all still very popular.

*Note I did not list all of the dramas and movies that each actor/actress has been in.


Dilireba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴)
Age: 25 (06/03/1992)
Alma Mater: Shanghai Theatre Academy
Notable Roles: Fu Qu (Swords of Legends, 2014), Bai Feng Jiu (Eternal Love, 2017), Gongsun Li (The King’s Woman, 2017)
Has Starred In: V Love (2014), Diamond Lover (2015), Legend of Ban Shu (2015), Liu Shan Men (2016), Hot Girl (2016), Pretty Li Hui Zhen (2017), Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice (2017), Namiya (2017)
Upcoming Projects: The Flame’s Daughter (w. Vic Zhou), Sweet Dreams (w. Deng Lun), Three Lives Three World Pillow Book (w. Vengo Gao)

Leon Zhang Yun Long (张云龙)
Age: 29 (06/02/1988)
Alma Mater: Beijing Film Academy
Notable Roles: Hei Yao (Swords of Legends, 2014), Wang Xu Dong (The Interpreter, 2016), Zhao Yun/Yan Feng (Xuan Yuan Sword-Han Cloud, 2017)
Has Starred In: V Love (2014), A Different Kind of Pretty Man (2014), Destined to Love You (2015), Hero Dog 2 (2016), A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2 (2016), Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice (2017)
Upcoming Projects: Tears in Heaven (w. Li Qin), In Youth (w. Qiao Xin), My Poseidon (w. Li Kai Xin)

Vin Zhang Bin Bin (张彬彬)
Age: 25 (01/19/1993)
Alma Mater: Shanghai Theatre Academy
Notable Roles: KO (Love 020, 2016), Li Jing (Eternal Love, 2017), Ying Zheng (The King’s Woman, 2017)
Has Starred In: V Love (2014), Chronicle of Life (2016), The Legend of the Monster (2016), Angel Wings (2016), Pretty Li Hui Zhen (2017)
Upcoming Projects: The Flame’s Daughter (w. Dilireba), Love Happening (w. Zheng He Hui Zi)

Vengo Gao Wei Guang (高伟光)
Age: 35 (01/16/1983)
Alma Mater: Central Academy of Drama
Notable Roles: Yin Qian Shang (Swords of Legends, 2014), Gao Jia Ming (The Interpreter, 2016), Dong Hua (Eternal Love, 2017)
Has Starred In: V Love (2014), Destined to Love You (2015), The Legend of Zu (2015), Legend of Ban Shu (2015), The Classic of Mountains and Seas (2016), Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice (2017), Xuan Yuan Sword-Han Cloud (2017)
Upcoming Projects: Legend of Fu Yao (w. Yang Mi), Three Lives Three World Pillow Book (w. Dilireba)

Sierra Li Xi Rui (李溪芮)
Age: 28 (01/30/1989)
Alma Mater: Minzu University of China
Notable Roles: Wu Jia Yi (The Interpreter, 2016), Xia Qiao (Pretty Li Hui Zhen, 2017)
Has Starred In: V Love (2014), Legend of Fragrance (2015), Legend of Ace (2016)
Upcoming Projects: Pretty Man (w. Dylan Xiong), To Love To Heal (w. Jiang Chao) – Both of these dramas are currently airing!

Maggie Huang Meng Ying (黄梦莹)
Age: 27 (12/06/1990)
Alma Mater: Beijing Film Academy
Notable Roles: Su Jin (Eternal Love, 2017), Xiao Yu (Princess Agents, 2017), Duo Xia (Lost Love in Times, 2017
Has Starred In: A Clear Midsummer Night (2012), Royal Sister Returns (2016)
Upcoming Projects: In Youth

Bambi Zhu Xu Dan (祝绪丹)
Age: 25 (04/15/1992)
Alma Mater: Central Academy of Drama
Notable Roles: Shen Nu (Eternal Love, 2017)
Has Starred In: Chronicle of Live (2016), Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua (2017), Soul Stitcher (2017)
Upcoming Projects: The Negotiator, Sweet Dreams

Daisy Dai Si (代斯)
Age: 26 (08/14/1991)
Alma Mater: Central Academy of Drama
Notable Roles: Yan Zhi (Eternal Love, 2017)
Has Starred In: Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud (2017)
Upcoming Projects: The Flame’s Daughter, In Youth

Wayne Liu Rui Lin (刘芮麟)
Age: 27 (10/06/1990)
Alma Mater: Beijing Film Academy
Notable Roles: Zi Lan (Eternal Love, 2017)
Has Starred In: The Witness (2015), Who Sleeps My Bro (2016),
Upcoming Projects: Royal Highness (filmed, not yet aired), The Flame’s Daughter (w. Dilireba), In Youth

Lion Lai Yi (赖艺)
Age: 27 (11/29/1990)
Alma Mater: Beijing Film Academy
Notable Roles: Die Feng (Eternal Love, 2017)
Has Starred In: The Witness (2015), Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua (2017)
Upcoming Projects: The Negotiators, The Flame’s Daughter, Legend of Fu Yao, Braveness of the Ming (filmed, not yet aired)



What do you think of these up and rising actors/actresses? Comment below! ^_^



26 thoughts on “[FEATURE] Rising Stars of Yang Mi Studio

  1. does anybody here know if Zhang yun long well have any new project in historical drama sometime this yrs i am looking forward to see him in another main lead although it his first main lead guy in Xuan Yuan Sword-Han Cloud, 2017) his acting in their was SUPERB…. that my own humble option to myself i don’t any other are fan to him or not but i like him in that drama and i also think his personally are very cute and fun to…. i do see few clip of In Youth and Tear in heaven but i heard that the dram was push so that mean it haven’r been release yet??/


    1. I don’t know of any other than the modern dramas that he is currently filming. Hopefully he does venture back to historical dramas soon! He does look very dashing in those outfits!


  2. I actually like that they’re from the same studio and starred in many of the same productions. I really enjoyed 3L3W and thought their acting was great. I think drama productions are very complex – considerations of what dramas get green-lit in a vast market like China, production decisions like spending on dubbing, sets, costumes, special effects, casting more expensive famous artists or new faces, whether the shows even end up getting aired a year or two later – so if these talented actresses and actors from 3L3W get more work, reasonable work standards and visibility by being part of Yang Mi’s Studio, good for them.

    Also, after watching 3L3W, I’d like to think somewhere that the actresses and actors who played the Ghost Princess and the Kunlan Disciple, and Feng Jui and Dong Hua, are having coffee somewhere and chatting together since their characters couldn’t get together in the storyline…even if it’s just as real people hanging out at Yang Mi’s studio as co-workers.

    I do hope they get Yuk-Fan Lam/Lin Yu Fen (not sure which is the proper spelling of her name) back to direct the Pillow Book after her excellent job on 3L3W. She seems to have a talent for connecting with actresses and actors and drawing out their best acting.


  3. Looks like Dilraba’s acting flaws are getting exposed because she stopped taking on roles close to her personality. It’ll be a challenge for her to gain recognition as a lead actress; maybe she can start with pillow book since it was such a huge hit.

    I think out of this batch, Zhang Binbin will hit it big. He has visuals and most importantly, people love his acting.

    Vengo is stiff and awkward in about everything. I think he’s really better off as a model.

    They need to give Li Xirui better dramas. She’s pretty and and can act, but she definitely won’t hit it big if they continue to cast her in mediocre dramas. Pretty Man and To Love To Heal were both boring.

    Zhu Xudan is really pretty! I never knew she was under Jay Walk.

    Agree that they should branch out and stop acting with one another lol.


    1. One of the actresses who was a lead in V Love was with Yang Mi studio and she left a while ago. I’m not sure if any of them will leave anytime soon. They’re all getting lots of attention just being with Yang Mi. Lol.


  4. This was an eyeopener – I didn’t realize so many were under her company’s wings. I’m looking forward to The Flame’s Daughter. Just a question: Did Vengo Dao go into film/tv acting from another career? He’s quite a bit older but doesn’t seem to have many more dramas to his name.


      1. I guess he was just a normal student. I read that he failed to enroll in central drama of academy, and only got admitted in 2008 (when he was 25?). So perhaps he might have started late in the industry since he probably graduated when he was close to 30.


  5. Thanks for the post!
    I think Yang Mi’s company is great at promoting them but at some point, they really need to act outside their circle. I keep seeing the same drama repeated for these actors and actresses (flame daughter, In youth, legend of fuyao). It would be nice to see them paired up with other new faces.
    Props to her studio for producing so many new faces where most are actually getting some lime light tho.


  6. This was a really nice informative post ^^ Thanks!

    It is interesting that most of their memorable roles are in YangMi’s dramas. This is both really smart of them and their biggest weakness. If they cannot move past YangMi’s shadow, it will be hard.

    Acting wise I like Maggie, she has some notable roles outside her company. She impressed me a lot with Sujin. I hated her so much and she did such a good job with that role which takes skill. Now the problem is that she is type casted into villain roles. Dilireba needs to practice her craft a bit more. I feel like she tends to play the same character, which is a bit like her real life persona and sometimes it works for that character but other times it really falls flat. One thing for sure all the girls are so pretty.

    I personally think that they need to stop putting them together. They need to branch them out to other production companies. They got their name out there now it is to give them a little space. Not all of them but the most popular ones like Dilireba, Maggie, Zhang Vin, and Vengo. There are only so many versions of their relationships that I can watch before it gets hard for me to see them as the character and not the actor.


  7. Dilireba… she needs better roles and more acting improvements.
    Lion… vaguely remember him lol.
    Even though all of them still have a long way in career and acting improvements, Zhang Bin Bin has the most potential in my opinion.
    Leon and Sierra are really the cases of slowly rising from second leads to main leads. Hopefully, Sierra can pull off her main lead roles. Leon seems alright in his… but I haven’t really watched them to genuinely say his acting improve or not.
    Wayne… he needs more roles lol.
    They seriously need to give Dai Si more roles and promote her more.
    Maggie…she’s pretty solid in the roles that she plays (most being fantasy or ancient setting roles). Hopefully, her character is a happier type in the drama In Youth lol.
    Zhu Xu Dan…saw potential in her being able to play a villain or be on the good side. Saw Soul Stitcher which she was pretty solid in with Dylan. She really fits the ancient aesthetic lol. If the studio wanted to, they can land her more roles in webdramas which could be her niche. But it’s good they are attempting to branch her out and promoting her more now (ex: Sweet Dreams).
    Vengo… he should play a member of a rock band LOL. I feel like such role would fit him.


  8. Haven’t watched Lion in anything but ZBB and DR (but sometimes I think they might typecast, so hopefully she gets more intense roles) are great they have a lot of potential also Maggie, I can see going places she did amazing as Sun Jin, would like to see how she fairs as a lead, after she gets her “feet wet” and I hope she doesn’t get typecast. Sierra too, though she’s sometimes stiff for me, it might also be the dubbing too


  9. Zhang Bin Bin is pretty great. I think he’s quite a chameleon.

    I’m not sure about how I feel about Dilireba’s acting. A lot of folks seem to like her, but her acting doesn’t do anything for me. In “The King’s Woman” all she did was scowl even when she was supposed to be sad.


  10. For me, the most talented is Zhang Bin Bin (haven’t watched Wayne Liu before though) and I am keen to watch more of Zhu Xu Dan, Zhang Yun Long, Lai Yi and Sierra Li. ZXD and Lai Yi piqued me in Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua, ZYL is a good looking lad and was decent in the bits of Interpreter/Xuan Yuan Sword I saw and Sierra Li always made her second female lead relatable so anticipate her lead roles.

    I really think Diliereba should take her time to learn her art as she really ruined The King’s Woman – catapulting her too soon too much is really not good in my books. Dai Si and Maggie Huang do not leave much of an impression on me and Vengo Gao is really just a tall vase!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Lol I’ve definitely seen them all- most likely because they all starred in Yang Mi’s dramas 😏😏 3L3W is prob the one with the most Yang Mi’s entourage?? There’s Dilireba, Vengo, Vin, Lion, Wayne, Maggie + Yang Mi. She or her company pretty much ran the whole show~


    1. Yes! They’re in The Flame’s Daughter together. I don’t think Vin Zhang is the main guy, though. I think it’s Vic Zhou.


    2. Yes me too, I’ve never known them till I watched “The King’s Woman” I completely captivated by their performance and amazing chemistry. Every single drama that their in it together it could be just a supporting role they really owned the screen. It would be really great to have them played a drama with a happy ending next time.


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