Updated: Cheating rumors surround the breakup of Mao Xiao Tong and Chen Xiang

I really don’t like writing this since this was a couple that I really liked.

It is frustrating and sad to see this happen so often. But this time, it deserves a little note from me since for months now Mao Xiaotong has been getting a lot of hateful comments.

A video clip was released showing Chen Xiang bring up Jiang Kai Tong to his apartment.

In the morning of October 1st, Chen Xiang is seeing arriving home from the airport and leaving later at 3: 15 AM.

Then he comes back at 8:38 PM with Jiang Kai Tong.

Mao Xiaotong is seen arriving from work at 8:44 PM.

And at 8:48 PM Jiang Kai Tong is seen leaving.

That night Mao Xiaotong posted this at 9:47 PM:

“Never imagined that this scene would appear in before my eyes.”

Then at 10 minutes past midnight some people, I assume her staff, start taking down her stuff.

By 1:21AM Mao Xiaotong had moved out.

Chen Xiang is seen walking behind her and then returning to his apartment.

Video Clip

Really sad to see. Chen Xiang had previously said that they broke up because they grew apart, which Mao Xiaotong denied. Also his weibo post after their breakup saying how he was sorry he couldn’t protect her and their love seemed nice at the time, but now only gets an eye roll from me.

Jiang Kai Tong and Chen Xiang did film a drama together in 2017. Last, I saw his PR is denying this saying that she had planned to move ahead of time. While we didn’t really see anything the information so far is pretty damning.

One another note, I find it very creepy how they have everything down to the minutes just with a few cameras around an elevator.


Chen Xiang released a statement saying that he will take legal action against those who released that video illegally, which is misrepresenting a relationship between friends. He apologized for not handling his breakup well and that he will reflect. He also apologized to his friends, who were dragged in. In other words, he is saying that he is only friends with Jiang Kai Tong and that they are both victims of the video. Weibo users are not buying it saying that after he cheated he still has the face to release something like this. His PR team also removed all trends related to this and is asking people to stop spreading the video. 

On the other hand, one of Mao Xiaotong’s friends released screenshots of chat messages with Mao Xiaotong during that day. On the chats, Mao Xiaotong says that she saw Chen Xiang with Jiang Kai Tong at home, that her hands are shaking and she doesn’t want anything (from the relationship) but to please pick her up. The friend also said that Mao Xiaotong just wanted to be at peace so she kept quiet. However, she kept getting slandered after Chen Xiang’s variety appearance. She later deleted all the posts. 

In the end, Mao Xiaotong said recently that after all the recent attacks, even against her family, she is choosing to be positive.


15 thoughts on “Updated: Cheating rumors surround the breakup of Mao Xiao Tong and Chen Xiang

  1. Darn it..I like both actress and actor. Strange how the video is down to the minute and captured the whole night’s happening. Well, hope Mao Xio Tong can find her right match. Aww..they were such a cute couple

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow it’s creepy how the papparazzi got the security camera footage.

    They were a really cute couple back then. Shame it turned out this way. At least people can stop hating on MXT for supposedly not seeming heartbroken enough in public.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I thought Jiang Kai Tong was dating Zhai Tian Lin. Didn’t realize she was the other person.

    I am confused – Why is MXT getting hate if it appears that the one cheating is CX?

    Relationships are difficult as it is and made even more difficult if everything said/expressed is analysed and shared ; sometimes I think the worst are the comments on weibo etc – more hurtful than the paparazzi stalking them. Case in point JNL and LXL where there is even a kid involved.


    1. well maybe she is dating him now. Chen Xiang is dating someone else right now.
      First, she was getting accused of using him to get popular. Then he said on a variety show that their breakup was due to different schedules, he even cried >_>. She denied it so his fans were coming for her.
      Yeah opinions online can be really harsh. When you are in the public eye everything is magnified so cheating scandals become much more painful.


      1. Dont u think this story almost like Zhang Han? He also play pity act in Divas Hit The Road saying he doesnt know why Zheng Shuang didnt answer his call, breaking up is hard etc.

        Glad, with this solid proof nobody can dragging down Mao Xiao Tong. She deserves better. I love her. She is such a sweet and cutie pie ❤️


        1. Yeah, I am glad she has solid proof. Other actors have gotten away with it in the past and then even dragged the girl on variety. It is sad that girls are usually blamed and dragged around.
          Mao Xiaotong looks like such a sweet girl and you can tell this really hit her hard.


          1. Obviously, but I really admire her strong heart. There are so many hateful comment about her & her family but she still act like nothing happened. When she is the one who gets hurt but she cant do anything & obviously cant act pity so yeah she just smile and keep positive.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Well when their breakup was announced his fans were saying she only used him to be popular. Then he went on talk shows putting on a show about how sad the breakup was and how it was due to spending too much time apart. She denied it so his fans were hating on her. Poor girl.


    1. I used to think they were so cute together 😦
      I am glad this is out so MXT can move on without people dragging her in. He is already dating Fang Anna and I don’t know about the other girl.


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