[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 3-6


Episode Count: 52

Where to Watch: Raw | Viki

Release Date: January 14, 2018. Two episodes every sunday and monday.

Synopsis: (includes potential spoilers)

In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decide to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple, Zhu Que (Guan Xiao Tong). There she meets the princess’s companion Rong Zhi (Song Wei Long), who is actually a spy from Northern Wei. They grow closer but their opposing goals hold them back. During the rebellion Liu Ziye and the real princess are killed. Both RongZhi and Zhu Que lose their memories. Some time afterwards, Zhu Que is sent to their neighboring country, Northern Wei to marry the prince who turns out to be RongZhi.

Episode 3


Zhu Que takes Huan Yuan out to a poetry gathering, but before they left Rong Zhi feed him a pill that will weaken him so he won’t escape. On their way out Zhu Que allows Liusang to follow them because he hasn’t been outside for awhile. On their way out they are surrounded by a bunch of females, but is saved by Pei Shu who tells them that the females are just expressing their love. Pei Shu is also going to the poetry gathering, so he leads the way for them.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Once there they find out that these noblemen all like to doll themselves up, some are even admiring their own shadow. The gathering starts after the arrival of Wang Yizhi (Viann Zhang). Xiao Daocheng plays the zither while a cup filled with wine is floating around. When he stops who ever the cup stops infront of has to write a poem. Coincidentally the cup ends up infront of Zhu Que everytime, but Huan Yuan writes the peoms for her.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Everyone is surprised by Huan Yuan’s poems so they try to set him on fire but he doesn’t react. Zhu Que rushes to push him out of the way and starts yelling at him, but the noblemen around her starts calling her actions impulsive and leaving. Zhu Que states that most of these nobles don’t really care about the people but more of theirselves and their beauty, then they leave too.

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On their way back they are attached by Huan Yuan’s assassins. Huan Yuan is unable to run due to the pill and ends up falling down the cliff, but Zhu Que manages to catch him. Meanwhile Rong Zhi knows about everything that is going on and sends Hua Cou to save them. Back at the manor, Zhu Que and Huan Yuan has an agreement that he will be loyal to her and be her helper for 6 months in exchange for his freedom.

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Zhu Que visits Rong Zhi who is being protected by Hua Cou. She asks for the stamp, taking away his power and he tells her he’ll send it to Huan Yuan. Thruough Yue Jiefei Zhu Que finds out that Hua Cou is from jianghu and was saved by Rong Zhi and only listens to him. Prince consort He Ji arrives taking Zhu Que to the palace to see the emperor. Before she leaves Rong Zhi sent Hua Cou to give Zhu Que something containing a special aroma.

Episode 4


In the palace the emperor is playing around with his three uncles. Zhu Que arrives and talks him out of trying to kill them temporarily. The emperor notices that her scent is different and she realises that the aroma from Rong Zhi is used to calm the emperor down. To test the theory she covered herself in the scent and went to see the emperor the next day. Just as the emperor was about to kill someone Zhu Que stopped him, he let the man go thinking Zhu Que wants him.


Back in the manor Huan Yuan reports to Zhu Que his progress, right now hes incharge of everything besides medicine, herbs and fragrances. After he leaves Zhu Que tells Fen Dai about the scent which can calm the emperor, she predicts that Chuyu uses the scent so she can control the emperor. Their conversationn is inturrupted by a drunk Hua Cou who starts stripping Yue Jiefei.


Zhu Que wants to find out more about the scent so she leaves the manor and goes to the fragrance store to ask the contents in the scent. The store owner can only guess a few of the fragrances used so Zhu Que sends You Lan to Rong Zhi to ask for more of it. Instead of giving her the scent he gives her the formula with one ingredient missing, telling her if she wants to know then go see him.


Rong Zhi wants to exchange a medicine gifted from the emperor to cure Hua Cou for the last ingredient in the scent. Zhu Que agrees after telling him he need to agree to her 3 wishes (which she hasn’t thought of yet). Back in the palace the emperor wants to kill his uncles again. Just as he was about to Tian Shi came and helped him, saving his life. Zhu Que plans to get the emperor out of the palace to kill him.

Episode 5


Zhu Que visits the emperor who has just woken up from a nightmare. She suggests to go outside of the palace to play and he agrees, but on their way out they are stopped by General Shen. Since the emperor can’t just walk out Zhu Que needs to think of a way to sneak him out. On her way back she is given a warning by general Shen telling her she shouldn’t meddle with the emperor.


The following day the emperor arrives at the princesses manor, the two change and sneaks out. Zhu Que leaves the emperor in a shop alone and her people start attacking him. In the end the emperor is saved by his bodyguards so the plan to kill him failed. At the same time general Shen arrives at the princesses manor and ask to see the emperor. Rong Zhi pretends to be the emperor telling the general to leave. Just as he notice something was wrong Zhu Que and the emperor were already back.


Zhu Que thanked Rong Zhi for helping out before heading to the palace. On her way to see the emperor a eunuch tells her, her mother is sick. Tian Shi warns her not to go, but she still does. There she finds out that the empress dowager actually had fraternal twins but because of a prophecy one had to be killed.

Episode 6


Zhu Que left the palace and went back to her manor and saw Rong Zhi completely healed. She finds out that Rong Zhi knows medical skills and drags him to the palace to examine empress dowager. Rong Zhi tells her he’ll try his best but even so she won’t have much time left. As the two left they bump into Tian Shi, Rong Zhi leaves so Zhu Que can talk to him alone. Tian Shi tells her that his master has only one regret, killing an innocent child.


Because of everything that happened Zhu Que breaks down and starts questioning who she is. Fen Dai comes to comfort her but she end up going to see empress dowager again. The empress notice that shes not Chuyu, Zhu Que starts telling her how she grew up all these years. Before leaving Zhu Que tells her that none of her children want to see her because of karma.


Zhu Que comes back to find Rong Zhi playing the zither. She finishes playing the song for him but breaks the string. Before she can leave Rong Zhi asks her whats wrong. She tells him that the empress dowager actually had twins and that she has a sister. Rong Zhi infers that the princess is dead, which is actually a good thing because she then she won’t have to experience the cruel reality of the royal family. Rong Zhi then comforts her with a song, she falls asleep on him. (<3)


The following day Zhu Que visits the empress again, who “mistakens” her for the younger twin. Zhu Que notices that she doesn’t have much time left so she drags the emperor to see his mother one last time. The empress tell him that he should be a good emperor and stop killing people for no reason or he will be the one killed someday. Angered the emperor leaves, the empress tells Zhu Que some things alone before she passed away.


During the funeral the emperor killed most of the empress’s servants and left to rest. Zhu Que arrives just as he is waken by the thunder. She tried once again to kill him but failed and instead ask why hes so afraid of the thunder. He tells her how he was bullied as a child, even though hes the crowned prince the late emperor didn’t really care about him. Which is why after he became the emperor he killed all those that wronged him, Zhu Que ask him if he would ever kill her. He tells her that shes the only one who cares about him and he will protect her.

iiangelx3: Zhu Que is already gaining control over the manor and we also get to see why the emperor acts the way he is. I can understand why he killed those that bullied him but hes going too overboard. We also get a few cute moments between RZ and ZQ ❤ I’m excited to see more.


11 thoughts on “[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 3-6

  1. Okay I haven’t watched this yet, but I had to click for the hair loool
    She needs to be paid extra for potential neck injuries. Is this produced by Yu Zheng?


  2. I finished till episode 8 and I am loving it! This was what Princess Agents could have been – a time travelling turned spy drama when done well. I love how they made her a spy and this makes a lot of sense. So instead of being all-knowing (because of time travelling), they made her smart (you need to be as a spy) and so she was able to react very well to all the threats. The male lead is also very intriguing. Up till now, I don’t know what goes on in his head and if he really liked the Zhu Que. He could very well be fulfilling his ‘role’ as her menke but then he does not have to pay attention to her emotions, does he?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I saw 3-5 and it kind of covered everything except for the very end. I think I am watching the TV version. I felt like the pace was a bit slower in these episodes since I really didn’t care about the Emperor and all the shenanigans. Next episodes are going to be more exciting. I like how they made up for the time traveling. It makes sense. The weird hair grew so much on me, I like it.
    Thanks for the recap!


  4. Thanks for the recaps. It’s hard finding any english subtitles for this drama, and I have been watching it and trying to guess what is going on based on facial expressions and the other little things. Man the emperor is too bipolar, and it’s a good thing that the fake princess is clever and quickly to also change her reaction to match his. I never read the book and not planning too. So, as an outsider and based on the 6 episodes, I’ll say that everyone is doing a good job so far and I still can’t believe how young all these actors are…especially the main male lead who is only going to be 19 this year, yet his character look and act so.mature.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I feel the exact same way, I totally understand why he is who he is, but he’s gone ABOVE AND BEYOND! The mom was too cruel and it came back to bite her and her children. On that note, I SQUEALED when they woke up next to each other, even though I felt that he was probably uncomfortable sleeping sitting up haha. Also, was I the only one shocked when the emperor survived the bombing and screamed WE NEED A PLAN B!!


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