Did you know that there have been a lot of South Korean actors and actresses that have been featured, and even headlined, Chinese dramas and movies? Below is a list of several dramas/movies that I’ve compiled that have South Korean actors/actresses in them.

Kim Hee Sun, The Myth







Kim Hee Sun is a well-known South Korean actress throughout Asia. She has a lot of movies and dramas under her name. One of them being Jackie Chan’s The Myth. In this movie, Kim Hee Sun is a Korean princess that is sent to China to marry the Qin Emperor, but she falls in love with the general (Jackie Chan) escorting her instead. Overall, it’s a good movie and has a beautiful soundtrack.

She is also in other Chinese movies and dramas. One being Ice Fantasy as Ying Kong Shi’s (Ma Tian Yu) mother.

Jang Dong Gun, The Promise

Jang Dong Gun portrays Kunlun, a slave who falls in love with the most beautiful woman in the world (Cecelia Cheung). The movie has a beautiful and heart-wrecking storyline about seeking true love and happiness. The film also features super stars Nicholas Tse, Liu Ye, and Hiroyuki Sanada.

Lee Joon Hyuk, Half a Fairy Tale

In this drama, Lee Joon Hyuk portrays a stoic and enigmatic man who is one of the two male leads opposite of Janine Chang’s female lead. The drama itself has a typical storyline with the usual clichés. Although Janine does play twins, one being feisty and the other calm and quiet.

Lee Da Hae, Love Actually

This drama pairs together South Korean actress Lee Da Hae and Taiwanese actor Joe Chen. The drama centers around the restaurant industry with Joe Chen being a head chef and running the family business. Lee Da Hae is a woman who is need of money to help raise her nephew. She is discovered to have a talent in cooking and starts to hone her skills with the help of Joe Chen. In the process, they start to fall in love.

Li Yi Feng is also featured in this drama, but as the second lead.

Kim Ki Bum, Demi Gods and Semi Devils 2013

Kim Ki Bum is another South Korean actor that has a few Chinese dramas under his name. Originally a Super Junior member, he eventually left to focus on his acting career. One of his dramas is an adaption of the popular novel Demi Gods and Semi Devils (DSSM), where he is one of the three male leads. He portrays a young prince with many female admirers.

Park Min Young, Braveness of the Ming

Park Min Young has had her fair share of popular South Korean dramas, from City Hunter to Healer. In her first debut into Chinese dramas, she is paired up with Zhang Han in this epic historical drama based in the Ming Dynasty. Since the drama has not aired yet (even though it was filmed a long time ago), not much is known about it.

Im Yoona, God of War, Zhao Yun

Girls’ Generation member Im Yoona stars opposite Lin Geng Xin in this historical drama about a famous Chinese general, Zhao Zi Long. The drama takes place during the Three Kingdoms period with Lin Geng Xin portraying the famous general. Im Yoona’s female lead has a playful, but spunky personality.

The drama also has other South Korean actors and actresses in the supporting cast.

Jessica Jung, I Love that Crazy Little Thing

After leaving Girls’ Generation, Jessica Jung decided to break into the Chinese industry. Not only is she a good business woman and singer, but she also took on a few acting projects. In this rom-com movie, she stars alongside William Chan and Tina Tang.

Sung Hoon, New Bodyguard of the Jade Doll

Sung Hoon portrays the handsome and heroic Guo Xu and stars opposite Bea Hayden. The drama centers around a group of friends trying to find and secure some jade Buddha dolls.

Kim Sung Joo, Magical Space Time

UNIQ’s Kim Sung Joo portrays the younger version of Ruby Lin’s husband in this short time-traveling drama. The drama is about a husband (Jia Nai Liang) being able to time travel back into the past by taking selfies. In doing so, he uncovers more about the conspiracy behind his family’s downfall and his wife’s death.

Lee Jong Suk, Jade Lovers

Popular South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk stars opposite Zheng Shuang in this Republican drama about two rival families and the jewelry trading business. The drama has not yet aired, so not much information is known yet about the plot and characters.

Lee Min Ho, Bounty Hunters

A-list South Korean actor Lee Min Ho stars alongside Wallace Chung and Tang Yan in this action-comedy movie. Initially Yang Mi was rumored to be the female lead, but it turned out to be Tang Yan who got the role.

Song Seung Hun, The Third Way of Love

A movie adaption of a novel. Song Seung Hun is a successful businessman and Liu Yi Fei is lawyer. The movie is very melodramatic, but both leads are able to portray their respective roles beautifully.

Liu Yi Fei and Song Seung Hun also started dating after filming this movie!

Rain, Diamond Lover

Rain portrays a typical rich CEO and Tang Yan is an aspiring jewelry designer. There are tons of the typical clichés that you see in any modern Cdrama. The drama was very popular and became a big hit when it aired.

I don’t want to give out any spoilers, but the ending really shocked everyone!!!

Song Hye Kyo, The Queens

Song Hye Kyo, one of the most popular South Korean actresses, has also made her way into the Chinese filming industry. She’s done a few C-movies before, with one of them being Annie Yi’s The Queens.

Our beloved Shawn Dou also has a supporting role in here!

Special Mention: Victoria Song Qian

Although not of Korean descent, Victoria did debut in South Korean girl-group F(x). While she is not as active in the group as she was in the previous years, Victoria has really established herself into the Chinese entertainment industry. She’s taken up lots of lead roles in both movies and dramas.


If you can think of any other South Korean actors and actresses that have been in Cdramas before, please feel free to share below! It’s always cool to see who’s been in what drama. ^_^


  1. hae chae young has been in many c-dramas including 1931年的爱情, the guest with leon lai , the drama with ma ke and so many others i can’t remember lol.


  2. YAAASSS!! I am so happy you made this! Two of my loves coming together! Lol but i guess It would be a dream to see Jungkook on this list, *sigh i love him. I knew Yoona did, but I didn’t know Jessica did some acting too that’s hella sic! I’m learning new things that i didn’t know before! Anywho thank you for making this list, I will always love Kim Hee sun in the myth though


  3. Like….omg….they are all so ever faaaaaab! And the movies!! One word…WOWZER!Toots fab! Fan-effing-tastic5 post my good friend! Its like tots great to see that language aint no barrier! UNITE! LOVE ALWAYS! No Ban!


  4. Kim Sang Bum was in the Chinese movie “Young Detective Dee: Rise Of the Sea Dragon” (2013). Kim Tae Hwan was in Cdrama “My Amazing Boyfriend” (2016). Jung Il Woo is set to star in Cdrama “Beautiful Woman” (2018) this year.


  5. I am a ZLY’s fan so i’m gonna have to add 2 of hers – The Rise of a Tomboy with Jung ll Woo and her drama Lucky Tianbao with Kim Ki Bum..


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